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20110501d Responsibility of Last Governing Party

20110501d Responsibility of Government

Even housing price affect our salary to compete to the world.
There is no clear group thinking among ministers to work out a solutions.

When opposition know their ability is to prevent wrong action be taken
Is not the last governing party present what is the growth plan?

Casino is supposed to generate wealth for Singapore.
Skyflyer It was rotating from Casino to Marine Parade.
Media reported Casino operator complained
So now we rotate towards Casino
The outcome is clear for Marine Parade

20110501c Manufacturing Must Stay?

Manufacturing Must Stay?
It is said that Manufacturing is job creation, has less fluctuation, and therefore is important for Singapore economy.

First everyone knows Manufacturing do create huge number of jobs.
But Manufacturing required longer and bigger capital investment, subjected to market uncertainties and rapid obsolescence.

There are many manufacturing industries, cassette, TV Tube, eliminated from the scene over the last decade.
Seasonal, product cycles fluctuation is drastic, many cannot be predicted, mostly beyond our control.
Venice, Rome rely on tourism for centuries, how few factories survive a centuries?

The thinking of Manufacturing is a sweet pie of job creation is from minds without rigor of thinking.

We succeeded in Manufacturing,
because Our great founders emphasized on technical training for our common people,
We had compulsory training in secondary school metal, electrical workshop.
We have institution to train, to certified, to qualified product?Where is SISIR now?
When simple motor driven rotating machine Singapore Flyer stalled, we need German.
Bio tech has big turnover, but biotech giant take most part, very little is to labor.

We succeeded also because we have our school housed in simple buildings, so people are ready to work in factories after their graduation.
Ignoring, the institution that train technical people ITE are now in glorious buildings better than Apple Computer Headquarter.
This has been alarmed to our government published in Zhao Bao on 2006 September 办教育的目的与手段

Without technical education, emphasis in technical training, can Manufacturing sustain?
With glorious school buildings, with big NWC wage increase to support expensive housing, living can Manufacturing thrive?

This is more complex a matter than the fact that we are living abang adek with our fellow Singaporeans.

Two Dragons have its own major manufacturing enterprises, Korean, Taiwan.
They are ahead of us, we are lagging behind.
We are even lagging behind Hongkong.
Hongkonger won Nobel Prize in Physics lately.

The last dragon will not turn to become snake?

Most Singaporeans are better, stronger, educated.
They will not make such mindless analysis.

20110501b Who Foot the NWC Increase

20110501b Who Foot the NWC  Increase

I read there will be a big NWC wage increase yesterday.
Who foot this increment?

Government, Employer, or employee themselves?
If we need employers, was there a group thinking, discussions with Employers?
We need cheap foreign labors to work, can this increment Employer affordable?

If employers not willing to pay, then where is Government taking the money to pay this increament?
Otherwise, this is to be foot by Employees.
Our old folks are getting lesser pay than foreign labors who work 12 or more hours for 1 rest day in two weeks!

Has our MOM, Ministry of Law enforced on foreign labor maximum working hours?
Have they concern about the industrial accident, death caused by over-exhaustion ?
Have these not happen already?

We shall talk about Manufacturing

20110501a Wrong Perception on Minority

20110501a  Wrong Perception on Minority

It is shocking
Standing errors are not corrected by visible change in policies, effecting corrective actions.
More, bigger wrong judgment are allowed to be made, made faster.

If a person made fundamental errors on what is clear facts in front of us,

the friendly hands extended by our Malay, Islamic brothers and sisters, 

How could he comprehend, respect realities that are more complex, abstract ?

Minority Representation

If important social element is wrongly perceived and is admitted to be wrong.
How could no corrective, major corrective actions be taken on all policies, including immigration policies!

The first opposition MP is actually not a Chinese, he is Jeyaratnam.
Was he not a minority?
When he was resonating with the people, did Singaporean rejected him?

How could one be so short memory?
How could one merely record what he likes and reject every good blessing on Singapore.
How could one ignore the blessing Singaporeans blessing him?

