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20110920 SASC2 Singapore Unique Advantage

20110920 SASC2 Singapore Unique Advantage

Comparing with our immediate neighbor having similar rain fall intensity.
On equal catchment size
Singapore has many more rivers, higher gradient, straighter rivers, shorter distance to reach the ocean.
We definitely can resolve flood problem. (note the scale is approximately the same on both maps)

Our Higher Objectives are 
1. Recover water economically and elegantly
2. Beautify our environment

Two Keys to Singapore Water Resource

We have not fully realize the economic advantages of being a small island.

Therefore TWO key features of this island that is advantageous economicallyto waterway design.
They have to be emphasized in writing, in publicly known writing.

With these two advantages used, we can not only economically, expediently, elegantly resolve flood, we can also improve water quality and expand water storage.

TWO keys are:
     1. Tides used to reach right to the center of this island  (e.g Bukit Timah Rd beyond 5th avenue 1 in map above )
          a. Riverbeds were deepen and flatten by tides.
          b. Gradient reduced
          We can accelerate flow by regaining elevation upstream.

     2. After rivers barraged up as storage
         Very far up, almost to the center of the island (2, 3 mark location Wayang Satu, Zion Road) the waterway no longer flowing
              i. they behaved as a water storage, a lake
              ii. they cannot be computed as drain, a passage for discharge.

20110830 as reported proposed digging deeper drains for Zion-Kim Seng 250m section of Alexandra Canal.
Can they be effective, productive, relevant?
Are we working against what heaven has given Singapore - an island ?

Manning's equation showed that 
even long before gradient become zero the flow rapidly decimating to zero.
(Computation using 250 meter, remove 3 meter elevation) 

2011 09 12 Hrs 1530 Alexandra Canal 
Location Zion-KimSeng Dry Weather

It behaves like a lake, without direction of flowing.

The impact of deeper drains that remove the gradient will be analyzed in the next section.

We will take next two articles to address in two step : small drain, big canals.

We will use Bukit Timah canal as an example.
Bukit Timah is used not merely because it has the longest history of flood history.

We use it because it run flat land (Over a straight stretch of more than 7km the elevation is only 11 meter ) 
If we can resolve Bukit Timah, we can resolve most flood problems domestically as well as internationally.
Newton circle  16.334m (N1° 18´  47.05”  E103° 50´ 18.51”)      
Bukit timah    27.24m  (N1° 29 ´24.27” E 103° 46´ 45.29”) 
useing Global Mapper  software  

Please read for other aspect of competitive advantage Singapore has
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Please help me to Examine, Correct, and Improve 
Strengthen Singaporeans to serve the greater World

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