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20120101 Fundamental Resolutions to Singapore Floods

Referring to so frequently repeating flood 20111223 Orchard Road Flood Again - Media Report & PUB Findings

Singapore frequent floods can be fundamentally resolved.

Our flood is due to downstreams ponding, not due to
1. Immense water cathment upstreams, like Kuala Lumpur (Conventive Effect from Immense cathment Upstreams) , better
2. No intensification by Orograhpic effect in Thailand (Orographic effect from immense cloud up North blocked by Northern mountains tapering off Mount Everest)

PUB using the right word, "Ponding."
Ponding means water stayed stagnated as a pond, not flowing.
Therefore the solution is quite clearly implied, we must make the water flow, we must therefore break this stagnation.

There are two level of "Ponding"
Micro-scopic - Choked filter, drains.
When there are too many filters, drains than necessary, they are too costly, if not impossible to clean frequent enough. The retired Chief Engineer of Munciple New Delhi educated me  " Covering of drains has many operation hazards. Regular inspection & maintainenance become difficult"

Macro-scopic -
1. Excessive deep drains upstreams, resulting in no gradient even at mid streams Gradient is the fundamental requirement for water to flow. "人往高出,水向低流" (following blogs provide more details).
2. High water level down streams, easily adjusted by barraged Marina Bay (Marina Bay water is not yet ready for treatment for drinking, therefore there is incentive to expedite the discharge of water. But how to discharge the saltier and keep the fresher one, easy solutions will be provided. Inventor learnt from EDB founders on how they face the challenge when they barrage up Jurong River, where fresh water flow away from the top, while saltier are retained at the bottom, he did not find easy solutions then.)

Raising orchard road will they break this stangation?
A one month ahead warning was given on 20110505 prior to 20110605 floods.
The potential impact were then listed including leakage to basement and underground infrastructure, MRT included.
20110505 Multi-billion Dysfunctional Waterway - Reasons & Solutions

Therefore proposed new barriers, revising building codes will they solve the problem?

In Engineering, there is no perfect solution, as we can always improve on even the best solutions, even assuming situation does not change.

However, there are
1. Costly Solutions - cover the drains, adding construction, maintenance cost.
2. Ineffective solutions - enlarge drains without increasing gradient
3. Worsening solutions - deepen drains by sacrificing gradient, therefore slow flow down, silting and choking of drains resulting. 
4. Complicating solutions - raising road level that move flood upstreams.

Solutions have been prescriebed below and i thank Dr Vivian for he has keep this inventor encouraged that he has held discussion with PUB leaders, on the importance of speedying up the flow.

Speedying up flow, compare to the year long raising orchard road and building motorized barriers, 
1. The most expedient, as it address the root cause
2. Least costly (land, labor and construction upfront, inspection and maintenance in future).

It must be done, even Bukit Timah, Newton, Kampong Java can be resolved. This is after studying 1880 Singapore maps.

Immediately the solution, is to lower the Marina Bay water level to lower than the ten years lowest tide.
So that we have enough time to activate the pumps, if the heavy storm sustain longer than half hours.

May i clearly stated:
1. Installing sensors
2. Modeling water flow without speeding the flow
3. Raising road level like Orchard Road
4. Building barriers like Wheellock place

No matter how much, how fast, how high tech they are, they are irrelevant.
Irrelevant solutions are not changing the root cause of the problem - water stagnation, succintly as PUB put it "Water Ponding"

20110920 SASC1 -  Waterway Design for Global Warming 

20110920 SASC2 Singapore Unique Advantage
20110920 SASC3 What Impede Flow - Over-sized Excessive Depth 

20111223 Orchard Road Flood Again - Media Report & PUB Findings

PUB releases latest findings on Orchard flash floods

Friday, Dec 30, 2011
Findings from investigations of Orchard flash floods show that water could not flow out into Stamford Canal as it was full, said national water agency PUB in a statement today.

Rainwater that drained off from the roof and the back area of Liat Towers overflowed into the basement area from an internal drain as water could not flow out into the canal when it was full.

