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20110611 Vivian Three Key Errors

20110611 Vivian Three Key Errors

This article is not to criticize Vivian, but to help him.
We need holistic solutions, we need to fight flood, but flood is not the highest priority.
Because we are ready to accept some floods, but we cannot delay our water self-sufficient date line.
Which is why this alarm has to be written down at this hour.
Vivian, we have to act speedily, collectively.

The solutions i will share in a seminar tentatively June 28, Tuesday, 1900hrs at old Catholic High at Waterloo street

Ayer Chantek
 (Beautiful Water in our National Language)
that will overcome the simpleton ABC water
costs us billions to inflict property and image damage

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Ministers, serving and retired Civil Servants, Engineers please come and guide me - national water security you play a critical part.

0 Purpose

This article is not to criticized Vivian, but help him to
  1. Purpose - Secured our water security
  2. Apply of Knowledge - Prioritize correctly
  3. Aware of What is Happening - Respect Singaporeans are able, constructive
Vivian has done more than the whole term of his predecessor. 
He went down to flooded sites, to listen, to show cares, to concern about safety, to list down flooded site on internet for all to refer - Yaacob did any ?

This is commendable, i wrote him a note about ground positive reception.

He needs encouragement, not only he took over a trouble loaded ministry. (immediately after massive investment in ABC Water Project, and won Swedish Water Prize)

Vivian is merely a Singapore trained Medical Doctor, taking over from a Stanford University Educated PhD Civil Engineer, albeit an academic ones. 

Vivian therefore need help from all of us - water resource and environment is not one sport games that played over short duration, according to man's set rule.
Our water project has tens of billions pumped into, as we see it - to make the situation worse.

Pour more money into doing the wrong things, will not make it right.
This is one wisdom contrary to recently i heard another perception

since we pumped in so much in biotech
biotech must be the one that bring recovery

Vivian is facing immense challenges, challenges from heaven.
Yet he has to meet the one key element that may threaten security on land - water self-sufficiency!

1. Purpose - Securing Water Resource is the mission 

LKY once said Medical Doctors are not suitable for running country. 
This is especially true for western medical doctors. They look at symptoms and compartmentalized and assign to narrowly specialized specialists - So when flood overwhelming comes, panel set up to fight flood.

He has to know, this flood come after immense investment in Marina Barrage to trapped more water. 
Yaacob blamed Singaporean littering caused waterway choked 2007 06 09 ZhaoBao.

And if you look at water trapped in Marina bay, there is not much rubbish, but rich dark green, because of rich urban water - a lot of nitrogen, lead to a lot of algae.

Right photo was taken 2011 06 11 afternoon, post flood.
This photo, from this angle, gave experts more diagnostic information about upstream waterway, about maintenance of marina bay, about water treatment challenges, even give clues on solving flood.

Fight flood alone the solutions may seemingly simple, direct. 
  1. the whole water independence may fail to meet our water needs when our agreement with Malaysia lapses. 
  2. the health of the waterway is not revealed.
To western approach, fighting flood and securing water cannot be met simultaneously, as we see worsening situation. 
Worse, to fight flood at Lucky Plaza, that damage cost $8millions.
Getting many experts, including Dean of NUS Engineering, a MIT trained ocean wave Professor Chan Eng Soon, we stacked up the road, and flood now happened up-streams, and just the luxury car in St Regis cost much more.... 

We need holistic solutions, holistic solutions, is like Chinese Medicines, solve at the root - in this case  correct the wrongs in waterway design.

Why Holistic solutions we need, why ABC Water fail - Straits time kindly put them on the same day, on the front page of the second section what ABC means.

On the launch of ABC Water, i immediately alerted Yaacob, Tan Gee Paw, Khoo Teng Chye and Yap Kheng Guan - ABC will bring complacency and complacency will bring disasters, and surely disasters come in greater frequency, greater intensity, greater span.

Queen Elizerberth questioned London School of Economics about financial crises

"such things were so large
how come everyone missed them"
mirror 2009 Jul 26 

Now if we focus on flood, not water quality, water security - focus is wrong, Singapore will not perish?

Vivian - Focus is Ayer Chantek (Beautiful Water in our National language)

if water is beautiful, would waterway not clean, would water flow not faster?
Once water flow faster, less drains is needed, land and national budget saved, less foreign labors ....