Singaporeans are warm hearted, broad minded, can embrace even poor leaders, ineffective leaders, leaders who repeatedly making major mistakes - because he has made some major contribution earlier on.
We are Asian, not material driven, we provide a reliable engines that power the leaders to succeed.
Not the other way round.

Check every group competing for GRC.
Who has merely meet the minimal requirements of minority representation ?
Who has more minority in their group line up?
Who retard the minority in participation, representation?

If important facts about our society is misconceived,
How could he comprehend realities that are more complex, abstract ?

We shall discuss key challenges in increasing complexity.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

20110427 Shanmugam and LKY's Wisdom Concised for Mah and Ng

20110427 Shanmugam's Wisdom Concised for Mah and Ng

Shanmugam pointed out:
"Would they like government shut-down, or near government shut-down,
gridlock and the mechanism of government to break down?
This happens in some first-world countries."

Carefully thinking Shanmugam as a great litigator, i think he is not referring to the opposition.
This first world recent breakdown started to surface as asset bubbles, property bubble, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae. 

For Mah

Are we not facing the same as Shanmugam pointed out.
Our high public housing price affected our salary to compete in world market.

Our housing price is not about cost of land, cost of construction, or cost of labors, or trouble in importing sand.

Mr Mah clearly explain why new flat cannot be sold cheaper:

"If you reduce the new flat prices,
there will be an impact on the resales flat market,
what happen to those people who want to sell who are in mortgage arrears?"


Is this not Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, repeating on this tiny island, affecting not Silicon Valley Engineers, but heartlanders on an island without anchor enterprises like Apple?

Can we expect after Shanmugam's wisdom, Mr Mah will take the bigger picture and shoulder tackle the challenges then repeating First World failures. (if not then i will have to rewrite Save Singapore Housing - 4, the law aspect)

A weak mind is like a microscope, which magnifies trifling things but cannot receive great ones.’

Singapore had succeeded in the past because it had a generation of people who grew up in hardship, were prepared to take risks and tackle challenges.
Lee Kuan Yew
Senior Minister of Singapore
Found at Man’s toilet cubicle inside door at North light

Mr Mah definitely is not a weak mind.
Mr Lee certainly reminded his team they need to tackle challenges, and not to erode the foundation.

In fine words, LKY mentioned this erosaion can be by his successors, his chosen team.
He specifically pointed out that his successor may have thrashed out key points for the success they inherited

While Mr Shanmugam missed out education is needed to secure good jobs, when he mentioned "his job, his flat, his neighbourhood and the country",

But when money is needed, Mr Mah raised the issues subsidies on housing, that may need to come from education. 

For Mr Ng

But where is our money for education used on?

Is it to fund Singaporeans' education?
No, we must hear from Economist, Prof Lee Soo Ann said.

" i give to NUS to because students are the reason i teach and
Many of them rely on financial support to fund their education"

we can also hear from Nobel Laurates

"Every time i come to (NTU)
I see more, glorious Auditoriums"
Yang Zhen Ning at NTU
2010 03 04

Bigger sum of money used not even to cultivate ideas, skills for our economic growth.
They may not be cultivating productive skills.
They may even be cultivating values that create government shut down as Shanmugam said.

One Mega Education project as NUS-Yale.

If Shanmugam is so critical of the damage of such first world nation, is it America he is referring to?
Is Yale a great player in American politics?
Has Yale produced 3 Presidents (Clinton and 2 Bushes) , 1 Ecnomic Nobel Laurates (Krugman)
Do they produce the right people, provide the right solutions consistently? or 50% of the time.

Are these the right wisdom we need now?
Jobs and Housing?
or what longer term?

Singaporeans are the easiest to governed, they are pragmatic, disciplined and hardworking as cultivated by LKY.
They do not chase high ideals like the successors to LKY, as LKY warned.

They have chosen the right persons, as LKY said.
I believe they will consistently choose the right leaders, if they are available to be chosen.

Shanmugam has pointed out the root of our recent failures,
LKY pointed out who will affect our foundation more severely.

Are we investing to amplify our failurs, to uproot our foundations?

i think we must respect the hard discipline, hard labors of our great founders.
Anyone who show disrepect, we must correct them, will hurt our today, tomorrow.
that will be in the next article.

