Friday, April 22, 2011

20110422 Singular Role of National Development

National Development is not House Building.

Singapore is an economy relying on export to the world for her very survival.
Therefore Everything this nation developed, developing, plan to develop must have 
  1. the ultimate objectives of competing and win in the world market.
  2. the employing and strengthening of Singaporean.
  3. the enhancement of the above from each and every migrants we take in.
No one pay looser for even a dime
this is the first and foremost brutal truth this tiny nation, without natural resources is facing.

It is not the people complaining about jobs, about the escalation of housing price.
It is the world cannot afford paying Singaporean salaries for what they can produce, can service.
The world decided that our national development has failed.

The national development has failed 
  1. to provide infrastructure economical, 
  2. to commissions projects to train our people to be able produce at a price the world willing to pay.
  3. to create industries to expand our construction expertise
20110419 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology

These failures decide not just our housing, our economy, but our survival.

We cannot count on
  1. Artificially holding on the price of housing
  2. Artificially holding the Singapore dollar higher
There are two main display at the main lobby of LKY school

  Slave to the Defunct Economy

If you want to reach your Goals and Dreams
You cannot do it without Discipline
Lee Kuan Yew

This nation succeeded because of great thrift and brutal efficiency in accounting every cents we spent.

We cannot continuously repeat what happen in Biotech as recorded in Wikipidea about Singapore, about our Champion of research Philip Yeo:

"This issue has been deliberated over a period of several months in Cabinet and decided by PM Goh and cabinet. The policy has been continued by PM Lee and his cabinet. We have made significant investments in time and resources. We have to get the most out of what we have put in"

We must record who decided and supported
  1. Artificially holding on the price of housing
  2. Artificially holding the Singapore dollar higher
We need to know why we do not explore a better, constructive, practical reality that

Singapore actually has unsurpassed advantages

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