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20110418 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 2 House Pricing

20110418 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 2 House Pricing

In "20110417 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 1 Reasons behind Housing Policies"
     we see that home ownership is not just for citizen's dwelling.
     It is critically important for government's governance,  and national economic growth.

Therefore we must price housing to achieve these two objectives.

Singapore is an export economy
     Home Pricing Must be fixed at
        Years of salary world willing to pay us

As Solvere, i will provide directions and engineering invention to make housing a tools to create jobs, generate growth.
Which is a bigger problem behind housing, the people are also complaining.
Without jobs, any price of housing is also unaffordable.

Clearly, we need to divide those properties for
       1. Life-long basic living
and those for
        2. Upgrading, Investment, Speculation

Affect Our Very Survival

I often hear we compete on technology, not on price.
Can it be?
Apple, Canon, Nokia can they do without price competitively?

We have no Singapore brand like Samsung, Sony, Haier, Huawei to export.

Even for them, we see price is only dropping for every new product they sell, while the performance improving, looks more elegant.
We are not ignorant.
We are stupid, plain stupid.

If the world is not paying more, can we ask as PAP manifesto, increase our pay unilaterally?

Every migrant i met, the skills set, the leaderships, the vision, there is nothing we Singaporeans do not already acquired.
Skills we acquired, mastered and have them abandoned in the belief of new tech, bio-tech, tech that do not need price competitiveness.

When massive number of PR do not want to become citizen, we still think more migrant will commit to our nation.

Worse, Migrants, with or without PR/Citizen, they aspire to migrate to US, failing which Canada, Australia.
Many also plan to buy a house back home and start business there.
Are we not definitely paying them to hollow out our capability, our wealth, our headcount?
We are not just stupid, may be idiotic.

To solve, the key is:
can our salary be priced for us to compete in the world?

Yes, we can, if we design our house, price our housing to compete in the world.

We can because we have our kins, families with us.
     We  need only jobs and housing.

We are not migrants.
      We need no heavy phone call bills.
      We need not frequent home travels, travel to somewhere far away and stop working for a few weeks.!

We can even be the best efficiency, lowest cost for business. (this will be addressed in "The Gold - Beyond Green & Eco" to be published.)

On Land Price

With modern technology, we can build buildings taller, produce much more living space on same land.
Speed and efficiency of building also escalated by machines, technology.

On top of that, our land was expanded faster than Singaporeans' population growth.
Thanks to Ong Teng Cheong, using MRT tunnel soil to land fill, indigenous ideas is done  ingeniously.

(this landfill areas is called Temasek Boulevard,  Raffles Quay)
This landfill not only is free, better it did not  annoy our neighbors.
Therefore, cost of building housing can only be cheaper.

On top of construction, even land is growing faster than our own population growth.
HDB cost come also from how inefficient we are using them, how easy we can drastically improve them will be discuss in next section - technology (supported by Patenting Inventions)
Bulk of high price is due to migrants, speculators.Our 5 million population is due to migrants growth.
How fast it grows, how severe it impacts our housing price, traffic, jobs, Singaporeans felt it years ago.
Statistics governments need to convince us otherwise, after getting years to be told, supported by ERP sky rocketing.

Foreigners and Casinos Levies are paid to Government.

Can they be used to offset our biz costs, housing, medical, transportation.....

On Net Income to Pay Housing

For a healthy economy, 10 years of salary pay over 30 years of employable life span.
This is when we do not need to take care of health care, children, education, old age.

But in Singapore, we not only have to provide all, including our children education.
Even our own education we need to recover it after we start working.

Let us look at the following picture at NUS campus, featuring Economic Prof Lee Soo Ann,

"I give to NUS because students are the reasons i teach
many of them rely on financial support to fund their education."

 We know we have to recover education cost to earn a professional income.
How much is a professional income,
if you look at Expat, $2,000 for IT engineer.
if you look at job street, mostly electrical, IT, construction, commerce, $1,800 to $2,800
Director for Hotels $8,000
Among thousands, only 4 jobs for Biotech when i searched on 2011 04 18 1050hrs

There are almost all researchers are foreigners at AStar, LKY School, Rajaratnam school, EAI, MEI, ARI.
Even secretaries start to be foreigners, Singaporeans are clerks, cleaners ....

On 20110318 evening at Esplanade we hosted a party for MIT Sloan Students. They came to study our water and energy program.
EDB's sent one fresh Indian migrant, introduced as Singapore's scholar Krishna Balam, to escort MIT visitors.
Balam is working on Wind Power, but fresh to Wind Power, do not have impressive knowledge on electrical generator, turbo machineries.

MIT Sloan fellows,

 from US, Europe, Russia, Latin America asked me the same question :

"My country do not do it.
How can Singapore employ foreigners to do work so critical to her survival?"

They are subtle.
They did not point out, EDB is an agency to lead Singapore's Economy.
They did not point out assigning a young man without expertise in the areas to participate in leading is costly.
They did not point out, that dinner party is for EDB to promote, connect Singapore with our international visitors.

Should visitors need a Singapore contact, can this young man, young Indian graduate, young Indian graduate without expertise connect for Singapore?

"University Town", immense NUS initiative since IR, we see Prof Tommy Koh(74yrs) , Wang Gung Wu (81yrs) as Hall Masters.
Head of Mechanical Engineering NUS Prof Chew Yong Tian must be in the late 60s, returning to head ME may be after 30 years.

Where is jobs for Singaporeans?
Where is cultivating of Singaporeans?
Where is plan for succession?

While we offer generous scholarships to foreigners.
    when Singaporeans have no ability to pay university education?

While Singaporeans are unemployed, has to sacrifice the chaste to do Casinos.
   when government employing foreigners without needed expertise?

With such stupidity, Singaporeans's salary may well fall below $1,000 to get a job world ready to pay us.
Expat forum said you need $1,500 to live in Singapore, without drinks, entertainments, children, education.....

After abandoning our principles, to do Formula 1, and 2 Casinos.
They did not fundamentally deliver us from the trauma.

With this no House Pricing can be practically acceptable.

HDB, not only must design, construct home efficiently to be affordable,
HDB must also create jobs for Singaporeans, press government to create jobs for Singaporeans, like the Union leaders Lim Boon Heng in 2006.

It will be discuss in "20110419 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 3 Technology ....." to achieve both home ownership and jobs, to help Singapore to compete at world market's price.

Singaporeans is the master of this land.
Singaporeans do not deserve a chance, it is the right.
A chance to work is not enough for Singapore to survive.
Cultivating Singaporeans are needed.

We need to make Singaporeans stronger, in order
   1. to recover strength we abandoned,
   2. build on regained strength to compete
in order to survive.

The key at this stage is survival for Singapore.
20110417 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 1 Reasons behind Housing Policies
20110418 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 2 House Pricing

this series will likely be  released in the date below
20110419 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 3 Technology .....
20110420 Help Mah to Save Singapore - 4 Law .....

We need only jobs and housing. 

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