Monday, September 26, 2011

20110926 Waterway Costly Solutions Update

20110926 Waterway Costly Solutions Update

Ineffective design becomes not functioning at all.

20110506b Billions Dollars Experts Designed Coffee Bag

As registered in the above blog, this coffee bag is now no longer needed, and in the process of being demolished on 2011 07 12.

Solvere agree with this action, because now Singapore river is a water storage, we no longer need such deep sump to store rain water, to buffer flood.

This is how with good design, we use less land for waterway, yet we have better water management.

This must be progressively done around the island, but 

  1. the ability to absorb the storm water must be computed and managed well.
  2. the filtration of flotsam and silt cannot be compromised.

20110506c How Singaporeans' Invention become Foreign Experts Contribution

Solvere provided PUB's Yap Kheng Guan on how to design traps to trap flotsam and silted without choking the filter.
It was an invention Effective Separation, Easy Maintenance ESEM IPOS 20080619-1.

This invention achieve
  1. Simplicity
  2. Scalable for drains, river
  3. Do not need piling on river bed
  4. Minimal Requirements on geo-technical condition.
  5. Self separation wtihout choking the filter
  6. create safe, health preserving jobs for the massive aging workforce.

A complex version by CH2M Hill was installed.
After written explanation, a simpler version was installed.
Both are recorded in above blog.

Recently, around 2010/2011 a new set was installed in Kallang River.
It is visible from Kallang Train Station -  CH2M Hill name was not displayed.

Following photos were taken on 2011 06 21.
Six months after awaiting PUB to realize this costly solution is not working.
Till today, they are yet to realize.

Looking at water flow, looking at static structure, apparently
  1. Direction of water flow, 
  2. Magnitude, direction and location of external forces acting 
They are not clear to the designer, the engineers.

If you do not comprehend the obvious fact of water flow
no matter how much you invest in the wrong thing
it cannot make it right

Rubbish trap outside the costly stainless steel net

Magnitude, Direction, Location 
Forces acting on the system ?


  1. Jensen: A very creative and innovative waterway design by our Solvere. A good solution to our flood problems. PUB should pay attention to Solvere's inventions in order to make our Singapore flood-free.

  2. Dear
    Tan Gee Paw (Chair PUB)
    Khoon Teng Chye (CEO PUB),
    Yap Kheng Guan (Chairman Office)
    Tan Nguan Sen (Director)
    General Chew Mun Leong (CEO PUB Designate)

    Dear Philip Yeo (Goh Keng Swee ask you to look for edible, not just prawns, also fishes, here you find tasty fishes, over last 5 decades)

    Dear Prime Minister, food price is going up, cotton is going up. Not just for this crop, but next few crops - solutions for Food supply already provided to Founder 2006 05 18.

    Please review what i communicated to you, clearly you have not communicated to the contractors with comprehension.

    You do not need boom, you just need sheet of specific material as guides.
    Skewed design, reduce the forces on the guide.
    Allows you to have tension on the sheet to keep them smooth.

    The boom is costly, worst, go to Zion Road and have a look?
    Under the boom you hang nets.
    Boom and nets failed, and now you need second boom.

    The Malay community fishing there since 6 years old are now middle aged.
    He said, Government is stupid.
    I feel sorry for you.

    Go learn from them with Prof Chan Eng Soon.

    So costly, yet we afford you to have it?

    Civil Servants, do not ban them from fishing.
    They are your first line of defence if there is pollutions.

    Please put up call number, so they can call you first sign of pollution.

    You are our servants, not our obsticles, our money spender.


  3. Prof Chan Eng Soon

    Do you communicate with PUB.
    Data is not enough.

    When this sump is removed, now you want to build more sump to mitigate floods?

    Discuss with LKY, why private are not allowed to collect and store water?
    In draught they will not share
    In flood, they will pour out dirty one.

    There is great wisdom behind these thinking.
    Do not repeatedly make mistakes like raising orchard road