Tuesday, May 10, 2011

20110511a National Health Care by all Citizens for all Citizens

20110511a  National Health Care by all Citizens for all Citizens

It is explained that Insurance do not improve health care, it worsen health care.
     20110511 Insurance Destroys Health Care

We must remove these nonconstructive, costly acts.
We must divide health care between survival and luxury.

Luxury Health Care

It is important to provide a luxury class of Health Care.
So that the well endowed get the best treatment, best machines, best attitude cares, all around the clock.

This will secure the happiness of the rich and powerful - an important foreign income.
This will afford more than necessary health care professionals employed - by 366x24, from cradle to grave, from diving in ocean to flying in the sky.

And their older machines, beds, wheel chairs, will be given to the lesser.
There is an eye clinics already doing
  1. morning, best doctors, nurses with best machines in Private Hospital
  2. afternoon, doctors, nurses, old machines in Public Housing estates.

Commoners' Health Care
     It is important to maintain the poor's survival, so that wealth is generated, tax is paid, society is orderly.

    Therefore, all the ability of citizens must be used to maintain health, so as to reduce health care needs and costs.
    The rental, medical supplies, professionals used must be encouraged, supported by nation.

    Those serving the luxury class must regularly serve the lesser.
    The lesser provides numerous cases, varieties of cases to trained our health care professionals to higher expertise - better diagnosis, smoother treatment.
    It also support a big pool of health care professionals to be ready for national emergencies.


    for the Luxury,
    1. Set a demanding entry level for doctors and nurses
    2. Subject to tightest monitoring, and frequent qualification.
    3. These regulators, regulations are supported by higher taxes.
    4. Back by abundance assets and insurances to compensate the rich, influential, demanding patients
    5. Publishing the price without embarrassment - e.g. minimal $1,000 per second.
    6. Only these group are allowed to do the luxuries, e.g. cosmetic surgeries, prescribe special drugs.
    7. Compulsory regular practices for the lesser.
      for the Lesser:
      Train every girls in primary, secondary schools about basic sicknesses, injuries, and arrange 5 session a months attached to clinics to assist in administration, diagnostics and cure - this is
        total defense starting at young, 
        cultivate social responsibility, team work, caring hearts
        1. Organize the Baby boom generations Health Care professionals, who are retiring, to provide health care to the communities at free premises.
        2. Nations support them with insurances - which may never be necessary, as the lesser has little ability to litigate.
        1. These experienced professionals were from era without advanced diagnostics, let them train the youth on how to diagnose without instruments.
        2. Organize into clusters, the aged, to learn massage, physio therapy, taiji, to handle stroke, but resuscitation may not be a priority.

        Dr Marhathir said at a meeting:
        When i see a patient walking in
        from his movement, i can detect what is wrong with him.

        This is also applicable to nations' policies.

        Failing this commons wisdom, even smart persons will rely on machines and indices, law and system.
        This bring us detach from realities, brought wrong solutions, resulting in unhappiness, anger, despise and rejection.

        this is merely application of wisdom we learn from this election.


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