Sunday, September 4, 2011

20110903a Life is Not Gambling - UNESCO Big Poem Project

Dear Singaporeans and All World Leaders facing temptation

A few months ago, a great founder of Singapore said Life is gambling.
I told him it is false - I wrote a poem for him.

When i heard UNESCO and our Arts House are organizing a Giant Poem Project, collecting poems from around the world, to inspire the world.
i think this is the time to share with the world at this most challenging moment - a moment we see no engines of growth, but endless temptation that will definitely lead us to total self-destruction.

Following is a latest variations of what was written twice!

Life is Not Gambling
Solvere Lim Swee Keng
CtS Cognoscere tenus Solvere
2011 09 03
UNESCO Big Poem Project

Life is not gambling

Cities cannot thrive on Casinos
because life is not gambling

Gambling is playing within the hand of the more powerful
Small winning, is winning, winning designed to seduce you to bigger losses, bottomless losses
Losses that destroy you, your family, your future

For nations, that is destruction, destruction of generations to come

But life is full of uncertainties
How can we live in uncertainties without gambling?

Life is adventure
That you choose the game, decide the place and time
Along the way, even tormented by many set back
Strengthening you shall
Stronger you definitely become

Stronger, we are able to resist temptation
Stronger, we are able to attract the best talents from around the world
Talents that respect us, talent that cooperate with us
Together we shall build a nation better, stronger

Cities will thrive
Happiness shall fill our life
Meaningful shall be every act
Beautiful Melody shall flow

This is the rules we shall set
Rules for the Arts of Living
Rules of love, mutual respect and progress 
Progress can only be with all other


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