Beautiful waterway need to be covered?
If waterway is not covered, where is the bottle neck, can we not already know?

Over last years, we have been chasing for where is the choke point, where is flow bottle neck...
Because we cover things up, even we place sensors, it is not clear to us how to program it, how to use it....

2 Apply of Knowledge - Prioritize Correctly

Minister in-charged of waterway, more so than transport, need immense engineering knowledge.

What every engineering student knows about programming will laugh at it
  1. the sensor that send signal once every two minutes, do not care what is critical, when is critical.
  2. stop sending once water overflow. 
Such basic failures happen, our engineering education failed.

But what to do with the signal is yet been discussed.
This should include:
  1. When should it trigger the barrage to start discharging water, 
  2. what is the tide level, 
  3. how many gate to open, 
  4. how many pump to start pumping 
These must be well plan out to take full advantage of LKY great work in setting Marina Barrage a flood control and water reservoir.
The above need basic engineering knowledge.

But for a minister without engineering training, did he ask more basic question
  1. If the water rise so fast, is SMS quick enough?
  2. Is activating everyone around that area not a necessity - an emergency exercise?
  3. Is not sounding a siren more effective?
  4. Is cheaper solutions not a good solution?
Why has he not asked?

Why this is important, because this is really an emergency, because everyone has to act, otherwise someone may be trapped in the basement - because many building's basement are connected - just one gate not shut, we are doomed.

One day after the flood, 2011 06 06 hrs1829 there is a fire alarm at ION, the roller shutter is down, everyone need to be diverted.

  1. The security people of ION and Wheellock has not establish communication, even this often happen.
  2. The roller shutter will not stop flood water from entering the ION, also the subway

    Is not Sounding a siren important?
    How come Civil Defence is not mentioned till today?
    Is there emergency drill for subway flood?

    This need sophisticated engineering knowledge to be water minister - this is thousands life involved.

    3. Aware of What is Happening - Respect Singaporeans are able, constructive

    As elected Representative, you may made some mistakes, many vocal voices may be against you.
    But it is the best chance to reflect and improve.

    It is pointless to set up a blog site and people cannot contribute.
    Please look at the various site by KBW who is more popular, even Shanmugam, many do not, the discussion are getting more and more constructive. Soon, they become wiser, likable.

    Be courageous, you are paid to work, we want you to work to the best to serve us.
    Singaporeans are constructive, they do not pin people on their weaknesses to win a campaign.

    Next, when i sent you an email telling you i am coming on June 10 at 1000hrs and open to your alternative arrangement.
    If you have time to tell the guard to look out for me, why have you no time to inform me you cannot meet me at that hour.
    If you are meeting the mountain climber at the airport,
    why your Press Secretary told me in terse voice:
    "he is talking to expert as we speak!"

    Now, as i write, i recall your press secretary did not mention is a flood expert or mountain climbing expert.

    The qualification of Ministers, MP are no longer superior to the people they lead
    How could your press secretary think i am coming not to help, but to express frustration?

    He does not know the name of Yaacob secretary, how does he so confident he knows me.

    An experienced practicing MIT engineer come to a locally graduated doctor without proven water way expertise to express frustration?
    MIT do not train such engineer, even most of us listen and respect even janitors.

    Vivian, this is a critical job for this nation, just as well for you.
    I come to help, do your comprehend?

    Every word spoke to your Press Secretary is important to help you, i asked him to take note, he refused.
    My Chief, Strategy and Synergy, elderly Ang Mo man, carefully taking note.
    I ask for a meeting record, your Press Secretary said this is unofficial.
    During office hour doing unofficial things, i dismissed him.
    He repeatedly made vocal and gesture insult in the open reception area, public apology i expect.

    But i congratulate you, he speaks like you, even more elegantly.


    1. You are one gutsy lady who seem to know what you are talking about. Good for you and thank you for wanting to help. God bless!

    2. Dear Veronica, thank you for your encouragement. All of us can do something, as long as we keenly observe happenings around us, then we realize man is trivial, doing bad things can only bring suffering back to self. Doing good, even it does not reward in money, it reward you peace gold cannot trade. How can happiness be by depriving others. How can happiness not there when everyone around you rally for a constructive cause, even pocket empty, body enduring. i am a man. more from