Thursday, September 8, 2011

20110909 Can Litigator become Great Leader?

20110909 Can Litigator become Great Leader?

This becomes a question i was repeatedly asked - after many shocking statement comes out from leaders who were litigator, outstanding litigators.

Not only litigators can be great leaders.
Litigator can be great leader even they have severe flaws.

Litigators are very effective in doing many things - we just need to ensure they are allowed to do ONLY the right thing!
Even a small wrong thing, a powerful word, can turn out effectively very big disaster - litigator knows many powerful words, bruising words.

A nation divide is not because of people.
A nation divide is because of weakness in the government, worse wrong priority, wrong policy, harmful, self-destructing policies.
Many source from leaders own short term interest.

The impact is long term, many generations to come, we witnessed in India.

It is the duty of leaders to cultivate able, devoted leaders.
The divide is the manifestation of failing this duty, second most important duty after setting right priority, effective policy.

A nation is dividing, usually start not from the people is divided, but leaders, policies intended to break the people apart.

History has proven Litigator are simpleton - they think
1. Growth can be by multiplying population
2. GDP can be by having bigger population consume more without production for export, export able to compete with the world.
3. Employee will not create trouble, if we pay them more than useful output they produce.
4. Solving problem can be by enacting law
5. Stopping even people elected President from talking - that can easily happen in courtroom, with Judge consent.

We must remember SR Nathan as Singapore President,  said about common people's vocal, even harsh input to him
"They are WELL intentioned !!"

Stopping people from expressing well intention input - this should not happen in real life.

Simpleton approach hurts everyone, it divides the party,when the people were not divided.
It can destroy the nation, even the people is united !!

There were few litigators succeeded as great leader - they need not have compassion, respect for their people, even their own race, own family.
They can be great leader because they have great comrades, and they respect their comrades opinions.

Once they do not, they fail, fail very fast, as manifested in history.

All nation's Prime Ministers chose friendly people, scholars, professors as Foreign Ministers
There is only one thing Foreign Minister has to act - a friendly bridge, not a litigator.

Every words he speak, even his body language not only has to be friendly, has to be seen to be friendly, convincingly seen to be friendly.
Talking to own people is a rehearsal, take it as full dress rehearsal - even respecting own people, even elected President is not his first nature.

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