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20110817 Tony Tan what did he accomplish?

20110817 Tony Tan what did he accomplish ?

This articles listing the failure of second generation Singapore leaders - Tony Tan and Goh Chok Tong.

Thinking before Spending Reserve

20110804 before entering the race for President, he stated use the reserve as a priority.
The only Presidential candidate thinking about this as the priority.

This is the thing Singapore citizen most worried about - it is the key the people want their President resist the government command to use.
Yet he is preparing to use the key if he is elected.

 Using his Expertise

We must remember he is a mathematicians, involved in operation research.
Operation research is about doing more with the least resources.
Before committing to use the reserve, did he first consider reducing
  1. Money paying huge pay for big number of ministers ?
  2. Extravagance in University building (not limited to University town) that is not contributing to our urgency - jobs and economy
  3. Scholarships for foreigners, including President scholarship for a dual citizenship lady?
  4. Research funding wasted in biotech (not just cancer research - now two eminent cancer researchers left.)
In response to his daughter's comments on huge investment in Biotech, Lee Kuan Yew has stated the following:  
"This issue has been deliberated over a period of several months in Cabinet and decided by PM Goh and cabinet. 
The policy has been continued by PM Lee and his cabinet. We have made significant investments in time and resources. 
We have to get the most out of what we have put in."

When you are doing the wrong things, serving wrong priorities, no matter how much you spend is not going to turn wrong to become right.

No wonder, as the National Research Foundation Chief, he did not organize close door talk, press release about researchers, research institutions came to support him!

As Second Generation Deputy Prime Minister
Who came to support him?

Tony Tan is our second generation leader
Deputy Prime Minister, involved in education, defense, finance, research and development.
But at the nomination day, who came to support him?

Did his team leader Goh Chok Tong came to support him?
Did he declare he benefited from the party PAP?
Did he choose to be associated with the party PAP?

We read on the banner, "We strongly support..." but it is words without people backing these words.

Strengthen or Weaken Singapore?

He has years to verify his results.
He said the situation is severe, so he run for President.

But he is promising the future, not assuring us the foundation he set in the last ten years is sound.

Looking at the people holding these posters
     do you think the foundation is still there?
     If even foundation of the past is not there, do you think promises for the future can be fulfilled?

The failures of second generation leaders?

Did He apply his MIT's strength for Singapore?

As the highest placed MIT alumni, anyone came to support him?
Even the only nation invested huge sum to form alliance with MIT, we have
  1. No incumbent AND successors in key positions that requires engineering expertise in universities, research institutions, civil service, cabinets.
  2. No personalities with international standing.
  3. No enterprises with international standing.
  4. No MIT alumni came to help resolve national issues effectively, efficiently, economically since he joint politics?
It is the only nation where MIT alumni are trivially treated compare to foreign talent he brought in.
Tony did not nourish any MIT alumni for the nation.
Taiwan, Korea are dragons well ahead of us.
Every national event, less important than candidate for Presidential election, the whole of MIT alumni pour in in force.

As the highest placed MIT alumni, anyone came to support him?
This is the root cause of Singapore fallen far far behind the dragons.
This is the failure of second generation Singapore leaders - Tony Tan and Goh Chok Tong.
They impact not just this Presidential Election, this nation today, this nation into the future.

We need another twenty years to regain our technological competency for key national function, not to mention about competing in the world.

Next article will talk about Water Resource crises - Floods, Dengue, Algae, Self-sufficiency.

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