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20110427 Shanmugam and LKY's Wisdom Concised for Mah and Ng

20110427 Shanmugam's Wisdom Concised for Mah and Ng

Shanmugam pointed out:
"Would they like government shut-down, or near government shut-down,
gridlock and the mechanism of government to break down?
This happens in some first-world countries."

Carefully thinking Shanmugam as a great litigator, i think he is not referring to the opposition.
This first world recent breakdown started to surface as asset bubbles, property bubble, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae. 

For Mah

Are we not facing the same as Shanmugam pointed out.
Our high public housing price affected our salary to compete in world market.

Our housing price is not about cost of land, cost of construction, or cost of labors, or trouble in importing sand.

Mr Mah clearly explain why new flat cannot be sold cheaper:

"If you reduce the new flat prices,
there will be an impact on the resales flat market,
what happen to those people who want to sell who are in mortgage arrears?"


Is this not Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, repeating on this tiny island, affecting not Silicon Valley Engineers, but heartlanders on an island without anchor enterprises like Apple?

Can we expect after Shanmugam's wisdom, Mr Mah will take the bigger picture and shoulder tackle the challenges then repeating First World failures. (if not then i will have to rewrite Save Singapore Housing - 4, the law aspect)

A weak mind is like a microscope, which magnifies trifling things but cannot receive great ones.’

Singapore had succeeded in the past because it had a generation of people who grew up in hardship, were prepared to take risks and tackle challenges.
Lee Kuan Yew
Senior Minister of Singapore
Found at Man’s toilet cubicle inside door at North light

Mr Mah definitely is not a weak mind.
Mr Lee certainly reminded his team they need to tackle challenges, and not to erode the foundation.

In fine words, LKY mentioned this erosaion can be by his successors, his chosen team.
He specifically pointed out that his successor may have thrashed out key points for the success they inherited

While Mr Shanmugam missed out education is needed to secure good jobs, when he mentioned "his job, his flat, his neighbourhood and the country",

But when money is needed, Mr Mah raised the issues subsidies on housing, that may need to come from education. 

For Mr Ng

But where is our money for education used on?

Is it to fund Singaporeans' education?
No, we must hear from Economist, Prof Lee Soo Ann said.

" i give to NUS to because students are the reason i teach and
Many of them rely on financial support to fund their education"

we can also hear from Nobel Laurates

"Every time i come to (NTU)
I see more, glorious Auditoriums"
Yang Zhen Ning at NTU
2010 03 04

Bigger sum of money used not even to cultivate ideas, skills for our economic growth.
They may not be cultivating productive skills.
They may even be cultivating values that create government shut down as Shanmugam said.

One Mega Education project as NUS-Yale.

If Shanmugam is so critical of the damage of such first world nation, is it America he is referring to?
Is Yale a great player in American politics?
Has Yale produced 3 Presidents (Clinton and 2 Bushes) , 1 Ecnomic Nobel Laurates (Krugman)
Do they produce the right people, provide the right solutions consistently? or 50% of the time.

Are these the right wisdom we need now?
Jobs and Housing?
or what longer term?

Singaporeans are the easiest to governed, they are pragmatic, disciplined and hardworking as cultivated by LKY.
They do not chase high ideals like the successors to LKY, as LKY warned.

They have chosen the right persons, as LKY said.
I believe they will consistently choose the right leaders, if they are available to be chosen.

Shanmugam has pointed out the root of our recent failures,
LKY pointed out who will affect our foundation more severely.

Are we investing to amplify our failurs, to uproot our foundations?

i think we must respect the hard discipline, hard labors of our great founders.
Anyone who show disrepect, we must correct them, will hurt our today, tomorrow.
that will be in the next article.

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