Friday, April 22, 2011

20110423 Singapore's Unsurpassed Advantage

The world compete on cost efficiency and almost cost efficiency alone.

Singapore can be the most competitive in the world, because within a clear border on this tiny island,
  1. Each and Every citizen are able to read and write messages, surf and gather related information.
  2. Each AND Every kilometer run of road, power, water, signal, rail, bus, train, we serve more people.
  3. Within the shortest run of river, road, we reach the sea, the harbor, the airport.
  4. With intense industrialization, every labs, workshop, hardware supply, hospital, serve more people.
This is an economy of scale very few places in the world can compete with, not Korea, Japan, Silicon Valley, none of the most intensely developed part of China.

We have not consider our buildings, drainage, air-cond.
We do not have to design, build and operate for scorching summer, chilling winter, earthquake, typhoon,  tornado, sand storm.

We can practically run 24 hours through out the year, without break, without bullet vested machine gun wielding guard in armored cash carrier.

We do not become the lowest cost because we believe first world do not need to compete on cost.
There are few hamlets, Chateaus, many backward villages in Africa can hold such beliefs as reality.

However, to the first world, this is an illusion, no one in the first world dare to hold, Apple, Sony, Toyota, Boeing, Canon, even BMW

What I see as our biggest risk is the possibility of complacency.
We need to make sure that nobody leans back. 
We have to remain hungry and to keep up our desire to out perform others
Helmut Panke
Chairman, BMW
Forbes Global Jul 22, 2002

We must be the lowest cost and we can be. 

The last thing to do 
  1. is to raise the salary of President, Ministers, while the people are complaining about jobs, housing.
  2. is to announce to the world he also tears for job losses, while tell others not to feel shame to collect high pay.

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