Monday, September 26, 2011

20110926 Waterway Costly Solutions Update

20110926 Waterway Costly Solutions Update

Ineffective design becomes not functioning at all.

20110506b Billions Dollars Experts Designed Coffee Bag

As registered in the above blog, this coffee bag is now no longer needed, and in the process of being demolished on 2011 07 12.

Solvere agree with this action, because now Singapore river is a water storage, we no longer need such deep sump to store rain water, to buffer flood.

This is how with good design, we use less land for waterway, yet we have better water management.

This must be progressively done around the island, but 

  1. the ability to absorb the storm water must be computed and managed well.
  2. the filtration of flotsam and silt cannot be compromised.

20110506c How Singaporeans' Invention become Foreign Experts Contribution

Solvere provided PUB's Yap Kheng Guan on how to design traps to trap flotsam and silted without choking the filter.
It was an invention Effective Separation, Easy Maintenance ESEM IPOS 20080619-1.

This invention achieve
  1. Simplicity
  2. Scalable for drains, river
  3. Do not need piling on river bed
  4. Minimal Requirements on geo-technical condition.
  5. Self separation wtihout choking the filter
  6. create safe, health preserving jobs for the massive aging workforce.

A complex version by CH2M Hill was installed.
After written explanation, a simpler version was installed.
Both are recorded in above blog.

Recently, around 2010/2011 a new set was installed in Kallang River.
It is visible from Kallang Train Station -  CH2M Hill name was not displayed.

Following photos were taken on 2011 06 21.
Six months after awaiting PUB to realize this costly solution is not working.
Till today, they are yet to realize.

Looking at water flow, looking at static structure, apparently
  1. Direction of water flow, 
  2. Magnitude, direction and location of external forces acting 
They are not clear to the designer, the engineers.

If you do not comprehend the obvious fact of water flow
no matter how much you invest in the wrong thing
it cannot make it right

Rubbish trap outside the costly stainless steel net

Magnitude, Direction, Location 
Forces acting on the system ?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

20110920 SASC4 Case Study - Bukit Timah Canal

20110920 SASC4 Case Study - Bukit Timah Canal

Bukit Timah Canal is chosen not just because it has long flood history.

It is chosen because 
Serving heavier tropical rain forest storms
Over more than 7km mid-stream
The elevation is only 11 meter

Newton circle  16.334m (N1° 18´  47.05”  E103° 50´ 18.51”) 
Bukit timah    27.24m  (N1° 29 ´24.27” E 103° 46´ 45.29”) 
using Global Mapper  software

If we can resolve Bukit Timah, we can resolve most flood problems domestically as well as contribute to others, internationally.

A Precedence for others

Waterway design is a matured field, there are always precedence to refer to, to help us from errors, wastage, stifling flow.

20110830 PUB is digging deeper drains from 3 to 5.7 meter for Zion-Kim Seng 250m section of Alexandra Canal to mitigate flood upstream.

This is feeble, unproductive, even irrelevant. as stated.

We have done much bigger scale at Bukit Timah Canal - from Duchess to Kheam Hock road. 
Map, Satellite and photos showed the rapidly expanded width of the canal.

It is exactly at this location that gigantic downstream cannot support minute upstream flow !

Exactly one month after my written alarm on 2011 05 05  2011 06 05, Flood reported. 
Location of the flood is exactly before this drastic expansion of the drain. 

The smaller drains upstream can pump more water 
the much bigger, broader downstream can carry !

 In front of Coronation Plaza
Beside Adam-Lornie Flyover

Every serious engineers must provide facts and facts must be able to be clearly reasoned by logic. 

In the 
2011 05 05  report, a photo of flood on the second floor of the Environment Building, 
It was on an appointed time  (2007 08 24 Hrs 1107) i had with then Minister of MEWR Yaaccob Ibrahim.

A public building flooded on second floor, can only be without gradient or without maintenance, or both.
Digging any deeper, wider is a waste of resources.

Flow Speed Comparison - Canal

Flow speed for a drain was compared.

Now, let us see how fast the water flow on the expanded stream during a storm on the broadest section of Kheam Hock Road.