These were among the findings by PUB with regard to flash floods in the Orchard area on Dec 23, resulting in ankle-deep water in the basement shops of Liat Towers and Lucky Plaza.

Countermeasures fail to stop flooding at Liat Towers
Flash floods hit Liat Towers and other parts of Orchard Road

PUB said that the pumping system at Liat Towers was able to pump out the water from the open basement area when the canal is not full.

When the canal in front of Liat Towers reached full capacity, the pumps were not able to discharge water that had accumulated in the basement into the canal. However, the pumps were still able to divert water onto the pedestrian walkway.

The agency said it is working with the management of Liat Towers to build a perimeter wall along their internal drain to prevent water from flowing into the basement.

As for Lucky Plaza, the management and relevant authorities are in the process of implementing flood barriers.

Prolonged and heavy rain caused the flash floods at the Orchard Road area last Friday afternoon. A total of 152.8mm of rain fell, equivalent to about half the average monthly total of rain recorded for the entire December and over the last 142 years.

No floods in Orchard Rd, just 'ponding': PUB
by Ng Jing Yng 04:46 AM Dec 24, 2011

Singapore - As heavy rain pelted down on Orchard Road yesterday, Liat Towers activated its S$200,000 flood barrier system. As an added measure, plastic barriers were also distributed. But they proved no match for the floodwaters, as levels reached knee height and poured into the basement-level shops - reminiscent of the scene in June last year when floodwaters last hit the building. Yesterday, some customers even had to form a chain of chairs to get out from one of the affected stores.

Prolonged heavy rain which fell over a three-hour period over the southern and central parts of Singapore resulted in flash floods at numerous areas. Cuscaden Road, Newton Circus, Kampong Java, Lincoln Road, Wee Nam Road, Cambridge Road, the junction of Moulmein and Thomson roads in front of United Square, and the junction of Bukit Timah Road and Sixth Avenue were affected.

Flood waters reached a height of 30cm in some areas and generally subsided within an hour, except at Cambridge Road, Newton Circus and the Moulmein-Thomson junction in front of United Square, where waters subsided by 6pm, said national water agency PUB. "The affected areas are mainly low-lying areas," it added.

While the total recorded rainfall at Orchard Road was 152.8mm, PUB said "there was no flooding at Orchard Road". "However, water ponded at the open area of Liat Towers, the underpass between Lucky Plaza and Ngee Ann City, and the basement of Lucky Plaza due to the sustained heavy downpour," it added.

The underpass between Lucky Plaza and Ngee Ann City remained closed yesterday evening. Some shop owners at the ground floor of Lucky Plaza said that water levels were ankle-high, but the situation this time was better than during previous floods.

At retail store Giordano, store in-charge Lyn Molino estimated losses of up to S$7,000 and said that customers were not only deterred by the wet floors but also by the stench from yesterday's floodwaters. "This is supposed to be a good opportunity for us to have extra earnings but it has all been affected," she said.

The floodwaters also washed out business at Starbucks and fast-food restaurant Wendy's, among other establishments, at Liat Towers. Wendy's manager (marketing and branding) Seng Woon Fa estimated losses of about 60 per cent of the day's earnings. "We are now just busy cleaning up and hope to resume business as soon as possible ... we are still checking if any equipment is spoiled," he said.

Earlier yesterday, before the rain fell, PUB said drains would be widened in some areas next year. Eight of the 10 projects will commence in the first quarter, of which five of will involve expanding roadside drains at flood-prone areas, including parts of Chinatown, roads near Bencoolen Street as well as Arab Street and Rochor Canal Road.

The PUB will also improve drainage in three other non-flood-prone areas: Roads will be raised at Jalan Dusun, Jalan Datoh and Jalan Raja Udang. And drains will be expanded at Shanghai Road, Wee Nam Road, Outram Road and Tiong Bahru Road.

Yesterday, up to eight gates at Marina Barrage were opened to maintain the water level at Marina Reservoir within the normal range. PUB advised the public to exercise caution as flash floods could occur in the event of heavy storms. The public can also call the PUB 24-hour Call Centre at 1800-284-6600 or go to PUB's Facebook page or on its iPhone app, iPUBOne, to report flash floods or to check on the flood situation.

