Wednesday, August 31, 2011

20110901 MIT Freshman Intake 10% Foreign Citizens

20110901 MIT Freshman Intake 2015  

10% Foreign Citizens !!

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Subject: MIT Volunteer View: Incoming class stats, externships


MIT by the Numbers

Members of the freshman Class of 2015 are currently involved in orientation, readying themselves for the first day of classes, which is September 7. Here's a look at the class. Go to the full profile for more information.
—Females: 45%
—Number of U.S. states represented: 46
—International citizens: 10%
—Number of countries represented: 59
—Number of high schools represented: 862
—Home-schooled students: 1%
—Public-school students: 67%
—Caucasian students: 37%
—Asian-American students: 28%
—African-American students: 9%
—Hispanic students: 15%
—Students hailing from New England: 12%
—Students hailing from the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii: 20%
—Students hailing from Mid-Atlantic states: 19%
—Students who took 1st place overall in international Olympiad competitions: 2
—Most popular male and female names: Can you guess?
Coded hint: 253926337 and 72724

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