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20110506c How Singaporeans' Invention become Foreign Experts Contribution

20110506c How Singaporeans' Invention become Foreign Experts Contribution
In 2005 06 01 upon invitation by PUB's Yap Kheng Guan.

Among open information i have identified
  1. problems of our waterway design and 
  2. detailed described the need of using the flowing water to guide, to concentrate the rubbish to river bank, so that it is safe and effortless in removing them.

Otherwise, we will face flood in rainy season, and dengue in dry seasons.

This proposal titled "Ayer Chantek" Beautiful Water in Malay.

Also proposed to terrace up the river, to multiply water storage and buffer storm while extending the continuous flow of water in all our waterway.

This will promote aeration, fishes to consume the rich nutrients.
This is critical to mitigate the over rich water, which has over abundance of nitrates, algae etc.

Soon PUB with Yap as champion, announced Active, Beautiful, Clean Water (ABC water)

I alerted him this is dangerous, because any water that is beautiful must be flowing and clean.

But putting ABC, will make bureacrates think they know everything, it is simple as ABC.

I alerted him, with such simpleton thinking, idiots will also think he knows everything and become arrogant.

He will commit grave mistakes.

Many following floods, dengue were predicted in writing, ahead of time, some with precise date, time and  location of happening.

To improve flow, aeration, economy, ease of maintenance and performance

Verbal and drawing on white boards were showed how a skewed filter will work, effectively, efficiently, economically, elegantly.
In this way, the filter can be a sheet under tension, we do not need piling in the middle of the river.
Picture taken on 2008 08 11 a filter done by Ch2M Hill at Kallang area.

Instead of simple, singular skewed sheet filters, it is made into two, with two boats trying to catch the rubbish.

Singapore is small island. Rivers is subjected to tidal flow.
the rubbish get trap, but trap outside this world expert's design.
May we employ more foreign laborers to clean it up?

this is what is likely to be done.

To help Singapore from costly, embarrassing failures.
the following sketch was sent to Director of Catchment, Tan Nguan Sen detailed in "first lesson of drainage design".

Even our deemed world expert cannot comprehend such simple concept, to help the world without running around bushes, this was filed as a patent on 2008 08 20.

Effective Separation, Easy Maintenace 
(ESEM - IPOS200806192-1)

20090404 Picture taken on a parallel river, few hundred meter away. around Serangoon, Bendemeer areas.

Still booms is used, which is not smooth, cannot be tensioned into smooth surface for flotsam to flow to river bank, therefore cannot be easily collected without a boat.

At the first opportunities of meeting Ch2M Hill engineers at Water Week, i told them how to improve and email them more details.

Certainly, this is how to make Singapore fits the description of Minister Mentor,
10% or 20% of foreigners contributed to 80% or 90 % of Singaporeans' jobs

Singaporeans are idiots, no creativity, not qualified to discuss national issues.

the following is a tidal flow, 500 meter from south west coast line of Singapore
recorded on 2010 04 08 hrs 0832 to 0837

There is beauty when you listen to the sound of nature, the order of our mother land.
You will no longer think only you are fit to lead this nation, when you pause a moment and watch what beauty this great island brings you.

and how far will a tsunami hit into this island!

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    Even after inventor input, simplified version installed above.

    Latest installation at Kallang River, near Kallang Station went extra step to do the unnecessary, more expensively.

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