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20110901 MIT Freshman Intake 10% Foreign Citizens

20110901 MIT Freshman Intake 2015  

10% Foreign Citizens !!

From: MIT Alumni Association []
Sent: Thursday, 1 September 2011 4:34 AM
To: SweeKeng Lim
Subject: MIT Volunteer View: Incoming class stats, externships


MIT by the Numbers

Members of the freshman Class of 2015 are currently involved in orientation, readying themselves for the first day of classes, which is September 7. Here's a look at the class. Go to the full profile for more information.
—Females: 45%
—Number of U.S. states represented: 46
—International citizens: 10%
—Number of countries represented: 59
—Number of high schools represented: 862
—Home-schooled students: 1%
—Public-school students: 67%
—Caucasian students: 37%
—Asian-American students: 28%
—African-American students: 9%
—Hispanic students: 15%
—Students hailing from New England: 12%
—Students hailing from the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii: 20%
—Students hailing from Mid-Atlantic states: 19%
—Students who took 1st place overall in international Olympiad competitions: 2
—Most popular male and female names: Can you guess?
Coded hint: 253926337 and 72724

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20110821 拯救将沦亡的新加坡人

传统 突破 生存
2011 08 21
康索 CtS Cognoscere tenus Solvere
察觉于发生之前 - 解决于动力之处

2010 34诺贝尔奖物理学家杨振宁教授在新加坡南洋理工大学分享经验。容纳千多人的讲堂爆满,看不到几张新加坡人的脸孔。大家踊跃发问,我要发言,眼看就没有机会了。

我只好鼓起勇气,向主席潘国驹教授说:“主席, 等一等,我是新加坡人,是第一个,也是唯一的一个,能不能让我一个机会。”

我说,就像教授指出中华文化的精髓-太极,启发了西方科学家波尔(Niels Henrik David Bohr),而揭开了宇宙的一个奥密 原子的结构。

2006 10 31我和中国电力国际的总经理李小琳先生分享印第安人如何有效地应用沙漠荆棘当燃料。过后中国马上实践,年底将第一次收成,为治理沙漠和解决能源打开新思路。(International Conference on Global Entrepolis)

2. 我能发言,显示世界不是少数必要服从多数人。
3.  精英不一定要是外来的。

要进步,要成功, 我们就要集结大家不同的智慧和能力。





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20070420 The Way Forward - Integration and Efficiency

20070420 The Way Forward - Integration and Efficiency]
Sent: Thursday, 4 August 2011 10:47 AM
To: Sweekeng
Subject: Message

Message Classification: Unclassified
Dear Swee Keng

Thank you for ....  your regular suggestions to the Govt on how to make Singapore a better place. 
President appreciates your contribution.....

2007 04 20 Hrs 0237 a proposition on how integration can help Singapore to compete again was emailed to Prime Minister (append at end of this blog), this is critical, because
  1. We have lost manufacturing, we cannot loss our efficiency - both infrastructure and manpower.
  2. Without doing, Singapore will perish as an export economy without single competitive edge.
  3. We must recognize we have an unique edge to be most competitive and must recognize and develop on this edge.
  4. We must stream line our government, cabinet in particular, to capitalize on our unique unsurpassed edge 20110423 Singapore's Unsurpassed Advantage 
2008 01 25 Prime Minister announced in Davos the forming of "High-powered 'green growth' panel to be set up"

I mistaken as Tharman will be heading this and repeatedly wrote to him as the Chair of this committee.
I deemed him as the person who
  1. has both the power and responsibility to control cost
  2. is an unbiased party to all three ministries
  3. has the potential to be cultivated as Prime Minister
However, 2011 05 as i reflect back,
  1. Both Mah and Yaacob was assigned to lead, with two heads over this, nothing can be done 
  2. All three stepped down as Ministers after 2011 05 07 election. 
  3. The hardware team has failed, reiterated Singapore has lost world competitiveness.
  4. Tharman was appointed as another Deputy Prime Minister
I hope the following will be done
  1. To reduce the overbearing cost of high paying ministers, we divide the Minister as Principal and others.
  2. Two Principal Ministers in Charge of Hardware and Software respectively.
  3. The revival of a centralized Public Work Department, 
             a. as all Ministers of MND, MEWR, MOT now aware their problems is so immense,
             b. they cannot resolve on their own, 
             c. MEWR MOT also demonstrated lack of technical competencies in solving problems.
             d. they do not reduce cost, but merely adding tarrif, complexity
             e. they employing most expensive, even irrelevant consultants when problem surface.
             f. The repeat of YOG overrun will repeat in MEWR, but this time in billions.
             g. Reserve will be needed, this time not to help our neighbors, but to save ourselves.
             h. Unified PWD will help to cultivate future ministers, compete in the world.

