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20070420 The Way Forward - Integration and Efficiency

20070420 The Way Forward - Integration and Efficiency]
Sent: Thursday, 4 August 2011 10:47 AM
To: Sweekeng
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Dear Swee Keng

Thank you for ....  your regular suggestions to the Govt on how to make Singapore a better place. 
President appreciates your contribution.....

2007 04 20 Hrs 0237 a proposition on how integration can help Singapore to compete again was emailed to Prime Minister (append at end of this blog), this is critical, because
  1. We have lost manufacturing, we cannot loss our efficiency - both infrastructure and manpower.
  2. Without doing, Singapore will perish as an export economy without single competitive edge.
  3. We must recognize we have an unique edge to be most competitive and must recognize and develop on this edge.
  4. We must stream line our government, cabinet in particular, to capitalize on our unique unsurpassed edge 20110423 Singapore's Unsurpassed Advantage 
2008 01 25 Prime Minister announced in Davos the forming of "High-powered 'green growth' panel to be set up"

I mistaken as Tharman will be heading this and repeatedly wrote to him as the Chair of this committee.
I deemed him as the person who
  1. has both the power and responsibility to control cost
  2. is an unbiased party to all three ministries
  3. has the potential to be cultivated as Prime Minister
However, 2011 05 as i reflect back,
  1. Both Mah and Yaacob was assigned to lead, with two heads over this, nothing can be done 
  2. All three stepped down as Ministers after 2011 05 07 election. 
  3. The hardware team has failed, reiterated Singapore has lost world competitiveness.
  4. Tharman was appointed as another Deputy Prime Minister
I hope the following will be done
  1. To reduce the overbearing cost of high paying ministers, we divide the Minister as Principal and others.
  2. Two Principal Ministers in Charge of Hardware and Software respectively.
  3. The revival of a centralized Public Work Department, 
             a. as all Ministers of MND, MEWR, MOT now aware their problems is so immense,
             b. they cannot resolve on their own, 
             c. MEWR MOT also demonstrated lack of technical competencies in solving problems.
             d. they do not reduce cost, but merely adding tarrif, complexity
             e. they employing most expensive, even irrelevant consultants when problem surface.
             f. The repeat of YOG overrun will repeat in MEWR, but this time in billions.
             g. Reserve will be needed, this time not to help our neighbors, but to save ourselves.
             h. Unified PWD will help to cultivate future ministers, compete in the world.

Methods to contain arrogant bureaucrats as PWD experienced before
classified for Prime Minister eyes only on demand.          

From: Sweekeng
Sent: Friday, 20 April 2007 2:37 AM
To: Prime Minister
Cc: Minister Mentor
Subject: The Way Forward - Integration and Efficiency

Dear Respected Prime Minister

you mentioned about how long it takes to get the Singapore Duck Tour approved.
i think Philip Yeo probably has the same problem to get Sagway moving beyond science park.

these are just symptoms, not the root.

the world is competiting on efficiency
efficiency is based on economy of scale and integration of greater diversity, diverse ideas, diverse strength
we are the best in doing so for the world to model after us.

our HDB is already one, but there are many critical weakness. even simple green building,
   Grace is doing nothing new than going back to British design in Tiong Bahru, Selegie, NS facing (but can building be skin thick, without EW facing somewhere) this is avoidance of forces of nature, not rally forces of nature.
   Surbana told me insulation la, so it come much sand and weight,
   Now we do thinner wall, can it heat save.
   These are easy way out of nature of human, without study the nature of human and capitalize on it for profit, efficiency !! give me half hours i will show them how.

Now, may i suggest this:

1. abandon the saying you want to have more, you must pay more. Technology, wisdom, economy of scale make this wrong. You pay lesser and lesser to get faster and faster computer that do more with less. We must focus on simplification, synergy. Give me one hours i will show you from city planning, to drainage, to road transport, to human services.
2. divide the work of all into two key aspects Hardware and software, each under one young able hand of future PM calibre, for he will have to shoulder all the outcome, for better or worst, plan and advocate under the guidance and chastise of senior hands
1. Hardware, including MND, MOT, MEWR (focus on integrating town, transport, energy, water, drainage, etc)
2. software, MOE, MICA, MOH, MCYS, MHA, MINDEF, MOM (focusing on mental, communal integration. Note security is more due to men than hardware)

i hope my input thus far is perceived as highly beneficial, profitable if i am participating in realising them.
you need mutli-disciplinary hand and mind with philosophical outlook with exceptional hearts, to take the torment and pour out love



  1. refer

    2006 05 18 Solutions has been hand delivered to founder of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew then Minister Mentor

    World Has Lost Direction
    Reason and Solutions Herein

    A Special Strategy Paper for
    The Visionary & Pragmatic Leader
    A Politician & Experimental Sociologist
    Mr Lee Kuan Yew


  2. this is implemented by China in a recent report in the following link

    2010 06 17-20 Solvere shared in Fuzhou in Straits Green Economy conference and exhibitions - the whole Construction Industries sit up and listened.

    The four zones were pointed
    1. ShangHai-Nanjing Yangze Delta
    2. Zhujiang Delta
    3. Beijing-Tianjing
    4. ChongQing-Chengdu

    Solvere was with Maria Boey, City Planner and Architect representing
    Institute of Parks and Recreation,Singapore.

    Assisted by Building and Construction Academy Koh Lin Jih (BCA)