20110920 H1431
Slow flow even immediately after heavy rain
Bukit Timah Canal at Kheam Hock Section

20110720 H1256
Lamp Post 260 Bukit Timah Canal Dry Season
(note the river was narrowed  at downstream)

20110720 H1512
Wayang Satu Flow Stopping
Note this is a 40MB MP4 video which may take time to load

Analogy of Giant and Sprinter

The high speed of flow upstream needs to push the immense inertia of a much bigger almost stagnating downstream, can be visualized as following:

This is something very obvious to mechanical engineers.
Mechanical engineers therefore often be called upon to help civil engineers in rapidly, effectively, resolutely resolve most teething issues.

Resources Ignored, Abandoned to waste

Clearly, a wastage of gradient upstream and excessive depth and size mid stream of Bukit Timah canal is the root cause of the continuous flood.

If you invest in the wrong approach, no matter how big you invest, can never make it correct.

This often come about ignoring, abandoning important resources, alternatives.
The following showed 

  1. at Robin Road,  downstreams from Kheam Hock road, canal is narrowed from > 30m to < 20m and diverted at right angle.
  2. at Chancery Lane, downstreams of Robin Road, there is a dam totally blocking of the flow to Newton circle.
  3. We can see right handside of Robin diversion, the drains is dried, and ill-maintained

20110920 SASC1 -  Waterway Design for Global Warming 
20110920 SASC3 What Impede Flow - Over-sized Excessive Depth 

Please help me to Examine, Correct, and Improve 
Strengthen Singaporeans to serve the greater World

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

20110920 SASC3 To Impede Flow - Over-sized Excessive Depth Waterway

20110920 SASC3 What Impede Flow - Over-sized Excessive Depth

What impede flow - over-sized drains dig excessively deep.
Not only they cost a lot of money, material, labor and maintenance, they impede flow.

Latest project on Alexandra River will not mitigate flood, just from theory all experts use.

First waterway design is a very matured field, not an art, not rocket sciences - just a lot of common sense with keen observation of rain, flow, terrain, soil....
Therefore we can have double confirmation from prior experience and real solutions, not models.

The following two videos show how deeper drains, bigger drains is impeding flow when it is too deep that gradient is sacrificed.

2009 11 05 Hrs 1247 Rain
With gradient, upstream rapid flow can counter right angle interruption.
 Big, deep downstream drain that has almost zero gradient
Simmer this rapid to almost stagnation, dead stagnation
this is a 16MB MP4 your network may take time to load
Do not rely on machines, when machines fail you, please observe around you, there are many zero gradient drains
Complaint cannot make Singapore better
Observe, video, analyse and suggest improvement
Please keep eduating me

2011 09 22 1825hrs Algae Formation 6 hours after Heavy storm that end at 1200 hrs
The rapid flow can push leaves, stick down along 70 meter drain without gradient

this is a 22MB MP4 your network may take time to load
Do not rely on machines, when machines fail you, please observe around you, there are many zero gradient drains
Complaint cannot make Singapore better
Observe, video, analyse and suggest improvement
Please keep eduating me

Drainage without gradient
 is the key to choke, flood, algae, dengue

Gradient is the key in managing water flow.
We must understand, waterway is not rocket science, there must be previous examples, established standards, proven models.

Next will analyse Bukit Timah canal, if we can solve it, we can solve all flood in Singapore.

20110920 SASC1 -  Waterway Design for Global Warming 
20110920 SASC3 What Impede Flow - Over-sized Excessive Depth 

Please help me to Examine, Correct, and Improve 
Strengthen Singaporeans to serve the greater World

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20110920 SASC2 Singapore Unique Advantage

20110920 SASC2 Singapore Unique Advantage

Comparing with our immediate neighbor having similar rain fall intensity.
On equal catchment size
Singapore has many more rivers, higher gradient, straighter rivers, shorter distance to reach the ocean.
We definitely can resolve flood problem. (note the scale is approximately the same on both maps)

Our Higher Objectives are 
1. Recover water economically and elegantly
2. Beautify our environment

Two Keys to Singapore Water Resource

We have not fully realize the economic advantages of being a small island.