Methods to contain arrogant bureaucrats as PWD experienced before
classified for Prime Minister eyes only on demand.          

From: Sweekeng
Sent: Friday, 20 April 2007 2:37 AM
To: Prime Minister
Cc: Minister Mentor
Subject: The Way Forward - Integration and Efficiency

Dear Respected Prime Minister

you mentioned about how long it takes to get the Singapore Duck Tour approved.
i think Philip Yeo probably has the same problem to get Sagway moving beyond science park.

these are just symptoms, not the root.

the world is competiting on efficiency
efficiency is based on economy of scale and integration of greater diversity, diverse ideas, diverse strength
we are the best in doing so for the world to model after us.

our HDB is already one, but there are many critical weakness. even simple green building,
   Grace is doing nothing new than going back to British design in Tiong Bahru, Selegie, NS facing (but can building be skin thick, without EW facing somewhere) this is avoidance of forces of nature, not rally forces of nature.
   Surbana told me insulation la, so it come much sand and weight,
   Now we do thinner wall, can it heat save.
   These are easy way out of nature of human, without study the nature of human and capitalize on it for profit, efficiency !! give me half hours i will show them how.

Now, may i suggest this:

1. abandon the saying you want to have more, you must pay more. Technology, wisdom, economy of scale make this wrong. You pay lesser and lesser to get faster and faster computer that do more with less. We must focus on simplification, synergy. Give me one hours i will show you from city planning, to drainage, to road transport, to human services.
2. divide the work of all into two key aspects Hardware and software, each under one young able hand of future PM calibre, for he will have to shoulder all the outcome, for better or worst, plan and advocate under the guidance and chastise of senior hands
1. Hardware, including MND, MOT, MEWR (focus on integrating town, transport, energy, water, drainage, etc)
2. software, MOE, MICA, MOH, MCYS, MHA, MINDEF, MOM (focusing on mental, communal integration. Note security is more due to men than hardware)

i hope my input thus far is perceived as highly beneficial, profitable if i am participating in realising them.
you need mutli-disciplinary hand and mind with philosophical outlook with exceptional hearts, to take the torment and pour out love


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20110817 Tony Tan what did he accomplish?

20110817 Tony Tan what did he accomplish ?

This articles listing the failure of second generation Singapore leaders - Tony Tan and Goh Chok Tong.

Thinking before Spending Reserve

20110804 before entering the race for President, he stated use the reserve as a priority.
The only Presidential candidate thinking about this as the priority.

This is the thing Singapore citizen most worried about - it is the key the people want their President resist the government command to use.
Yet he is preparing to use the key if he is elected.

 Using his Expertise

We must remember he is a mathematicians, involved in operation research.
Operation research is about doing more with the least resources.
Before committing to use the reserve, did he first consider reducing
  1. Money paying huge pay for big number of ministers ?
  2. Extravagance in University building (not limited to University town) that is not contributing to our urgency - jobs and economy
  3. Scholarships for foreigners, including President scholarship for a dual citizenship lady?
  4. Research funding wasted in biotech (not just cancer research - now two eminent cancer researchers left.)
In response to his daughter's comments on huge investment in Biotech, Lee Kuan Yew has stated the following:  
"This issue has been deliberated over a period of several months in Cabinet and decided by PM Goh and cabinet. 
The policy has been continued by PM Lee and his cabinet. We have made significant investments in time and resources. 
We have to get the most out of what we have put in."

When you are doing the wrong things, serving wrong priorities, no matter how much you spend is not going to turn wrong to become right.

No wonder, as the National Research Foundation Chief, he did not organize close door talk, press release about researchers, research institutions came to support him!

As Second Generation Deputy Prime Minister
Who came to support him?

Tony Tan is our second generation leader
Deputy Prime Minister, involved in education, defense, finance, research and development.
But at the nomination day, who came to support him?

Did his team leader Goh Chok Tong came to support him?
Did he declare he benefited from the party PAP?
Did he choose to be associated with the party PAP?

We read on the banner, "We strongly support..." but it is words without people backing these words.

Strengthen or Weaken Singapore?

He has years to verify his results.
He said the situation is severe, so he run for President.

But he is promising the future, not assuring us the foundation he set in the last ten years is sound.

Looking at the people holding these posters
     do you think the foundation is still there?
     If even foundation of the past is not there, do you think promises for the future can be fulfilled?

The failures of second generation leaders?

Did He apply his MIT's strength for Singapore?

