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20110806 Singapore - What is next to Casino

20110806 Singapore - What is next to Casino

Casino - Merlion - East India Company - Drugs - Violence

Two Casinos besides two Merlions.
No more, no less, no exception, no single exception.

TWO Merlions are also on the coat of arm of East India Company.
Two, no more, no less.

East India Company not only was very abusive, corrupt, evasive as Adam Smith said.
It is a gigantic Opium trader.
It also sank their citizen ships (e.g. Royal Saxon 1839 11 03) when they refused to ship opium.

Today, we find syringes in our public housing staircase, party drugs in night spots....
This is alarming.

Solvere do not just alarm, Solvere give solutions for overcoming.
Suicides, Murders, mutilated bodies, broken homes are just the prelude of what we are going to see.
i warned

Do not pretend you have plan to contain this.
We did not even realize foreign laborers entry to casinos need to be controlled.

We must overcome, we must move forward.
If we do not take these suggestions, effect constructive actions here prescribed immediately, more than drug, international organized crimes will come.

Do not know grave harm is ignorant
Ignorant of grave harm from own action 
Failed to be leaders !

God, Lead Nothing, Harms !

I asked historians about the origin of Merlion, no-one yet to tell me for sure.

I saw it on a letter head of East India Company displayed in the Arts House, Old Parliament Building.
i was looking at photos of our great founders, Goh Keng Swee, Lim Chin Siong, Lee Kuan Yew, Toh Chin Chye

Recently, by some inner feeling, i researched and found it is timely to share.

What is heavenly timed ....
we shall never ignore, despise !!

tiny detials shall be withheld,  they are not for the weak-hearted
the Motto in Latin
Deus Indicate
Deo Ducente Nil Nocet

God is our leader
When God Leads, Nothing can Harm

But carefully looking at the second line.
It is arranged in such a way that, it actually said:

God, Lead Nothing, Harm !!

Motto express important aspiration.
And as leaders of nation, you really has to lead.
Leading the wrong track, the people suffers, the leaders will be overrun, stampeded and despised this stops not at one generation
despised was what George Yeo said

Not even Leading, really Harm.

Governing a Nation is Not Gambling

When a founder think that life, policy making is gambling.
I wrote him something like this

Gambling is playing at the hand of the stronger
                Loosing big is for sure
                Some small wins are merely to bring about losses
                Bigger, Faster, Bottomless losses

Life for the wise is not gambling
Life in their hands is an adventure
Wise pick the game, set the time and place to play
Surely the wise is strengthen and
eventually set the rule of the game

If you do not find solutions to solve our nation's crises - it is because you are looking at foreigners for solutions.

Foreigners of highest respect you hold, are facing the worst of self-inflicted fatal wounds.
You look for them for solutions?

Solutions here in

Solutions has been hand delivered to one of our many founders of Singapore on 2006 05 18
please click the following link

Reason and Solutions Herein

A Special Strategy Paper for
The Visionary & Pragmatic Leader
A Politician & Experimental Sociologist
Mr Lee Kuan Yew

2006 05 18

This work included City Planning, Building Design, Waterway design, Food self production....

It is noted that "Global .Sg", "Sustainable City" and many Energy Research Programs, institutions were set up.
The Principle Private Secretaries Lawrence Wong, Andrew Tan Kok Keong of PM and MM were setting up and heading Energy, Sustainable City latter.
Before we see outcome, Lawrence left the energy post, Andrew left the sustainable city office.

I am not claiming i am the sole source!
It needs exceptional leader with discern and judgment, ability and commit to lead.

If leaders lead not Correctly
They really Harm!

We will discuss next: ... our waterway 

ABC Water cost Billions and need MANY Billions more, because PUB, Advisers do not know the problem, complicate the problem, expand the problems as facts clearly demonstrated.

This is one area, Presidential permission may be needed to pour infinite amount of good money down the drains.



    this is a website by Indian who bought over East India Company and pride to control it.

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