The public can also get updates on water level information in key canals/drains at PUB's Facebook page, its Twitter account,, or website,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

20111203 Structure, Design and Managment Caution: MRT

From: Sweekeng
Sent: Saturday, 3 December 2011 7:39 PM
To:  Lim Bok Niam;  Chew Hock Yong; 'Tuck Yew LUI
Subject: 20111203 Structure, Design and Managment Caustion: MRT

Dear Minister
Dear Hock Yong, Bok Ngam

I cc PM, two DPM (Finance and Home Affair Ministers) engineering, money and rescue effort must be in placed.

I cc Vivian for good effort, seemingly there is no flood reported despite intense rain in recent one week as alerted twenty one days before this bout of days long rains. (it is best time to work with weather department and LTA, Traffic Police, Transport operators to see where we did right, where are next likely improvement, bottleneck)

I am most ready to assist, do not invest in another team of same domain world experts who are yet to master how to accelerate river flow on a small island.
Let this be an opportunities we learn and progress together, let Singapore be an ever learning, progressing nation.




Recently I noticed there are green light on the station head, aligned with where the train heading stopped.
There is a green light when cleared to move.
However, the control panel, the cable harness are of casual design, they can be penetrated easily.
On one occasion, the driver has to stop, alight the train, move out to close the control panel box(which was ajar), before green light is on, he can move on.


I noticed on more than 5 occasion, the train station is different from what is announced, or displayed on the LED panel in the train.
Car 1068 heading from Sembaway to Jurong East at 1607hours today, 2011 12 03
Display and Read Yew Tee as next station, immediately after leaving Yew Tee.
This error repeated till Jurong East Station, one station late.

This is dangerous.
One of these misinformation may cause the disruption of train services, worse collision of trains, worst case scenario – piling up of many trains.

Please advise action taking….

I am most ready to assist, do not invest in another team of same domain world experts who are yet to master how to accelerate river flow on a small island.
Let this be an opportunities we learn and progress together, let Singapore be an ever learning, progressing nation.

Solvere Lim Swee Keng
Engineer, Inventor, Philosopher

CtS Cognoscere Tenuse Solvere
Cognize before Happening
Solving at Motivation Forces

CtS helps governments and business leaders build a better tomorrow by discovering early the root causes of major changes, and providing practical solutions based on science, technology and diverse cultural values.

By rallying the forces of nature and inspiring the insatiable nature of man to work constructively, we can achieve endless and peaceful progress.
CtS is not biased to any political belief. Instead, it applies wisdom from diverse cultures and religions.

10 days latter, for a few days,

  1. Both operators of Singapore MRT failed,
  2. Including third rail(power rail) misaligned, 
  3. Network signal failures. 20111215 Business Time Carine Lee - How can signal no impact on safety, then what are these signal for?
  4. During breakdown, doors open and close abruptly. 20111217 晚报 P3,4574,469929,00.html

December 15, 2011, 6.57 pm (Singapore time)
Network problem on Circle Line has no impact on safety: SMRT


SMRT on Thursday assured commuters that the communication network problem on its Circle Line has no impact on its system safety.
The communication network problem caused a service disruption on the Circle Line between Marymount and one-north MRT stations at Wednesday morning peak hour. The problem has yet to be resolved.
To commence service and maintain the scheduled train timetable on Thursday, SMRT deployed staff to man all Circle Line trains. SMRT said it will continue to do so until the fault is resolved.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

20111103 NUS New Law Dean Chesterman and Its Immense Impact

20111103 NUS New Law Dean Chesterman and Its Immense Impact

Professor Simon Chesterman has been named the new dean of the National University of Singapore (NUS) law school after more than 60 candidates were considered for the job. His appointment takes effect on Jan 1 next year.

The 39-year-old Australian, currently the law school's vice-dean of graduate studies, joined NUS in 2007 as director of the New York University (NYU) School of Law Singapore Programme.

