Sunday, June 5, 2011

20110505 Alerted Raising Orchard Road Definitely Worsen Flood

2011 05 05 an email to Prime Minister, Minister Mentor, then Minister Water Resource was sent to alert the raising of Road Level will worsen Floods as i see it coming - the reason is detailed in the following email.

2011 06 05, first time Tanglin Mall, upstream of raised orchard road, was flooded.

From: Sweekeng []
Sent: Thursday, 5 May 2011 2:16 PM
To: lee_hsien_loong; Lee Kuan Yew; Yaacob ibrahim

sylvia Lim; 
liu thai ker; 
k shanmugam; 
ho peng kee; 

lilyneo1; dphua; 
Lee Bee Wah
Subject: Waterway design - where did we went wrong and what are solutions
Importance: High

20110505 Multi-Billion Dysfunctional Waterway - Reasons & Solutions

This is compilation of years of accurate prediction of time and space, causes and solutions provided in the above link

We witness Minister’s 2011 05 04 admission faulty flood management, about stacking up Orchard Road but without
1.       giving how much more flow we can provide,
2.      where is the bottle neck
3.      where are critical turning point and what action we need to take
4.      can stack up of road risk the surrounding MRT entrances...

show a lack of commitment to solve these problems we are facing….

Cc to Mr Liu, as I noticed the stacking up is done by RSP.

This will bring tragic outcome to our reputation, our business, our infinite dumping of billions without solving flood, water reserve, water quality.

Solutions has been given via different channels, even through the peers of Minister.
I was told that good solutions are embargoed.

We need to change, this is one change we need, to bring better life to Singaporean, we need to encourage, cultivate Singaporeans, our people, our ideas, our ability….

They have forgotten speed of water flow is important, gradient is important, to discharge to prevent flood in storm, to prevent dengue from stagnated pools in drier season
This is a picture taken at PUB building second floor, on the day and time i made appointment days ago alerted Minister of impending flood - 2007 08 24 Hrs 1107
Can one who cannot manage flood on second floor, partially concealed corridor design our waterway?

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