Saturday, April 30, 2011

20110501b Who Foot the NWC Increase

20110501b Who Foot the NWC  Increase

I read there will be a big NWC wage increase yesterday.
Who foot this increment?

Government, Employer, or employee themselves?
If we need employers, was there a group thinking, discussions with Employers?
We need cheap foreign labors to work, can this increment Employer affordable?

If employers not willing to pay, then where is Government taking the money to pay this increament?
Otherwise, this is to be foot by Employees.
Our old folks are getting lesser pay than foreign labors who work 12 or more hours for 1 rest day in two weeks!

Has our MOM, Ministry of Law enforced on foreign labor maximum working hours?
Have they concern about the industrial accident, death caused by over-exhaustion ?
Have these not happen already?

We shall talk about Manufacturing

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