As the highest placed MIT alumni, anyone came to support him?
Even the only nation invested huge sum to form alliance with MIT, we have
  1. No incumbent AND successors in key positions that requires engineering expertise in universities, research institutions, civil service, cabinets.
  2. No personalities with international standing.
  3. No enterprises with international standing.
  4. No MIT alumni came to help resolve national issues effectively, efficiently, economically since he joint politics?
It is the only nation where MIT alumni are trivially treated compare to foreign talent he brought in.
Tony did not nourish any MIT alumni for the nation.
Taiwan, Korea are dragons well ahead of us.
Every national event, less important than candidate for Presidential election, the whole of MIT alumni pour in in force.

As the highest placed MIT alumni, anyone came to support him?
This is the root cause of Singapore fallen far far behind the dragons.
This is the failure of second generation Singapore leaders - Tony Tan and Goh Chok Tong.
They impact not just this Presidential Election, this nation today, this nation into the future.

We need another twenty years to regain our technological competency for key national function, not to mention about competing in the world.

Next article will talk about Water Resource crises - Floods, Dengue, Algae, Self-sufficiency.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

20110809 Singapore - An Aged, Dilapidating Nation - Facts Presenting here

Dear Great Founder

Your Cadres competing for Honor of building bigger budget
Bigger Budget gardens, campuses, canals
Your officers are abandoning them once the lime light dim

They are turning into weeded, abandoned thrash
Even right at
NUS LKY School of Public Policy
Chancery Lane

Since Salary is a deciding factor of performance
Do you consider letting them draw the salary
The Salary of Malayan Railway operators?

Malayan railway workers work cheaper
They are happier
Their work decisively very very much better

20110809 Singapore - An Aged, Dilapidating Nation

i am writing this article with heart bleeding, on the 46 Anniversary of the independence of a nation.

The only leader in history that pay highest in the whole world for the lesser to lord over us.
NOT even the American Red Indians did self destruction to such extend, at such speed, so decisively!

Singapore compare with Third World Nation

The following are photos, of work of our officers, foreign talents....
We are not qualified to compare with homogeneous, unified, resilient Societies Japan, Korean.
We need not compare with Migrant filled, violence spreading First World Nations.

As Grace Fu said, there are lower salary leaders in 3rd world - her conclusion is these 3rd world nations leaders will bring us mess.
Do not look down on others....

Did she consider first world, most power nation, US, Bush & Obama? Federal Reserves?
Do not worship those you do not have insight.
Let us compare with our neighbors - Malaysia.

Simple Stairs at Most Prestigious School of Singapore

This is National University of Singapore's Bukit Timah Campus.Where Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policies organizes talks, many nations' leaders, diplomats come attending.
This is the steps, here for years, keep gluing and failing, propping and dropping. 

The following is Malayan Railway station in Bukit Timah and Tanjong Pagar Stations.
These are hundred years old.
If they allow the granite block keep dropping and propping - very likely a few train would have been derailed.

Our brothers across the borders are more knowledgeable and wiser.
With wisdom, they are more decisive, solutions are simpler and effective, lasting and economical.

Technical our officers failed as compare with Malaysian.
Let us compare general maintenance.

Here are the state of maintenance of Malayan railway.
Photo took 2011 07 20, immediately after they handed over  to Singapore.
During operations, where few people walk every hours, few trains passing each day.

Overhead Bridge

Here is the pedestrian overhead bridge at UniSIM at Clementi, where thousands people crossing each day.
This photo was taken 2011 07 31  around noon.

We may say Clementi is a poorer estate.
Let us go to Stevens, Chancery Lane section of Bukit Timah Canal.

High Class Residential Areas
Even steel barrier, corroded and fallen into the canals for years, were not removed.
There are total of at least three incidents in a short span of 1 km, Wayang Satu, Steven, Whitley area.

We have been complaining Bukit Timah floods, it cannot be solved ?

Right in front of Balmoral Plaza, Chancery Lane section of Bukit Timah Canal,  photo taken on 2011 07 21.

There is a dam, right at this location, to stop flow to Newton circle, Kampong Java.
Once the dam is there, the remaining flow slowed to stand still, silting.

A 7m wide (estimated) canal is left abandoned.
Recently a video camera, solar panel are installed and looking at the water level at Newton circus, few hundred meters of catchment down streams from this dam.
(will be shown in next article)

Not only it is not maintained, it is silted with weeds.

I let MEWR Vivian, PUB Tan Gee Paw, Yap Kheng Guan, NUS Prof Chan Eng Soon explain to the people of Singapore
  1. Why in my close watching of our water way since 2005 06 - this is the first time after floods, no one clear up choked grills, silted drains around the island.  
  2. Why after diverting the Bukit Timah canal at Robin Road, this significant drains is left abandoned?
  3. Why in prestige residential areas, guard rails fallen into the drains, for years without clearing?
Sensors just installed, more sensors, unnecessary all over the island, including NUS.
They are in for good long lasting contracts of consultation for

Modeling of our Drains
Global Warming Effect.