At a press conference on Monday, he outlined what he wanted to achieve.
He said NUS needs to ensure that its graduates are not just good technical lawyers but are also creative thinkers and have the soft skills to work with people from different backgrounds

New NUS law dean has big plans for school by Amelia Tan, 2011 10 21

Key of Legal Training

What is more important to legal profession, education of law

CREATIVE thinking
Understanding the deeper MOTIVES of man, MOTIVATION behind principles of ALL laws ?

Creative Thinking Lawyer's Impact

What will be the Outcome if lawyers are Creative Thinkers?

CREATIVE thinking lawyers who are able to work with people from different background, who can pay them extremely well, what are the impact (both LKY and Shanmugam has shared in different decades to different audiences, about different aspect)

     a. to the judiciary system?
     b. to legal profession?
     c. to our society?

The difference between a common migrant and a native is native has the belonging and passion to the land, difficult for them to pack up and go, or threaten us he will pack up and when situation no longer rosy to their profit making.

Immediate Solutions to Hollowed-out Succession 

While Chesterman yet to assume the office

May i suggest inviting character tested, loyal retired lawyers like Yong Pang How, Jeyakumar, Tommy Koh to restart their journey of cultivating our legal professions, future deans, Law Minister, Foreign ministers, Home Affair Ministers, treaty negotiators, trade negotiators, judges, Attorney General, Solicitor General ......

Creative Thinking Lawyers?

Creative thinking lawyers already exist in abundance, trained by mediocre schools, even society against them doing it - in reality, many are self-trained.

Creative thinking lawyers must not be, shall never be trained by the main stream law school, especially all national, state universities.

Else the society will head into decadence, as our great founder worried about.

Chief Justice speech to Legal Profession

His speech to the legal profession, resonate in my heart:

he quoted 
I slept and dreams that life was joy
I awoke and saw that life was service
i acted and behold, service was joy
Rabindranath Tagore

He emphasized lawyers must keep their finger nails clean.

The question is if lawyers invented creative way of cleaning up nails, what is going to happen to our judicial systems? our society? our daily life?

Referring to Dean Chesterman's training lawyers to be creative thinkers and have the soft skills to work with people from different backgrounds
Solvere wrote on 20111103 

The worst decision is setting the harmful as the highest priority of doing
doing it with all might and glory !

For NUS and NTU Presidents

i hope you remember the painful, if not also embarrassing history of 
1. NTU Business School, throughout the tenure of Su Guan Ling, no dean till today. a dean came and left without giving a lecture worth my memory, his explanation - my children cannot adapt to Singapore.
     a. Business school Dean do not know Market (Singapore) situation ?
     b. do not know consumer (her children) preference?
2. NUS Engineering School Dean, who did you invited, what is the outcome?

GKS nourish a generation of great leaders.
Today, without him, is it not we must do so, committed to do so in doubling effort, faster speed?

You can, together we certainly can!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

20111102 Is our elected working

PMO Chok Tong GOH (PMO)

Not read: 20111029 Drop the Feeble Old Moral Education - Lively Effective way is here
Not read: 20111027 Shenton Way Flood - Its Deeper Implications
Not read: 20111026 Hold Not Singapore government at Ransom
Not read: Casino, What Next?
Not read: 20110809 Singapore - An Aged, Dilapidating Nation - Facts Presenting here

what is he concern and working on?

Monday, October 31, 2011

20111031 Singapore - The First and Last Social Experiment of Mankind

20111031 Singapore - The First and Last Social Experiment of Mankind


This article is to point out the severity and encourage all not to point blame to any party, but unite to develop solutions - solutions is to find industries we can export.

This article consists of 7 section, read what is relevant.

  • Facts- American Indians face smaller, slower migrants. They did not put leadership, scholarships in migrants hand.
  • Divide NOT - Problem is very big. Unite, do not blame any one.
  • It is OUR duty - No one will do for us, also we know better our strength.
  • The Government - Identify one or two industries we can lead the world. We are export economy. Without own brand, own product, own leadership, we are held to ransom.
  • The Oppositions - Go beyond criticism, actively engage people for ideas, assist them in refining ideas into mature solutions.
  • The People - observe problems root causes, provide observations together with analysis and solutions.
  • Conclusion - we can overcome and be leader of one or two key export to the world.