Friday, April 22, 2011

20110422 Singular Role of National Development

National Development is not House Building.

Singapore is an economy relying on export to the world for her very survival.
Therefore Everything this nation developed, developing, plan to develop must have 
  1. the ultimate objectives of competing and win in the world market.
  2. the employing and strengthening of Singaporean.
  3. the enhancement of the above from each and every migrants we take in.
No one pay looser for even a dime
this is the first and foremost brutal truth this tiny nation, without natural resources is facing.

It is not the people complaining about jobs, about the escalation of housing price.
It is the world cannot afford paying Singaporean salaries for what they can produce, can service.
The world decided that our national development has failed.

The national development has failed 
  1. to provide infrastructure economical, 
  2. to commissions projects to train our people to be able produce at a price the world willing to pay.
  3. to create industries to expand our construction expertise
20110419 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology

These failures decide not just our housing, our economy, but our survival.

We cannot count on
  1. Artificially holding on the price of housing
  2. Artificially holding the Singapore dollar higher
There are two main display at the main lobby of LKY school

  Slave to the Defunct Economy

If you want to reach your Goals and Dreams
You cannot do it without Discipline
Lee Kuan Yew

This nation succeeded because of great thrift and brutal efficiency in accounting every cents we spent.

We cannot continuously repeat what happen in Biotech as recorded in Wikipidea about Singapore, about our Champion of research Philip Yeo:

"This issue has been deliberated over a period of several months in Cabinet and decided by PM Goh and cabinet. The policy has been continued by PM Lee and his cabinet. We have made significant investments in time and resources. We have to get the most out of what we have put in"

We must record who decided and supported
  1. Artificially holding on the price of housing
  2. Artificially holding the Singapore dollar higher
We need to know why we do not explore a better, constructive, practical reality that

Singapore actually has unsurpassed advantages

20110423 Singapore's Unsurpassed Advantage

The world compete on cost efficiency and almost cost efficiency alone.

Singapore can be the most competitive in the world, because within a clear border on this tiny island,
  1. Each and Every citizen are able to read and write messages, surf and gather related information.
  2. Each AND Every kilometer run of road, power, water, signal, rail, bus, train, we serve more people.
  3. Within the shortest run of river, road, we reach the sea, the harbor, the airport.
  4. With intense industrialization, every labs, workshop, hardware supply, hospital, serve more people.
This is an economy of scale very few places in the world can compete with, not Korea, Japan, Silicon Valley, none of the most intensely developed part of China.

We have not consider our buildings, drainage, air-cond.
We do not have to design, build and operate for scorching summer, chilling winter, earthquake, typhoon,  tornado, sand storm.

We can practically run 24 hours through out the year, without break, without bullet vested machine gun wielding guard in armored cash carrier.

We do not become the lowest cost because we believe first world do not need to compete on cost.
There are few hamlets, Chateaus, many backward villages in Africa can hold such beliefs as reality.

However, to the first world, this is an illusion, no one in the first world dare to hold, Apple, Sony, Toyota, Boeing, Canon, even BMW

What I see as our biggest risk is the possibility of complacency.
We need to make sure that nobody leans back. 
We have to remain hungry and to keep up our desire to out perform others
Helmut Panke
Chairman, BMW
Forbes Global Jul 22, 2002

We must be the lowest cost and we can be. 

The last thing to do 
  1. is to raise the salary of President, Ministers, while the people are complaining about jobs, housing.
  2. is to announce to the world he also tears for job losses, while tell others not to feel shame to collect high pay.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

20110420 Save Singapore Housing - 4 Final Points

20110420 Save Singapore Housing - 4 Final Points

Policies' Master

Our great founders constructed affordable housing that enabled Singapore price-performance edge to win world competition.

Now housing become a struggle for survival - A struggle experienced by people and ministers alike.
A tools ought to be low cost to win world jobs, become an asset for high speed price appreciation.

This is basically because of wrong perception of what affordable housing is about.

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor,
it cannot save the few who are rich
1961 01 20 J F Kennedy, a lawyer
in his presidential inauguration speech said

Save, enrich the few who are rich, is what policies is about, (education, housing, transport....)