Therefore TWO key features of this island that is advantageous economicallyto waterway design.
They have to be emphasized in writing, in publicly known writing.

With these two advantages used, we can not only economically, expediently, elegantly resolve flood, we can also improve water quality and expand water storage.

TWO keys are:
     1. Tides used to reach right to the center of this island  (e.g Bukit Timah Rd beyond 5th avenue 1 in map above )
          a. Riverbeds were deepen and flatten by tides.
          b. Gradient reduced
          We can accelerate flow by regaining elevation upstream.

     2. After rivers barraged up as storage
         Very far up, almost to the center of the island (2, 3 mark location Wayang Satu, Zion Road) the waterway no longer flowing
              i. they behaved as a water storage, a lake
              ii. they cannot be computed as drain, a passage for discharge.

20110830 as reported proposed digging deeper drains for Zion-Kim Seng 250m section of Alexandra Canal.
Can they be effective, productive, relevant?
Are we working against what heaven has given Singapore - an island ?

Manning's equation showed that 
even long before gradient become zero the flow rapidly decimating to zero.
(Computation using 250 meter, remove 3 meter elevation) 

2011 09 12 Hrs 1530 Alexandra Canal 
Location Zion-KimSeng Dry Weather

It behaves like a lake, without direction of flowing.

The impact of deeper drains that remove the gradient will be analyzed in the next section.

We will take next two articles to address in two step : small drain, big canals.

We will use Bukit Timah canal as an example.
Bukit Timah is used not merely because it has the longest history of flood history.

We use it because it run flat land (Over a straight stretch of more than 7km the elevation is only 11 meter ) 
If we can resolve Bukit Timah, we can resolve most flood problems domestically as well as internationally.
Newton circle  16.334m (N1° 18´  47.05”  E103° 50´ 18.51”)      
Bukit timah    27.24m  (N1° 29 ´24.27” E 103° 46´ 45.29”) 
useing Global Mapper  software  

Please read for other aspect of competitive advantage Singapore has
20110423 Singapore’s Unsurpassed Advantage

20110920 SASC1 -  Waterway Design for Global Warming 
20110920 SASC3 What Impede Flow - Over-sized Excessive Depth 

Please help me to Examine, Correct, and Improve 
Strengthen Singaporeans to serve the greater World

Monday, September 19, 2011

20110920 SASC1 - Waterway Design for Global Warming

Global Warming brings two new challenges to Water Policies, Waterway design and management:
  1. Heavier rainfall
  2. Algae

A comprehensive approach to mitigate, resolve the above is presented as 

Self Accelerated Self Cleansing (SASC) Waterway

SASC has two main purposes:
  1. Accelerate water flow by reduces resistance and improve use of gravity, geometries
  2. Self Cleansing by:
    • Intensify aeration to promote eco-operations, reduce algae formation.
    • Effectively separate flotsam and silt from water
      a patenting invention Effective Seperation, Easy Maintenance H820 IPOS 200806192-1 that directs flotsam and silt to concentrate at locations
      - located away from flow path so that flow is not affected - first choke free filter ever invented (patent examination confirmed).
      - easy access - create massive health preserving jobs for longer life span work force.

SASC is not an ideal, but a ready technology
  1. Provide clear direction for nations' water policy 
  2. Provide for both master planning and physical implementation

SASC will achieve the followings :
  1. Increase waterways' capacity of flow
  2. Use less land, construction, maintenance.
  3. Improve Water quality 
  4. Reduce equipment, energy and labor cost of water treatment.
  5. Beautify waterway
  6. Increase real estate values
  7. Enable Fish and other form of farmings that promote water quality.
  8. Create health-preserving jobs for longer life-span world population.

SASC is simple and direct, therefore
  1. Easy and tangible for policies setting, planing and implementing.
  2. Minimal requirements on equipment, river geometry and geo-technical condition.
  3. Applicable for
    • Flat Land with small gradient
    • High-density Build up area
    • Farm land [1] with peculiar requirements
    • Slumps of the deprived  

SASC merely show a way 
how we can better work with nature !