No people, even the American Indians, has welcome size of own population migration, in less than a decade.

We know the outcome of American Indian.

But we are doing more and faster than them, with less land, with no food produce from our land, with no product produce from our own factories - foreigners already held us to ransom.

No schools, research institutions has accepted so high population of foreigners than ours, never mind about scholarships given to them, President scholarship to person who have not given up her nationality to join us. (MIT has only 10% foreigners)
No nations has place foreigners in charge of strategic interest like energy, policies,  think tanks, research institions.
We do.

This is the first such social experiment of in man-kind.
The outcome is obvious.
This experiment is unlikely to repeat by future generation.

It is OUR duty

A westerner whom i met many times, but still cannot be certain who is he.
His wisdom is beyond mine, every well polished sentence i wrote, he can point out the flaws and guide me through to make it so beautifully convey across.

He wrote this to discuss with me

"the ever flexible Singapore is over extending and over committing 
beyond its ability to respond to what lies ahead."

The heart is kind than wicked.
The tone is concern than jeering.
The purpose is helping than exploiting.

i will hear him,  but in the mean time i think this is our domestic affair, it is our joint responsibility and i have full confident we can overcome it, if we do it collectively, wisely, immediately.

Divide NOT

Writing this article is not to place blame on anyone, when the experiment went wrong, terribly wrong.

Our great founder has done great things for us.
There were many tough choices made, there are reasons we do not know, we will never know.
Blaming will only alienate, divide us.

A divided nation will not be able to recover such magnitude of mistake without tragedies, tragedies that may last over prolonged period.

The Government

The government should remember what the former President said about severe criticism leveled by the nation to him:

"They are ALL well intended!"

A diplomat, he chose his words so precisely.
A national security man, he knows the impact to our nation's security more than others.
A person forced by invaders to do things against his will, he knows what is right from wrong.

Looking at ourselves, we are so protected, so less experienced in handling the evils.

Looking at criticism, are they unfounded? 
Do they help us to clear up our vision, minds?

We really need to be humble, and therefore thankful for our citizen input.
We should not stop this one from talking, embargo that one from offering solutions.

But we should demand them not just pointing out problems, but provide analysis and solutions.
We should seek them out, help them organize problems analysis and developing solutions than block them out, worse embargo them.

There are four levels of governments:
1. Tax collector to pay for the enjoyment others, e.g. British colonizer
2. Tax collector for own needs and want.
3. Governor, make sure each cents is well invested, each expenditure needed, most efficient.
4. Leader, point out where we can compete and win and develop towards that direction.
5. World Leader, point out where we can serve the world better, provide solutions for the world, make Singapore the location where new game plan for better world is developed than gaming away everyone money.

We are an export oriented economy, facing all able, all cheaper competitors from China.
We have lost our manufacturing base, own brand name, while all the other three dragons has at least one world brand name that engaged high calibre own people, employ massive labors.

We can only survive by being World Leader, of even one small but important area.
What is this small area, i have already identified, but more are welcome.

The Oppositions

i believe our intent is good.
Do not take this to shoot at the leaders, but take it in solemn mood, take it as our joint responsibility, this is a moment that we can build a strong nation impossible to achieve in normal way. 
No formal colony gain this self pride, louder now than "Kallang Roar" without being brutalized by the colonizer, like the Koreans.

There is no first world parliament till now, we know the challenges Obama face.

We must step from criticizer to become conduits for gathering solutions, catalyst for cultivating stronger ability Singaporeans (in problem identification and solutions, not debate) . 
Even better be solutions providers.

Be a first world parliament, be one unprecedented in shouldering the nation's recovery equally, be a partner in developing next phase of our growth.

The People

Social media provided a good conduit for all.
May we step from presenting the fact, to presenting the cause of the facts, better, suggest solution to the problems.

When we took video about a flood, can we identify where and when the flood start, where is flow stagnated where is slow flowing, where is fast flowing - better how to accelerate the flow.

When we complain about heavy passenger loads, can we identify where and when they come from, where they go to, are there better alternative routing, better can we create jobs nearer - the creation of bazaar at Buangkok should be made before even Buangkok open.