Let us employ foreign talents

Esplande Theatre

Garden need cultures, cultural centers.
Sight and sound are most important when you design a theater.
Naturally, we employing the expensive, most talented foreigners to do it.

Here is the sound system.

I wrote to Benson Phua, and George Yeo.
A few years later, i returned.

are you sure these loud speakers are positioned in way that give good quality sound?

Dear Great Founder

Your officers are abandoning your Garden City
They are turning into weeded, abandoned thrash
Since Salary is a deciding factor of performance
Do you consider letting them draw the salary
The Salary of Malayan Railway operators?

Malayan railway workers work cheaper
They are happier
Their work decisively very very much better

Our engineers, if given the chance to design and build countless auditoriums in our many Universities
i am sure they can be better than the Ang Mo you paid dearly.
Just like Malayan Railway workers will do much better than your Ministers, civil servants.

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20110806 Singapore - What is next to Casino

20110806 Singapore - What is next to Casino

Casino - Merlion - East India Company - Drugs - Violence

Two Casinos besides two Merlions.
No more, no less, no exception, no single exception.

TWO Merlions are also on the coat of arm of East India Company.
Two, no more, no less.

East India Company not only was very abusive, corrupt, evasive as Adam Smith said.
It is a gigantic Opium trader.
It also sank their citizen ships (e.g. Royal Saxon 1839 11 03) when they refused to ship opium.

Today, we find syringes in our public housing staircase, party drugs in night spots....
This is alarming.

Solvere do not just alarm, Solvere give solutions for overcoming.
Suicides, Murders, mutilated bodies, broken homes are just the prelude of what we are going to see.
i warned

Do not pretend you have plan to contain this.
We did not even realize foreign laborers entry to casinos need to be controlled.

We must overcome, we must move forward.
If we do not take these suggestions, effect constructive actions here prescribed immediately, more than drug, international organized crimes will come.

Do not know grave harm is ignorant
Ignorant of grave harm from own action 
Failed to be leaders !

God, Lead Nothing, Harms !

I asked historians about the origin of Merlion, no-one yet to tell me for sure.

I saw it on a letter head of East India Company displayed in the Arts House, Old Parliament Building.
i was looking at photos of our great founders, Goh Keng Swee, Lim Chin Siong, Lee Kuan Yew, Toh Chin Chye

Recently, by some inner feeling, i researched and found it is timely to share.

What is heavenly timed ....
we shall never ignore, despise !!

tiny detials shall be withheld,  they are not for the weak-hearted
the Motto in Latin
Deus Indicate
Deo Ducente Nil Nocet

God is our leader
When God Leads, Nothing can Harm

But carefully looking at the second line.
It is arranged in such a way that, it actually said:

God, Lead Nothing, Harm !!

Motto express important aspiration.
And as leaders of nation, you really has to lead.
Leading the wrong track, the people suffers, the leaders will be overrun, stampeded and despised this stops not at one generation
despised was what George Yeo said

Not even Leading, really Harm.

Governing a Nation is Not Gambling

When a founder think that life, policy making is gambling.
I wrote him something like this

Gambling is playing at the hand of the stronger
                Loosing big is for sure
                Some small wins are merely to bring about losses
                Bigger, Faster, Bottomless losses

Life for the wise is not gambling
Life in their hands is an adventure
Wise pick the game, set the time and place to play
Surely the wise is strengthen and
eventually set the rule of the game

If you do not find solutions to solve our nation's crises - it is because you are looking at foreigners for solutions.

Foreigners of highest respect you hold, are facing the worst of self-inflicted fatal wounds.
You look for them for solutions?

Solutions here in

Solutions has been hand delivered to one of our many founders of Singapore on 2006 05 18
please click the following link

Reason and Solutions Herein

A Special Strategy Paper for
The Visionary & Pragmatic Leader
A Politician & Experimental Sociologist
Mr Lee Kuan Yew

2006 05 18

This work included City Planning, Building Design, Waterway design, Food self production....

It is noted that "Global .Sg", "Sustainable City" and many Energy Research Programs, institutions were set up.
The Principle Private Secretaries Lawrence Wong, Andrew Tan Kok Keong of PM and MM were setting up and heading Energy, Sustainable City latter.
Before we see outcome, Lawrence left the energy post, Andrew left the sustainable city office.

I am not claiming i am the sole source!
It needs exceptional leader with discern and judgment, ability and commit to lead.

If leaders lead not Correctly
They really Harm!

We will discuss next: ... our waterway 

ABC Water cost Billions and need MANY Billions more, because PUB, Advisers do not know the problem, complicate the problem, expand the problems as facts clearly demonstrated.

This is one area, Presidential permission may be needed to pour infinite amount of good money down the drains.