Multiplying water storage - buffering drought, flood 

Improve Water Quality - Sweeter Water
Infinite Improvements that can be made economically

Picture showed 6 years journey (2005 05 01 ) of Solvere assisting a nation's improving waterway

2007 03 18 
Kampong Bahru Pump Station
Steep slop of at least 5 degree
Pungent Smell

 2007 06 20
4 hours after 1 hours of heavy storm at 0500hrs
Nature is a free, powerful, thorough road sweeper
All of us must appreciate

2007 06 20
12 hours after 1 hours of heavy storm at 0500hrs
Algae formed

Three months (2007 07 23) after informing PUB Chairman Tan Gee Pao (2007 03)
This drain was made smaller 
water was flowing smoothly without algae formation
Solvere appreciate Gee Pao's attention and deliberate action

But where the silt, leaves go?
We know and we should act 
Act before they go into drains hidden!

2011 0908 Hrs 1300 3 days after Storm
2011 0909 Hrs 1007 4 days after Storm

20110908H1344 Algae
If cannot open the file check your version of video player

Global warming bring us heavy rain, algae, pollutions

Water Policies, Engineering Solutions must resolve
to achieve
water supply, flood control
better water quality AND environment

SASC provides directions, tools, yardstick

[1] Sushil Pandey, Rice Research Institute has enlighten this inventor on 20110428 at LKY School of Public Policy on peculiar requirements of water management in padi field, which were already set as priorities in SASC.

20110920 SASC1 -  Waterway Design for Global Warming 
20110920 SASC2 Singapore Unique Advantage
20110920 SASC3 What Impede Flow - Over-sized Excessive Depth 

Please help me to Examine, Correct, and Improve 
Strengthen Singaporeans to serve the greater World

Thursday, September 8, 2011

20110909 Can Litigator become Great Leader?

20110909 Can Litigator become Great Leader?

This becomes a question i was repeatedly asked - after many shocking statement comes out from leaders who were litigator, outstanding litigators.

Not only litigators can be great leaders.
Litigator can be great leader even they have severe flaws.

Litigators are very effective in doing many things - we just need to ensure they are allowed to do ONLY the right thing!
Even a small wrong thing, a powerful word, can turn out effectively very big disaster - litigator knows many powerful words, bruising words.

A nation divide is not because of people.
A nation divide is because of weakness in the government, worse wrong priority, wrong policy, harmful, self-destructing policies.
Many source from leaders own short term interest.

The impact is long term, many generations to come, we witnessed in India.

It is the duty of leaders to cultivate able, devoted leaders.
The divide is the manifestation of failing this duty, second most important duty after setting right priority, effective policy.

A nation is dividing, usually start not from the people is divided, but leaders, policies intended to break the people apart.

History has proven Litigator are simpleton - they think
1. Growth can be by multiplying population
2. GDP can be by having bigger population consume more without production for export, export able to compete with the world.
3. Employee will not create trouble, if we pay them more than useful output they produce.
4. Solving problem can be by enacting law
5. Stopping even people elected President from talking - that can easily happen in courtroom, with Judge consent.

We must remember SR Nathan as Singapore President,  said about common people's vocal, even harsh input to him
"They are WELL intentioned !!"

Stopping people from expressing well intention input - this should not happen in real life.

Simpleton approach hurts everyone, it divides the party,when the people were not divided.
It can destroy the nation, even the people is united !!

There were few litigators succeeded as great leader - they need not have compassion, respect for their people, even their own race, own family.
They can be great leader because they have great comrades, and they respect their comrades opinions.

Once they do not, they fail, fail very fast, as manifested in history.

All nation's Prime Ministers chose friendly people, scholars, professors as Foreign Ministers
There is only one thing Foreign Minister has to act - a friendly bridge, not a litigator.

Every words he speak, even his body language not only has to be friendly, has to be seen to be friendly, convincingly seen to be friendly.
Talking to own people is a rehearsal, take it as full dress rehearsal - even respecting own people, even elected President is not his first nature.