Friday, June 10, 2011

20110611 Pension - Purpose and Measure

20110611 Pension - Purpose and Measure

The amount of pension office holders has is known, it is astronomical.
There is a gulf of difference on this very single, countable issue - money for old age.
The rich has much more from the nation, while they will never be able to spend it.
The poor has so little, that they cannot even survive.

First do we realize there are many old people, middle age people who are single, without children, or children who do not come back to take care of them.

We need to take care of them, this is not just a moral responsibility.
If we fail now, we will suffer in our children's hand - this is reality.

Where do we get the money to take care of so many old age, poorer single?

Now, we just realize there is huge amount of pension for our senior office holders.
When you are in power, you are definitely able to effect these.

However, those in power, hold power, the power can help you, also can kill you.
When you have too much money, when you are old, do you need them?
When you are bed ridden, can you use them?
Would you not be at the mercy of your children, your personal nurses, your will lawyer, your doctors?
and may be many wives....

this we see in Stanley Ho, the king of Casino.
We are not as witty, powerful, skillful.
If we have so much money besides us when we are feeble, is it a blessing or a curse?

It is therefore, a wise decision for government to take care of old age, while not giving so much of them to the rich and powerful, leaders and officers.
This will ensure they live their full life in dignified way.
The cost of this much lower.
The torment Stanley Ho experienced, is spared from our rich and powerful.

How could such simple thing, easy thing to implement is not considered?

Basically money squat over merits and purpose.
When money rules, the purpose is money, not our bliss, no wise decision can be made.
Once we know the purpose, we have money to do what is critical, basic needs.
Then many troubles can be avoided, solved.

Then the rich can leave in peaceful way.
While the nation's coffer remains adequate....

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