Thursday, May 5, 2011

20110506b Billions Dollars Experts Designed Coffee Bag

20110506b Billions Dollars Experts Designed Coffee Bag

This is a typical monsoon drains along Havelock road, with filter, not just one net, but one net plus one Stainless steel filter visited on 2005 06 25.
It may work.
But how do i get to invest more into it?

Lets invite some world experts.
And to be operated by foreign laborers

to be impressive, lets call in a crane

 why, it is taller than a lamp-post
It is not enough to have a solution that buck up the wrong tree, you may start with millions, then using tens, if not hundred, thousands millions to add, to complicate, to become not manageable.

How many monsoon drains of this size? Will this not add to billions?

Do we need to increase taxes to cover this,

then you have no choice but to stick with these dinosaurs.
but also 

your water by sending your water through an expert designed coffee bag

How much is enough to manage our water way?

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    This solution is not needed, has been dismantled, please read above linkage