We are the first and last social experiment man ever taken.

We either 

Change course now, and bring the pride, ability of Singaporeans to greater height, make each and every Singaporean stronger, with more valuable Singaporeans to the world, better Singapore is inevitable.


Be remembered as one worst failure in man history.
Few of us will be remembered as the culprit, worse as one who crucify those who come to the rescue.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

20111029 Drop the Feeble Old Moral Education - Lively Effective way is here

20111029 Drop the Old Feeble Moral Education - Lively Effective way is here


Drop the boring Moral Education.
It has been tried by mothers and teachers, saints and emperors,  for thousands years, it did not succeed.

Often it devolves into teaching of courtesy 礼, which many knows most comprehensively prescribed by Confucius.

Courtesy 礼 is perceived by Lao Tze  (the originator of Tao, whom Confucius went to seek his teaching)  as the indication of thinning out of Loyalty and Trust, also courtesy is the heading into chaos.

 夫礼者, 忠信之薄,而乱之首。

Confucius' teachings therefore were severely criticized occasionally in Chinese history.

How can there be any valid reason moral education of old can succeed in today's very real, very materialistic world.
Material is about survival, about comfort, about enjoyment, they are more real than courtesy.

We cannot replace what is real by what is virtual, virtue, worse self-sacrifice.

We need practical solutions. 

Practical solutions must therefore face straight on something we shy from facing during the thousands years.

Practical solutions must therefore address human nature, must therefore address the insatiable nature of man, the nature that seek profits, self-profit, infinite profit.
Even painful, hurting profit, beyond needs and wants, some will sacrifice all to rush for it as long as the expected return is big enough, even most of the time they are met with nothing but disappointment, betrayals, hurts, devastations.

Yet, Moral education never cease to be part of our life, in good time, in broken time.

So Morality is very important if not critical, even people do not really know what morality is about!
Moral education is so very important, especially at this very moment.

Casinos already brought about many broken families, unnatural deaths, even leaking military secrets - we know Casinos is immoral.
Immoral acts cause great harm, to self, to family, to society.

Nations, even the most powerful nation facing corrupt and bankrupt, wide spread civil unrest and governments unsettling.....
The rising nations become rich nations, facing corruption, also sporadic civil unrest.
We know they sourced from immoral acts.

While for nations, natural disasters is hitting us harder and more frequently.

Biggest Manifestation of Morality

While for nations, natural disasters is hitting us harder and more frequently.

The manifestation of morality, kindness are shown to be critical to weather these destruction.
We also witness how quickly the victims organize and recover, clear and rebuild, stand up and prosper again.

Thailand, Flood, developing nation, mostly Thai people

Japan, Severe Tsunami, Highly developed, Mostly Japanese

Koreans and Japanese are some of the most homogeneous society.
They still can progress at breaking neck speed, because they never cease to interact and learn, strengthen and compete with others.

While maintaining the community tightly knitting within, there is progress in peace, there is security in trials and winning beyond.

However, society that put economics highest in priority, excessively embrace migrants for profit. 

Without patiently integrate, educate, cultivate and provide for all - native and migrants.
Even the richest, most powerful becomes feeble, bankrupt.

Most Powerful Developed Nation
A Nation, many Illegal Migrants, Scholars, Leaders worshiped

After decimating the natives
Migrants are the leaders, soon also the victims of their own acts

Economic grow at all cost
 Infrastructure, Housing, Health care, Education come latter
Leader play piano, Victims harmed by Nature, then again violated by Man

After victims severe sufferings 
Some higher than holy said they deserved to be punished by God !

Morality is talking about care for each other, about helping each other to overcome.

It is therefore easier among kins, fellow country man.
The expectation of this from others most likely returned with disappointment, hurt, if not betrayals, exploitation, destruction, destruction irrecoverable.

The words from the leader of foreigner's chamber demanding Singapore government....

