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20110920 SASC1 - Waterway Design for Global Warming

Global Warming brings two new challenges to Water Policies, Waterway design and management:
  1. Heavier rainfall
  2. Algae

A comprehensive approach to mitigate, resolve the above is presented as 

Self Accelerated Self Cleansing (SASC) Waterway

SASC has two main purposes:
  1. Accelerate water flow by reduces resistance and improve use of gravity, geometries
  2. Self Cleansing by:
    • Intensify aeration to promote eco-operations, reduce algae formation.
    • Effectively separate flotsam and silt from water
      a patenting invention Effective Seperation, Easy Maintenance H820 IPOS 200806192-1 that directs flotsam and silt to concentrate at locations
      - located away from flow path so that flow is not affected - first choke free filter ever invented (patent examination confirmed).
      - easy access - create massive health preserving jobs for longer life span work force.

SASC is not an ideal, but a ready technology
  1. Provide clear direction for nations' water policy 
  2. Provide for both master planning and physical implementation

SASC will achieve the followings :
  1. Increase waterways' capacity of flow
  2. Use less land, construction, maintenance.
  3. Improve Water quality 
  4. Reduce equipment, energy and labor cost of water treatment.
  5. Beautify waterway
  6. Increase real estate values
  7. Enable Fish and other form of farmings that promote water quality.
  8. Create health-preserving jobs for longer life-span world population.

SASC is simple and direct, therefore
  1. Easy and tangible for policies setting, planing and implementing.
  2. Minimal requirements on equipment, river geometry and geo-technical condition.
  3. Applicable for
    • Flat Land with small gradient
    • High-density Build up area
    • Farm land [1] with peculiar requirements
    • Slumps of the deprived  

SASC merely show a way 
how we can better work with nature !

Multiplying water storage - buffering drought, flood 

Improve Water Quality - Sweeter Water
Infinite Improvements that can be made economically

Picture showed 6 years journey (2005 05 01 ) of Solvere assisting a nation's improving waterway

2007 03 18 
Kampong Bahru Pump Station
Steep slop of at least 5 degree
Pungent Smell

 2007 06 20
4 hours after 1 hours of heavy storm at 0500hrs
Nature is a free, powerful, thorough road sweeper
All of us must appreciate

2007 06 20
12 hours after 1 hours of heavy storm at 0500hrs
Algae formed

Three months (2007 07 23) after informing PUB Chairman Tan Gee Pao (2007 03)
This drain was made smaller 
water was flowing smoothly without algae formation
Solvere appreciate Gee Pao's attention and deliberate action

But where the silt, leaves go?
We know and we should act 
Act before they go into drains hidden!

2011 0908 Hrs 1300 3 days after Storm
2011 0909 Hrs 1007 4 days after Storm

20110908H1344 Algae
If cannot open the file check your version of video player

Global warming bring us heavy rain, algae, pollutions

Water Policies, Engineering Solutions must resolve
to achieve
water supply, flood control
better water quality AND environment

SASC provides directions, tools, yardstick

[1] Sushil Pandey, Rice Research Institute has enlighten this inventor on 20110428 at LKY School of Public Policy on peculiar requirements of water management in padi field, which were already set as priorities in SASC.

20110920 SASC1 -  Waterway Design for Global Warming 
20110920 SASC2 Singapore Unique Advantage
20110920 SASC3 What Impede Flow - Over-sized Excessive Depth 

Please help me to Examine, Correct, and Improve 
Strengthen Singaporeans to serve the greater World

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