Saturday, April 30, 2011

20110501c Manufacturing Must Stay?

Manufacturing Must Stay?
It is said that Manufacturing is job creation, has less fluctuation, and therefore is important for Singapore economy.

First everyone knows Manufacturing do create huge number of jobs.
But Manufacturing required longer and bigger capital investment, subjected to market uncertainties and rapid obsolescence.

There are many manufacturing industries, cassette, TV Tube, eliminated from the scene over the last decade.
Seasonal, product cycles fluctuation is drastic, many cannot be predicted, mostly beyond our control.
Venice, Rome rely on tourism for centuries, how few factories survive a centuries?

The thinking of Manufacturing is a sweet pie of job creation is from minds without rigor of thinking.

We succeeded in Manufacturing,
because Our great founders emphasized on technical training for our common people,
We had compulsory training in secondary school metal, electrical workshop.
We have institution to train, to certified, to qualified product?Where is SISIR now?
When simple motor driven rotating machine Singapore Flyer stalled, we need German.
Bio tech has big turnover, but biotech giant take most part, very little is to labor.

We succeeded also because we have our school housed in simple buildings, so people are ready to work in factories after their graduation.
Ignoring, the institution that train technical people ITE are now in glorious buildings better than Apple Computer Headquarter.
This has been alarmed to our government published in Zhao Bao on 2006 September 办教育的目的与手段

Without technical education, emphasis in technical training, can Manufacturing sustain?
With glorious school buildings, with big NWC wage increase to support expensive housing, living can Manufacturing thrive?

This is more complex a matter than the fact that we are living abang adek with our fellow Singaporeans.

Two Dragons have its own major manufacturing enterprises, Korean, Taiwan.
They are ahead of us, we are lagging behind.
We are even lagging behind Hongkong.
Hongkonger won Nobel Prize in Physics lately.

The last dragon will not turn to become snake?

Most Singaporeans are better, stronger, educated.
They will not make such mindless analysis.

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