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20110809 Singapore - An Aged, Dilapidating Nation - Facts Presenting here

Dear Great Founder

Your Cadres competing for Honor of building bigger budget
Bigger Budget gardens, campuses, canals
Your officers are abandoning them once the lime light dim

They are turning into weeded, abandoned thrash
Even right at
NUS LKY School of Public Policy
Chancery Lane

Since Salary is a deciding factor of performance
Do you consider letting them draw the salary
The Salary of Malayan Railway operators?

Malayan railway workers work cheaper
They are happier
Their work decisively very very much better

20110809 Singapore - An Aged, Dilapidating Nation

i am writing this article with heart bleeding, on the 46 Anniversary of the independence of a nation.

The only leader in history that pay highest in the whole world for the lesser to lord over us.
NOT even the American Red Indians did self destruction to such extend, at such speed, so decisively!

Singapore compare with Third World Nation

The following are photos, of work of our officers, foreign talents....
We are not qualified to compare with homogeneous, unified, resilient Societies Japan, Korean.
We need not compare with Migrant filled, violence spreading First World Nations.

As Grace Fu said, there are lower salary leaders in 3rd world - her conclusion is these 3rd world nations leaders will bring us mess.
Do not look down on others....

Did she consider first world, most power nation, US, Bush & Obama? Federal Reserves?
Do not worship those you do not have insight.
Let us compare with our neighbors - Malaysia.

Simple Stairs at Most Prestigious School of Singapore

This is National University of Singapore's Bukit Timah Campus.Where Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policies organizes talks, many nations' leaders, diplomats come attending.
This is the steps, here for years, keep gluing and failing, propping and dropping. 

The following is Malayan Railway station in Bukit Timah and Tanjong Pagar Stations.
These are hundred years old.
If they allow the granite block keep dropping and propping - very likely a few train would have been derailed.

Our brothers across the borders are more knowledgeable and wiser.
With wisdom, they are more decisive, solutions are simpler and effective, lasting and economical.

Technical our officers failed as compare with Malaysian.
Let us compare general maintenance.

Here are the state of maintenance of Malayan railway.
Photo took 2011 07 20, immediately after they handed over  to Singapore.
During operations, where few people walk every hours, few trains passing each day.

Overhead Bridge

Here is the pedestrian overhead bridge at UniSIM at Clementi, where thousands people crossing each day.
This photo was taken 2011 07 31  around noon.

We may say Clementi is a poorer estate.
Let us go to Stevens, Chancery Lane section of Bukit Timah Canal.

High Class Residential Areas
Even steel barrier, corroded and fallen into the canals for years, were not removed.
There are total of at least three incidents in a short span of 1 km, Wayang Satu, Steven, Whitley area.

We have been complaining Bukit Timah floods, it cannot be solved ?

Right in front of Balmoral Plaza, Chancery Lane section of Bukit Timah Canal,  photo taken on 2011 07 21.

There is a dam, right at this location, to stop flow to Newton circle, Kampong Java.
Once the dam is there, the remaining flow slowed to stand still, silting.

A 7m wide (estimated) canal is left abandoned.
Recently a video camera, solar panel are installed and looking at the water level at Newton circus, few hundred meters of catchment down streams from this dam.
(will be shown in next article)

Not only it is not maintained, it is silted with weeds.

I let MEWR Vivian, PUB Tan Gee Paw, Yap Kheng Guan, NUS Prof Chan Eng Soon explain to the people of Singapore
  1. Why in my close watching of our water way since 2005 06 - this is the first time after floods, no one clear up choked grills, silted drains around the island.  
  2. Why after diverting the Bukit Timah canal at Robin Road, this significant drains is left abandoned?
  3. Why in prestige residential areas, guard rails fallen into the drains, for years without clearing?
Sensors just installed, more sensors, unnecessary all over the island, including NUS.
They are in for good long lasting contracts of consultation for

Modeling of our Drains
Global Warming Effect.

Let us employ foreign talents

Esplande Theatre

Garden need cultures, cultural centers.
Sight and sound are most important when you design a theater.
Naturally, we employing the expensive, most talented foreigners to do it.

Here is the sound system.

I wrote to Benson Phua, and George Yeo.
A few years later, i returned.

are you sure these loud speakers are positioned in way that give good quality sound?

Dear Great Founder

Your officers are abandoning your Garden City
They are turning into weeded, abandoned thrash
Since Salary is a deciding factor of performance
Do you consider letting them draw the salary
The Salary of Malayan Railway operators?

Malayan railway workers work cheaper
They are happier
Their work decisively very very much better

Our engineers, if given the chance to design and build countless auditoriums in our many Universities
i am sure they can be better than the Ang Mo you paid dearly.
Just like Malayan Railway workers will do much better than your Ministers, civil servants.

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