It is therefore clearly stated

Affordable home ownership
is for
the immense own benefit of the government

Why Housing Policies went wrong

We all are self interest oriented.
With the thinking of subsidizing the poor, policies can hardly move, budget can hardly pass, design can hardly improve.

Very often Ministers stated how huge budget was invested in Housing, Highway, Waterway...
This seemed to impress the public this is money invested for you, on you.
This underlined why there is no measure of how much improvement in efficiency to our living, transportation, business operations, after huge sum is invested.

With no measurement of improvement, obvious we fail in world competition, obvious more need to be done, more need to be taxed.

This derive from a ill-perceived truth that the rich need to subsidize the poor.
(in a recent book by one of Singapore founder about his own perception of challenges Singapore face)

Clear Solutions and Yardstick

Previous article identified complex design, resulting in costly design, dysfunction design. These resulted in needing lower cost labors, foreign labors. These costly design need some fresh perspective to corrrect them, they are detailed.  [20110420 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology] ,

Solutions come together with Immense Jobs creation, domestically and globally.
With immense job creation, big profit in sight, the Prime Minister, more so than anyone else, would he therefore not impose what our Great Founder commented about our Minister of National Development:

He built the homes we needed
speedily and economically
with the labors skills and technology of that era
Lee Kwan Yew
foreword for Lim Kim San A builder of Singapore

This is a very clear statement, even suggesting quantifiable KPI.
This was when Singaporeans were not highly educated.
This was when great wisdom were not conceived.
Yet our great founders accomplished, quickly, elegantly, and obvious efficiently.

It is we, forsaken our great founders' experience, wisdom, advise, we resulted in:

dear food for the million
cheap labour for the millionaire


Lower the price of housing, education, transportation is to provide labor, loyal, able, trustible labors speedily  - which is the only way of survival for an island nation, without resources, talent.

Lowering is NOT by subsidy, but by improve design, reduce wasteful construct.

Solutions is provided for Singaporeans Ministers, Developers, Professionals to help Singapore survive, compete, thrive.

Review in One Year

Let us review in one year time,
*     how far Singapore has reduced her cost to compete in the world....
*     has leaders realize it is in his best interest

Engineering's main function is to provide tools and means for more people to do constructive work, economically.
It is an action, never ending action.
The lesser think that to provide for his people, we must pay them a big price.
In last articles, it is proven provision can be done at low cost, even profit, even create immense jobs for Singaporeans.
20110420 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology

Law is a compilation of our history how we use crafts in enhancing own profit at the price of others.
History told us how marginally law can curtail these.
Law itself is a noun, there is no verb.
It is a tool for others to use to their own advantage.
Law Minister is a great practioner, not academician, after careful consultations with the knowleageable, there is little i can
contribute better than him once the direction how future building designs, reconfiguration is set clear.

This series Help Mah to Save Singapore Housing, ends here.
The key at this stage is survival for Singapore.
20110417 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 1 Reasons behind Housing Policies
20110418 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 2 House Pricing
20110419 Save Singapore Housing  - 3 Technology 
20110420 Save Singapore Housing  - 4 Law

Monday, April 18, 2011

20110419 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology

20110419 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology


We noted housing is THE key concern for Singaporean. 
Affordability is what is citizens concerned.
As export economy, affordability must be set at the salaries world willing to pay us.
As good solution, it must provide values, significant advantage over best practices of the world.
This article present an invention that will 
     1. reduce costs of our housing.
     2. Improve speed and economy, functions and aesthetics of housing
     3. Create immense new market, including international, for our constructive industries.


Construction Industries, you are the key for our economy, today world economy.
Competitiveness is key requirements.
Efficiency and elegance are the indicators.
Export to the world is our survival.

I present this humbly to assist Singapore engineers, architects, developers to serve our citizens, while compete for international contracts. 