Nobody is packing up just yet, but they are waiting and running the numbers.
If this continues, you would probably see some companies shrinking their Singapore operations over the next few years,
this would mean fewer jobs for Singaporeans.'
SICC chief Phillip Overmyer (above)

The primary concern of this man is numbers, not the people, not the host who provided them with land and labors, security and efficiency. 
Suffering, pain suffer by the host, government despised by her citizen, never cross his mind.
(despised was the last word of sequence of intensifying words used by George Yeo described how the citizen feel about the government

If morality is about care for each other, it is a show of dire lack of morality, but it is human nature manifest in true color.

Only man need to use man kind, not that man is kind, but kind is isolated from man !
There is no other animal need to use kind next to it.
This also explain why there is no moral education in animal kingdom - they never ever need it.

Who you want to be leaders?
What you want school to teach?
Disasters now happen anywhere, anytime, more frequently, more intensely !

Effective way - provide Challenges

So the effective way is not to teach what is morally right.

The effective way is to assign tough challenges to all from toddlers to leaders.
This must continue especially to those richest and most powerful, especially when there is no natural disasters, yet with excessive wealth.

It is the great wisdom of Singapore government, to assign the regulator of Bankers to head Education Ministry.

With deepest understanding of Wall Street,  surely restarting moral education is his priority.

Characters of Ineffective Challenges

Challenges that individual on their own, has insufficient resources and strengths to accomplish. 

They have to work with others, cooperate with others is not merely a necessity, it is the absolute necessity. 

But they are inadequate, because they are ineffective.
Challenges must be not only about abstracts issues, ideology, policies.

Man has the crafts to break all institutions, no matter iron-fisted institutions, open democratic systems.
The bankers onslaught of world economy is not trivial, it is supported by almost all Nobel Prize winners' economic theories AND formulas.
The outcome is as Alan Greenspan (2009 0 3 11) and Bernanke (2009 11 26) put it.
They used the same word  "Virulent" to describe this crisis.
Virulent in plain word - deadly.
Bankers cooperatively give a deadly impact.

But we cannot forget Bankers positive contributions.

It is these group of people who were instrumental to fund high-tech boom, raised funds for factories, created the biggest middle class in human history, putting mobile phones into every hand, urban and rural, developed and trying to develop.

Yet, it is also this very group that caused tremendous hardship, even shame.

Man is man, depends on circumstances, they can be healing and constructing, harming and destructing.

When powerful people find no constructive path forward, they cause destruction, powerful destruction, powerful destruction rapidly.

Characters of Effective Challenges

Challenges must use sciences and technology - forces of nature.

Constructing real stuff, producing real stuff, consuming real stuff.

Even the most abstract work, poetry.
Challenges effective cannot be merely words that everyone can frivolously utter, but performing arts that involves team and audiences, timing and harmony, light and sound.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's "Our People, Our Music - 
全民共乐“ 2005 07 30 few remember, but we must now remember to re-enact it.
I will put up a proposal for this "Wings of Light" where we provide a platform for all to read, write, translate, compose, choreograph, dance......

Not only cooperating with team and audience one must, the result is very much depending on how we comprehend  the order of nature, listen to the beauty of harmony of different sounds.

Sound is determined by Nature.
Nature is the only one that is powerful enough to effectively check man insatiable nature, 

It is through such challenges, repeated challenges, setting challenges monotonically increase in intensity and precision that our understanding and appreciation of moral society really reach a useful level, only when it is useful it becomes profitable, only profitable can man's limited strength be contained to seek the insatiable desire.

The ultimate is concisely written by Khalil Gibran Khalil.

When we turn to one another for counsel 
we reduce the number of our enemies !

36 years before JFK famous inauguration speech, Gibran wrote 
Are you a politician asking what your country can do for you, 
a zealous one asking what you can do for your country?”

One another, include not just man, but social orderheavenly forces.

If we overcome

If we overcome thousands years of no progress in moral education.
If we realize infinite profits come from working with more others together to conctruct better life for more.

This will  provide a solution that  "Happiness Index", "Progress", Prosperity" can coexist, they actual are complementing each other.

Then we finally abandon the dead carcasses of hypocrisy, self-sacrifices in the pretense of morality.

Is this not enlightenment,  as:

Mankind's final coming of age
the emancipation of the human consciousness 
from an immature state of ignorance and error