Thursday, May 5, 2011

20110506a Billions Dollar Experts Solutions 1

20110506a Billions Dollar Experts Solutions 1

 this is Expert Solutions for Kallang River, it need piling in the river

 a stainless steel filters taller than man height
 with stainless steel comb to clear the filter
With mechanized screw to collect bring the dropping to container.

But at the entrance, you need a foreign laborers to row across the river, to clear the boom, then to clear most part of the rubbish, before entering this World Expert Design Mechanized Advanced Filters

Is billions too little for PUB to manage our waterway?

A solution that buck up the wrong tree, you may start with millions, then using tens, if not hundred, thousands millions to add, to complicate, to become not manageable.

then you have no choice but to stick with these dinosaurs.

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