Invention - EEFC (Expand Exposure, Full Concealment)

Invention here will 
   1. Remove immense wastage of space and structure ( that we use to PARTIALLY conceal laundry.)  
   2. Make buildings sleek and elegant while laundry, pipes, utilities are concealed fully.
   3. Expand the extend of harnessing sunlight, wind, waste heat.  
   4. Use extensively lighter panels for internal and external walls 
        a. make construction industries like assembling IKEA furniture (key to create jobs for Singaporeans)
        b. save transport, labors, water, concretes, structures, foundations, costs. 
        c. develop R&D, Manufacturing, Machineries for immense world market of bio-waste fibres.
            1. Strengthen our values to our neighbors - tropical rain forest climate.
            2. Stabilize, strengthen, prosper our hinterland. 
   5. Make building easily configurable. 
        a. Improve time response to change of economy, demography of society, age of residents.
        b. make construction industries like assembling IKEA furniture.
        c. save transport, labors, water, concretes, structures, foundations, costs.
        d. Develop R&D, Manufacturing, Machineries for immense world market of bio-waste fibres.

Prior Arts (Expand Exposure, Full Concealment)
I have asked many leading architects, designers.
They think exposing to sun light and concealment of laundry are fundamentally contradicting, just like form and function.
They cannot be accomplished together.
What improvement have we seen? (From Compass Vale, Duxton, to those on the planning stage.)

Anyone who go to heart land will notice how HDB residents prefer to dry their laundries.
They would observe lateral hanging is preferred over sticking out, whenever is possible.

These photos were taken on 2002 05 18 Hrs 1242 at PasirRis and 2004 06 20 Hrs 1002 at Ghim Moh.
Who will not use something that is very effective yet simpler, easier, safer - that cost nothing?

Inventive Elements

How to conceal, I offer you this sketch.
Immediately we realize sun come from heaven.
We, human are earth bound.

Therefore, by concealing vision from the ground, the neighbors, you can still have good, and even expanded exposure to sun.

This can be observed, or even calculated precisely according to seasons of the year as documented in above two photos showing lateral hanging.

We are almost on the equator,
1. the elevations of sun is so high that even North, South, East, West Facing can catch great sun shine for the laundry in the vacuity.
2. Buffered by the vacuity for laundry, the living space is lighted, without overly heated.

It is detailed in a patent filed by Myself and my student Leung Chi Lam under

I present this humbly to assist Singapore engineers, architects, developers to serve our citizens, while compete for international contracts. Construction Industries, you are the key for our economy.

Finer contributions above what is listed in the beginning are:
  1. Totally removing dark corners, recess space.
  2. Provide external passage for utilities:
            a. easier to detect, repair, reconfigure. 
            b. no floor penetrations, neigbors conflicts removed.
     3. Reduce external wall, i.e. leaky repair is no longer needed.

Additional Appoint (why must consult Inventor)
For this invention, we must take into considerations fire spread control and fire escape.... once ventilation improve.

All users of this patent please discuss with me for
  1. natural lighting
  2. ventilation
  3. waste heat harnessing from air-cond unit
  4. running of pipes, utilities, etc.
  5. emergency escape
  6. experience and wisdom from history

With this, we not just improve aesthetic and function, we also reduce usage of mortar and steel, which are energy and clean water intensive.

Together with Minister of National Development, may we recall what LKY said about Lim Kim San, who provided low cost housing, timely to Singaporean:

He built the homes we needed speedily and economically with the labors skills and technology of that era”
Lee Kwan Yew
foreword for “Lim Kim San – A builder of Singapore

Easy reconfiguration, according to need, family size (which will be discussed in 20110420 Save Singapore without Mah  - 4 Law ..... )

The key at this stage is survival for Singapore.
20110417 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 1 Reasons behind Housing Policies
20110418 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 2 House Pricing

20110419 Save Singapore Housing  - 3 Technology .....
this series will likely be  released in the date below
20110420 Save Singapore Housing  - 4 Law .....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

20110418 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 2 House Pricing

20110418 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 2 House Pricing

In "20110417 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 1 Reasons behind Housing Policies"
     we see that home ownership is not just for citizen's dwelling.
     It is critically important for government's governance,  and national economic growth.

Therefore we must price housing to achieve these two objectives.

