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20110420 Save Singapore Housing - 4 Final Points

20110420 Save Singapore Housing - 4 Final Points

Policies' Master

Our great founders constructed affordable housing that enabled Singapore price-performance edge to win world competition.

Now housing become a struggle for survival - A struggle experienced by people and ministers alike.
A tools ought to be low cost to win world jobs, become an asset for high speed price appreciation.

This is basically because of wrong perception of what affordable housing is about.

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor,
it cannot save the few who are rich
1961 01 20 J F Kennedy, a lawyer
in his presidential inauguration speech said

Save, enrich the few who are rich, is what policies is about, (education, housing, transport....)

It is therefore clearly stated

Affordable home ownership
is for
the immense own benefit of the government

Why Housing Policies went wrong

We all are self interest oriented.
With the thinking of subsidizing the poor, policies can hardly move, budget can hardly pass, design can hardly improve.

Very often Ministers stated how huge budget was invested in Housing, Highway, Waterway...
This seemed to impress the public this is money invested for you, on you.
This underlined why there is no measure of how much improvement in efficiency to our living, transportation, business operations, after huge sum is invested.

With no measurement of improvement, obvious we fail in world competition, obvious more need to be done, more need to be taxed.

This derive from a ill-perceived truth that the rich need to subsidize the poor.
(in a recent book by one of Singapore founder about his own perception of challenges Singapore face)

Clear Solutions and Yardstick

Previous article identified complex design, resulting in costly design, dysfunction design. These resulted in needing lower cost labors, foreign labors. These costly design need some fresh perspective to corrrect them, they are detailed.  [20110420 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology] ,

Solutions come together with Immense Jobs creation, domestically and globally.
With immense job creation, big profit in sight, the Prime Minister, more so than anyone else, would he therefore not impose what our Great Founder commented about our Minister of National Development:

He built the homes we needed
speedily and economically
with the labors skills and technology of that era
Lee Kwan Yew
foreword for Lim Kim San A builder of Singapore

This is a very clear statement, even suggesting quantifiable KPI.
This was when Singaporeans were not highly educated.
This was when great wisdom were not conceived.
Yet our great founders accomplished, quickly, elegantly, and obvious efficiently.

It is we, forsaken our great founders' experience, wisdom, advise, we resulted in:

dear food for the million
cheap labour for the millionaire


Lower the price of housing, education, transportation is to provide labor, loyal, able, trustible labors speedily  - which is the only way of survival for an island nation, without resources, talent.

Lowering is NOT by subsidy, but by improve design, reduce wasteful construct.

Solutions is provided for Singaporeans Ministers, Developers, Professionals to help Singapore survive, compete, thrive.

Review in One Year

Let us review in one year time,
*     how far Singapore has reduced her cost to compete in the world....
*     has leaders realize it is in his best interest

Engineering's main function is to provide tools and means for more people to do constructive work, economically.
It is an action, never ending action.
The lesser think that to provide for his people, we must pay them a big price.
In last articles, it is proven provision can be done at low cost, even profit, even create immense jobs for Singaporeans.
20110420 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology

Law is a compilation of our history how we use crafts in enhancing own profit at the price of others.
History told us how marginally law can curtail these.
Law itself is a noun, there is no verb.
It is a tool for others to use to their own advantage.
Law Minister is a great practioner, not academician, after careful consultations with the knowleageable, there is little i can
contribute better than him once the direction how future building designs, reconfiguration is set clear.

This series Help Mah to Save Singapore Housing, ends here.
The key at this stage is survival for Singapore.
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