Monday, May 16, 2011

20110516 Efficient Society Blissful Living

20110516 Efficient Society Blissful Living

The next phase of Singapore shall be how to build our city to be the most efficient, so that our housing, transport, food, telecomes, banking, finance, is the lowest cost in all world class cities.
We will regain competitive edge.
We will gain jobs for Singaporeans as Professionals.
We will have less low level jobs.
Singaporeans will be best at design this, no more foreign non-talent.
But we must be humble, we still get best thinkers, craftman, no matter ang mo, yellow, red, brown, black. to teach us, to train us, to sharpen us.

I shall do a seminar on this in early June.
How to design city, how to build building, how to design water way, power supply, etc....
Supported with Invention, Patents, new thinking with philosophical depth.
These will combined with unique edge of Singapore.
With all the above, we overcome stagnation of technological innovation, weakening of  manufacturing.

You may email ideas@cts-ideas to register your interest in ESBL.
This will be exclusive for Singapore industries & government, media & Students.
We shall form a team to champion this.

We together shall make Singaporeans a talent world sought after.

this is based on a submission to PM on 2006 04 20 to integrate our infrastructure to secure an unique competitive edge. 

ESBL is about hardware integration.
PM announced this in Davos.

Why we succeeded, because LKY is a very stingy guy, all his colleagues agreed.
Every cents he count, and every project, every aspect, every elements, he evaluate.
So we have schools built like factories, quick fast and efficient.
We train our teachers, like assembly lines, quick, fast, reliable, competent.
So when we build new town, we have factories, so people get to work around there.
this work for even woodland, etc.
So one high way CTE can serve up to Yishun without problems.
You asked Yishun resident.

Goh abandon these, first thing high pay for officers, the rest collapse like the dominos.


after this was published, i find only prices of HDB resales flat, no more population data.
Schools, even ITE built like palace.


it is now for LKY to share how he did it, and Goh why he did not follow it.
the Tianjin is a case i worked on.

Tianjin Eco city people complained they are having light rail, MRT.
I asked them what is the population - 300,000?
I asked them is there high speed train to Beijing?
I asked them what industries they are go to employ the town, without high speed train, cannot be resident hub of Beijing high income people.
So Goh went there and proposed Banking.
I asked, when world banking has too much money, banking facing excess capacities, falling into ill control of over abundance wealth (OAW), you must be joking?

So today, is there banking as main driver of Tianjin Ecocity?

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