Singapore is an export economy
     Home Pricing Must be fixed at
        Years of salary world willing to pay us

As Solvere, i will provide directions and engineering invention to make housing a tools to create jobs, generate growth.
Which is a bigger problem behind housing, the people are also complaining.
Without jobs, any price of housing is also unaffordable.

Clearly, we need to divide those properties for
       1. Life-long basic living
and those for
        2. Upgrading, Investment, Speculation

Affect Our Very Survival

I often hear we compete on technology, not on price.
Can it be?
Apple, Canon, Nokia can they do without price competitively?

We have no Singapore brand like Samsung, Sony, Haier, Huawei to export.

Even for them, we see price is only dropping for every new product they sell, while the performance improving, looks more elegant.
We are not ignorant.
We are stupid, plain stupid.

If the world is not paying more, can we ask as PAP manifesto, increase our pay unilaterally?

Every migrant i met, the skills set, the leaderships, the vision, there is nothing we Singaporeans do not already acquired.
Skills we acquired, mastered and have them abandoned in the belief of new tech, bio-tech, tech that do not need price competitiveness.

When massive number of PR do not want to become citizen, we still think more migrant will commit to our nation.

Worse, Migrants, with or without PR/Citizen, they aspire to migrate to US, failing which Canada, Australia.
Many also plan to buy a house back home and start business there.
Are we not definitely paying them to hollow out our capability, our wealth, our headcount?
We are not just stupid, may be idiotic.

To solve, the key is:
can our salary be priced for us to compete in the world?

Yes, we can, if we design our house, price our housing to compete in the world.

We can because we have our kins, families with us.
     We  need only jobs and housing.

We are not migrants.
      We need no heavy phone call bills.
      We need not frequent home travels, travel to somewhere far away and stop working for a few weeks.!

We can even be the best efficiency, lowest cost for business. (this will be addressed in "The Gold - Beyond Green & Eco" to be published.)

On Land Price

With modern technology, we can build buildings taller, produce much more living space on same land.
Speed and efficiency of building also escalated by machines, technology.

On top of that, our land was expanded faster than Singaporeans' population growth.
Thanks to Ong Teng Cheong, using MRT tunnel soil to land fill, indigenous ideas is done  ingeniously.

(this landfill areas is called Temasek Boulevard,  Raffles Quay)
This landfill not only is free, better it did not  annoy our neighbors.
Therefore, cost of building housing can only be cheaper.

On top of construction, even land is growing faster than our own population growth.
HDB cost come also from how inefficient we are using them, how easy we can drastically improve them will be discuss in next section - technology (supported by Patenting Inventions)
Bulk of high price is due to migrants, speculators.Our 5 million population is due to migrants growth.
How fast it grows, how severe it impacts our housing price, traffic, jobs, Singaporeans felt it years ago.
Statistics governments need to convince us otherwise, after getting years to be told, supported by ERP sky rocketing.

Foreigners and Casinos Levies are paid to Government.

Can they be used to offset our biz costs, housing, medical, transportation.....

On Net Income to Pay Housing

For a healthy economy, 10 years of salary pay over 30 years of employable life span.
This is when we do not need to take care of health care, children, education, old age.

But in Singapore, we not only have to provide all, including our children education.
Even our own education we need to recover it after we start working.

Let us look at the following picture at NUS campus, featuring Economic Prof Lee Soo Ann,

"I give to NUS because students are the reasons i teach
many of them rely on financial support to fund their education."

 We know we have to recover education cost to earn a professional income.
How much is a professional income,
if you look at Expat, $2,000 for IT engineer.
if you look at job street, mostly electrical, IT, construction, commerce, $1,800 to $2,800
Director for Hotels $8,000
Among thousands, only 4 jobs for Biotech when i searched on 2011 04 18 1050hrs

There are almost all researchers are foreigners at AStar, LKY School, Rajaratnam school, EAI, MEI, ARI.
Even secretaries start to be foreigners, Singaporeans are clerks, cleaners ....

On 20110318 evening at Esplanade we hosted a party for MIT Sloan Students. They came to study our water and energy program.
EDB's sent one fresh Indian migrant, introduced as Singapore's scholar Krishna Balam, to escort MIT visitors.
Balam is working on Wind Power, but fresh to Wind Power, do not have impressive knowledge on electrical generator, turbo machineries.

