Thursday, June 16, 2011

20110413 Group Think Good Thinking

I do change my opinion about Mr Lim, Chairman of PAP.
He earnt my respect.

Group think is one that is clearly not there.
Good thinking is more important than group think, it is not even mentioned.

Without good thinking, bad solutions are used to create some jobs, and these jobs are not even for improving skills, income of Singaporeans.
Certainly it hurts many families.

We cannot count on
1. no group think, and
2. no good thinking.

For Singapore to suvive, to live
We must, as Singaporeans, ask everyone to contribute solutions, improve upon solutions.

We must become wiser by learning from other people’s mistakes.
When we take French migrants soccer team as a model for our national policy. French soccer has gone from World Champion to nothing. England too.
Brazilian Ambassador told us “Trained your own people”
Nation building is not playing soccer.
It has more than twenty odd people to feed.

Without many Migrants as managers, professionals, researchers, Koreans, Japan still do better than Americans, Europe. Because they work hard and learn from everyone – try to do better than everyone.
(sony and nissan , with foreign chiefs are not doing any better than canon, toyota, honda)

Diverisities, youth are not what Singapore need at this critical time.
They cannot provide Singaporeans’ the basic thing – suvival.

Let us look for solutions.
Let all the candidates, especially repeating ministers, mentors, seniors tell us what solutions they have.
What they want us to do.

Singaporeans are Asians, we are gracious and respectful.
before talking about pride and duty as leaders.
Even Mentor, Senior are not in office, i am sure if they have good solutions, they will be gracious to share.
We will be respectful to listen.

We are westernized nation.
We are not China, the only one who need many DPM.

may i contribute
20070515 陆路交通的致命伤

can someone translate to English for more to consider, to correct, to improve, to implement, to make Singaporeans better

Lim Swee Keng


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  3. Personal point of view, it's good to have a whole group of people discussing some of the issue together. Being from different environment and different culture, they might be able to offer more than just local born. However, in order to allow this to happen, we need a true and firm leader. He needs to guide and facilitate the people... the council in American context. Of course there will be issue like loyalty and truthfulness these people have on this tiny island but that's the risk factor that as a leader, he needs to assess. Please do not be too bias.

  4. Thank you ETEP

    When the world rushing for electronics, computer, network, mobile phones, everyone knows where to head, what to invest.

    Many can even tell who is to public list next.

    This clear direction set clear government policy - infrastructure, education etc.

    Today, who else know for sure where we are heading?

    When there is no clear direction, can any group discussion be meaningful?

    The whole world is now in discussion for more than a decade, any outcome?

    A strong leader as you agreed need to unite the people, singular the plan.

    But when there is no clear direction, how to reason out what to do?

    Therefore leader has to force everyone to do something.

    1. thinking Foreign talent will bring growth
    2. thinking Biotech will bring growth
    3. thinking 6 millions will be target population size

    2007 thinking American's economic crisis will be over in few weeks
    2008 thinking China and India will lead the recovery
    2009 thinking Nuclear is a solution

    City Planner Liu Thai Ker said we can take 10 million.
    It is not physical accomodation.
    It is how many jobs our economy can sustain.

    10 million metropolis in Tokyo, Shanghai. Look at Kando, Yangtze, the immense hitherland, primary, manufacturing industries, they have.

    This is political decision supported by economy, real economy.
    City planning is to improve the efficiency - once the economy is coming

    Now we know at 5 million, we have immense unemployment.
    To create 30,000 jobs, we have to forego our principles
    1. we have to race formula 1,
    2. we have to open TWO casinos.

    We have to be responsible to broken families.
    Our old aged, move slowly in canteen to earn their living.
    We still have under-employment, unemployment.
    Today, my taxi driver is an engineer.
    My security guard told me how to encript the hardisk.

    If we have 4 million, do we still need casino?
    For sure we have many empty houses
    For sure we have less food court but with higher flow
    fewer old age need to work at such low pay.

    For sure we give less scholarships for foreigners.
    For sure
    the quality of scholars are higher!

    Merits is selective, very selective.
    Foreign born come enmass, can only be the mass, not the elites.
    If the mass is talented, then most of us are talented.

    It is a blessing our founder is blessed - that officers came and speak out even when he is in power.

    Mahathir was less fortunate, he commented in 2008 in a Frost and Sullivan conference in Marriot KL
    "when i was in power, everyone told me everything i do is right"
    "when i left, everyone tell me nothing i did is right"

    Our founder is blessed.
    He has truthful counsel.
    He also stand and correcting.
    For we know we are mortal.

    As nation's top leader, many depends on what is told - would it be nicer if it is a Augustine not a Yaccob to tell how nice was the party at Hari Raya he was invited.

    When you take care of smaller, population - your kins, the truth is problem is smaller, solving everyone is willing.

    We can train each one of Singaporean to be stronger.

    Stronger Singaporean can serve the world at large - they will be invited to talk, to write, to teach....

    And will come back to serve the nation when time arises, as we see it happening.

    Now our sons are called back to duty.

    The key now is not to check what government do.
    The key is to identify path forward, that is the purpose of this forum.

    I shall present, with facts, history, foresight, insight, engineering and economic solutions

    Our civil services front lines are actively seeking solutions - they know the facts.

    I have limitation, let everyone examine, contribute and improve upon them.