Saturday, May 14, 2011

20110515 Direction 1 : Singapore - Most Efficient Blissful Living (MEBL)

20110515 Direction 1 : Singapore - Most Efficient Blissful Living (MEBL)

Singapore, like all communities, has unique advantage of her own.

We must identify, enhance, capitalize on these to compete in the world, to survive our export oriented economy, to bring blissful living. 

Export oriented economy, decided we need a step beyond Bhutan's Happiness Index.
We have to be more efficient than our competitors.

This we need to know where are we advantageous to our competitors, all competitors, all competitors around the world.
The unique advantage of Singapore are thoroughly explained.

Singaporeans are pragmatic and willing to work to improve their life.
Singapore must hold its destiny in Singaporeans hand.
Facts has repeatedly reminded leaders that we cannot count on foreigners on key responsibilities.

Capitalize on these, Singapore can stand confidently on our feet, enter competition again, victory is certainly ours.
Bliss is the all encompassing element of how efficient is our design to provide for our living.

With a simple change of mind set we can design Singapore as the most efficient blissful living.
These will be presented in series.

Singapore has turned to a new stage.
Not because Lee Kuan Yew stepped down.
Not because we have a lot of reserves.

Singapore turns to a new page, because
The people of Singapore are matured and now every one recognized and respecting this maturity.
Our yearnings are Pragmatic and Harmony Promoting, therefore are Achievable and Constructive!

With harmony, it promotes cooperation among people of all classes, people local and people foreign.

This will be following up articles on what to abandon, where to head, how and when to build ....

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