Friday, June 10, 2011

20110610 Ultra High Pay May No Longer Needed

20110610 Ultra High Pay May No Longer Needed

Sometime ago a PMO Minister complained about no group think, and we find no good thinking, who would like to do a job like this, unless there is high, very high rewards.

Recently, we appointed an accounting professional to investigate the pay for political office holders.
Soon, he seek public opinions.
This underlined that leaders are seeking professionals advice, professionals are seeking public opinions.
This situation is a true admission that leaders is awared they are fallen behind the very people they lead.

The doing in open is the act of a courageous Prime Minister.
He admitted areas to improve, he admitted he is responsible, he needs help, he acted to seek help, to redress...
It is courageous, because Confucius said : "Those who know what is wrong is courageous"

He demonstrated high standard of responsibility and willingness.
He listens, he acts, he improves.
I mixed around with full spectrum of people, few used to be very vocal, more recently almost everyone, all camps, is vocal.
i heard many complaints about others, very few about Prime Minister.

With such situation, money is no longer needed to attract good people, to run easier jobs MP, high impact jobs Ministers, boring job President.
Hopefully soon, more grass root will return to run truthfully for the people, improving every possible way, better than reforming from the lips.

People's action then no longer for magnifying property price.
People's action then will be on constructing a better tomorrow for all.

Under such leadership, in such situation, it shall be a new beginning of our Republic

   Experience definitely tell you to be efficient in every doing
        Rally every bit you have and not buy the best with all you have

        Good men will come to you for lesser if you are good
        Those not so good will come to you ask for everything better

        Your greatest value, to the world
             is you do more, better, faster with less
             then the world will pay you your worth
         Even Billions will be a small rewards

A first nation full moon that was eclipsed, is now again a crescent, a new crescent.

Meaningful, constructive jobs constructing a real goal will inspire everyone, just like volunteers who made our youth Olympic a success with minimal expenses on them.  

Do you think an accountant is qualified, or even needed to make such moral and political decision?
Do you think the MP, Ministers will not agree to take more than 20% pay cut, if their choice is open for scrutiny?


  1. Why should it even be considered a pay cut? It is more like a pay adjustment, or pay normalization. MPs are overpaid.

    When Leaders are paid in such a scale that they do not encounter and understand the problems of the everyday man, then the big disconnect is the problem.

  2. And on what authority is an accountant over the whole government?
    On wisdom, on experience, on expertise, on people's mandates?

    Without these, would not the Prime Minister need more effort to convince his peers, as well as our Head of State?

    By letting the members self-regulate, in public glare, would they not be proud to ask just enough, while work with full heart out?

    After seeing the people's behavior, young, old and retired, i have full confident Singaporeans are wise, practical and well disciplined.

    If we do not capitalize on these, we will fall into decadence by using professionals to make decision of monetary rewards which cannot be measured by money, but by willingness to serve the greater good.

    We used to have this kampong spirits, this kinship, this communal links. It is not urbanization erode us, it is money squat over merits that kill this valuable asset, more than all nations reserves.

  3. Iron Bowl is right.
    We already secure big pay for them, do we still provide golden bowl for their pension?

    If one has so much in their last years, even witty Stanley Ho were suffering in the hand of his very kins.

    Are our leaders more witty than Stanley?
    As leaders, even may not have superior wisdom, must have common knowledge of how many richest biz families can avoid fighting, brutal, even before the old man/lady passing?