MIT Sloan fellows,

 from US, Europe, Russia, Latin America asked me the same question :

"My country do not do it.
How can Singapore employ foreigners to do work so critical to her survival?"

They are subtle.
They did not point out, EDB is an agency to lead Singapore's Economy.
They did not point out assigning a young man without expertise in the areas to participate in leading is costly.
They did not point out, that dinner party is for EDB to promote, connect Singapore with our international visitors.

Should visitors need a Singapore contact, can this young man, young Indian graduate, young Indian graduate without expertise connect for Singapore?

"University Town", immense NUS initiative since IR, we see Prof Tommy Koh(74yrs) , Wang Gung Wu (81yrs) as Hall Masters.
Head of Mechanical Engineering NUS Prof Chew Yong Tian must be in the late 60s, returning to head ME may be after 30 years.

Where is jobs for Singaporeans?
Where is cultivating of Singaporeans?
Where is plan for succession?

While we offer generous scholarships to foreigners.
    when Singaporeans have no ability to pay university education?

While Singaporeans are unemployed, has to sacrifice the chaste to do Casinos.
   when government employing foreigners without needed expertise?

With such stupidity, Singaporeans's salary may well fall below $1,000 to get a job world ready to pay us.
Expat forum said you need $1,500 to live in Singapore, without drinks, entertainments, children, education.....

After abandoning our principles, to do Formula 1, and 2 Casinos.
They did not fundamentally deliver us from the trauma.

With this no House Pricing can be practically acceptable.

HDB, not only must design, construct home efficiently to be affordable,
HDB must also create jobs for Singaporeans, press government to create jobs for Singaporeans, like the Union leaders Lim Boon Heng in 2006.

It will be discuss in "20110419 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 3 Technology ....." to achieve both home ownership and jobs, to help Singapore to compete at world market's price.

Singaporeans is the master of this land.
Singaporeans do not deserve a chance, it is the right.
A chance to work is not enough for Singapore to survive.
Cultivating Singaporeans are needed.

We need to make Singaporeans stronger, in order
   1. to recover strength we abandoned,
   2. build on regained strength to compete
in order to survive.

The key at this stage is survival for Singapore.
20110417 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 1 Reasons behind Housing Policies
20110418 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 2 House Pricing

this series will likely be  released in the date below
20110419 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 3 Technology .....
20110420 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 4 Law .....

We need only jobs and housing. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

20110417 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 1 Reasons behind Housing Policies

20110417 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 1 Reasons behind Housing Policies

Home ownership

is to ensure every citizen has a stake in the nation,
and therefore be responsible worker and good citizen.

Stable society, higher productivity, better economy
      is for the immense benefit of the government

     we Minister, Leaders, Officers, Contractors of MND, HDB
          must excel to achieve, surpass.

Rental cannot be Cheaper

If rental is cheaper, then the landlord will need to recover the cost from more than one generation.
     No wise government will.
     No citizen will, wise or foolish.
     Definitely generations of Bankers will not.

this has not include frequent and costly repair needed for rental units.
this has not include improvements owner will do at their best abilities.

We need world class productivity for our export oriented economy in a fiercely competitive global market.

Costly housing will lead to total destruction of this nation.
Therefore providing Home owernership is more important than managing National Reserves.
This has to be reminded in every meeting rooms of HDB and MND.
     more than verbal recall in MAS meetings.

Nations reserves come long after houses were built, nations were formed, monies were minted.
It is sad the wisdom derived by our great founders were forgotten.
    It is forgotten because - the reasons and the cost impact were not clearly understood.
    This wisdom thererfore has to be stipulated together with clear purspose and reason.
This is after months of input to Minister Mah.
During which we witnessed him not in the central committee of PAP.
PAP cadres know the impact is severe.
Helping Mah is key to both PAP and Singaporeans.

this series will likely be  released in the date below
20110417 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 1 Reasons behind Housing Policies
20110418 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 2 Pricing .....
20110419 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 3 Technology .....
20110420 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 4 Law .....