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20110513 LKY Factual Mistakes - George Fully Responsible

    Repent to a major mistake committed is feeble.
    Atonement is needed, for this nation, for our people, for ourselves

LKY Factual Mistakes - George Fully Responsible
Saturday, May 14, 2011

Any powerful person, when they get older, less forceful, many mistakes will be attributed to them – because it is believable that powerful person stops others from offering opinions.

This is wrong.
Theoretically and factually wrong.

Theoretical Wrong

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew factual mistake was made in an interview for a book published before election. 
There were months before releasing to the public.
There is ample time to correct.

Mr. Lee made a judgment based on wrong perception.
How can leaders comprehend common people, real society himself.
He need able, devoted, honest officers with keen sensors.

Everyone, including Yaacob, Zainal, George has time to correct, during recording, drafting, editing, artwork, trial print, review…. before releasing to the market.

They did not.

Yaacob, is a minister we are very familiar with.
When there is haze, he said wait for monsoon to come.
When there is dengue, he said when monsoon come haze will go away.
When there is flood, he said global warming, flash flood.
When the grills, drains, river get choked by leaves, he said Singaporeans are litterbugs.  

I cannot recall he went to site visit, comfort the flood victims.
He asked for more money not to improve speed of water flow in the drain, (increase water flow will reduce size of drains, land use for drains, construction and maintenance cost). but
  1. to raise the road level of Orchard Road, 
  2. to decorate Canals banks with plants along Bishan flood areas.
  3. to dig more, bigger, deeper drains and cover them up.
Not tens of thousands, but millions, billions.

These are basic Physics.
Visible, measurable Physics, about how water flow in a drain.
About irrelevant solutions that do not contribute to increasing speed of water flow - even children also know.

How can he convince a powerful leader – especially it is about inner feeling.
Feelings are abstracts, virtual compare to water flow in a drain.

Even his job about economic management of water way, he did not attain a passing mark.
Would he do his utmost to convince a powerful leader something about the society, not so related to his main ministerial KPI?

When Muslim are dinning with us, inviting us to their home on Hari Raya.
Who consider Muslim affair a more important task than flood? 

George is a respected person, he is the most important person not just in the whole of cabinet,  but also the whole of Singapore, the region, to correct the wrong.
  1. He is a Catholic, his opinions for the Muslim will be perceived as objective, unbiased.
  2. He read broadly and most well read, his view will be more solid than Education ( a surgeon) or Cultural Minister (a less philosophical Military General) .
  3. As a foreign minister, he also knows the impact to our Muslim neighbors.
  4. Among all the leaders in Singapore, George is the few, very few who is respected by ALL religion leaders.
He did not do it in the early stage.
This demonstrated a lack of good judgment of the severity, therefore there is no urgency.
The post election review, he also focus on the damage, but not how to heal the wounds.

There was many meeting to thank the voters.
But there was no mosque meeting, kampong gathering to invite Mr Lee to feel the warmth Muslim brothers and sisters, Bapa and Emak offer to all races, religions.
Reforming PAP is the slogan.
Uniting Singaporeans fallen back seat?

This is from theoretical point of view.

Factual Wrong

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is a world respected leaders, who founded Singapore with great vision, he exercises great might and self discipline.
He keep improving, correcting his policies to meet the changing situation.

He praised a few people.
I remember he praise Ms Ho Ching, because she dared to stand up and argue with conviction with him.

So sitting ducks will not be respected by him.
Arguing without facts he will not listen.
Arguing must be with facts, with convictions - this we do not really know how Ms Ho argue her stands.

I am not a minister.
I do not meet him in person.
But from ten years of communication with him, I found that he is more committed to key issues, and his officers do organize key issues for him to read.
Many Ministers, including George, Mah, Grace, Khaw, Yaacob may delete email concerning their most current issues without reading, even on this critical moment of election.

He read, he acted almost always in time.
His acknowledgment of email are stratified according to priority and classifications.

I shared these not to raise my profile.
I share with Singaporeans, citizens of all nations, leaders do listen.
The key is how to get to them, and how to convince them.

By sharing history, will help us progress better, without repeating mistakes.
Singapore cannot afford more big mistakes like what we recently witnessed.

