Saturday, April 30, 2011

20110501a Wrong Perception on Minority

20110501a  Wrong Perception on Minority

It is shocking
Standing errors are not corrected by visible change in policies, effecting corrective actions.
More, bigger wrong judgment are allowed to be made, made faster.

If a person made fundamental errors on what is clear facts in front of us,

the friendly hands extended by our Malay, Islamic brothers and sisters, 

How could he comprehend, respect realities that are more complex, abstract ?

Minority Representation

If important social element is wrongly perceived and is admitted to be wrong.
How could no corrective, major corrective actions be taken on all policies, including immigration policies!

The first opposition MP is actually not a Chinese, he is Jeyaratnam.
Was he not a minority?
When he was resonating with the people, did Singaporean rejected him?

How could one be so short memory?
How could one merely record what he likes and reject every good blessing on Singapore.
How could one ignore the blessing Singaporeans blessing him?

Singaporeans are warm hearted, broad minded, can embrace even poor leaders, ineffective leaders, leaders who repeatedly making major mistakes - because he has made some major contribution earlier on.
We are Asian, not material driven, we provide a reliable engines that power the leaders to succeed.
Not the other way round.

Check every group competing for GRC.
Who has merely meet the minimal requirements of minority representation ?
Who has more minority in their group line up?
Who retard the minority in participation, representation?

If important facts about our society is misconceived,
How could he comprehend realities that are more complex, abstract ?

We shall discuss key challenges in increasing complexity.

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