May I share the following:
1.       2001, I shared with a leader that
  1.  We need to create new industries bigger than electronics to keep the world employed - else the world will face negative interest rate, wars, because of over abundance wealth accumulated in tech boom and brains from China, India, Brazil…
  2. Bio-tech cannot be a driver for world economy.
  3. We need to send Singapore Technology chief to hold sovereign funds to detect the first pulse of new industries.
  4. Pulses can be best felt through retails, banking, telco services, media.
    This leader agreed, but did not act, but was acted on.
2007, LKY sits on major banks.

2005/6 this time i shared with LKY, why bio-tech will not be big enough to drive world economy.

Because in order for bio-tech to drive world economy, then 
a.       Everyone must pop pills like making phone calls, a few cents, a few dollars. 
b.      Everyone must go for operations, changing organs like changing computers, changing cars, a few thousands, a few ten thousands.

I ask him, can it be?
I shared with him that Philip Yeo must be sent to create jobs than sit on research that cannot drive the economy.
Philip Yeo was tasked so one day after he turns 60.
LKY waited so Philip has a good 60 years birthday celebration !
2007 LKY said the American crises will be over very soon.
i shared with him America is the source of new industries, locomotive of world economy.
i shared with him industries that drive world economy, that benefit us, needs decades to mature.
do you see any?
Soon, he said, America may not recover - we count on China and India to drive world economy.
i shared with him, China and India are contractors.
China, India are not even yet to attain what Sony did, create new products, industries.
5.      Soon, he said, China and India may not recover, let us look for new growth areas.

He went to Vietnam.
Nearly everyone aware Vietnam economy is smaller than Guanxi.

This is on economic front, he is listening, and if you present logical, factual analysis, he listened, he adjusted, adjusting.

On social-economic front, during the Casino decision making, he was impressed that the whole world falls into decadence, so we might as well fall into decadence together.

So I wrote him a poetry and hand delivered to Istana - reminding him it was his exceptional discipline that brought us success - Beginning or Ending

 I saw this poster at LKY school Li Ka Shing wing Main entrance AND a photo of this poster at school main lobby.


When many believe that Casinos and F1 will drive Singapore economy and Goh Chok Tong said George proposed IR to bring in Casinos.
I am sure, LKY and the whole cabinets are talking about jobs creation when considering Casinos.
LKY, together may think of abandoning it, or create 10 casinos if George would present the following to him:
a.       We are bigger economy, much bigger population than Macao, Monte Carlo, Las Vegas.
b.      How much bigger than Macao, our casino needs to be?
c.       Las Vegas depends on Semiconductor, etc conferences to bring in visitors, how are we going to bring in visitors?

I shared these, not to highlight how smart I am.
What i presented many people, people with common wisdom, living in real life can also see.

Except few people see that they can convince powerful leaders like LKY.

I just shared that as successful leader, long time successful leaders.
They may may maintain dominance by reject greater people around them.
But they know they cannot succeed without good ideas, they will not reject good ideas.

Mahathir said in a meeting i attended - as leaders, we are plagiarizing other people ideas.
Otherwise they cannot sustain success for such long time.
For the survival of this nation, i am not complaining.
I am honored if my ideas is chosen.
I am even anxious to meet people who initiate same ideas independently.
Great minds love great minded people!

George has not capitalize on his strength, did not excel his best, worse did not avoid Singapore from the harm way of casino.

I do hope George will take up the task of converting Casino to a place where wisdom, solutions for the next phase of civilization be discussed, improvised, propagated.

Repenting a major mistake committed is feeble.
Atonement is needed.

GCT said IR/Casinos was proposed by you.  
Is it time to convert what is harmful to what is beneficial for Singapore, Singaporeans!

Do you agree?
if you can convert such a major project for Singapore, would our economy, jobs, housing problems be resolved to the roots?
Is this not the ultimate objective of transforming PAP?

First, many months ago, I was listed as a fan of LKY facebook.
I wrote to him, telling him I respect him, I cherished the great accomplishment he did for this nation.
But I am one seeking truth, truth that govern nature, manage man’s desires and greed.
I always alert myself not to be a fan of man.
I also shared with him the most important thing now is to rectify many strategic errors we committed, committed deeply into.
We need to rescue Singapore from impending failures, total failures.

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