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20100908 Floods at Shenton Way 2010 09 08

Floods at Shenton Way today 2010 09 08

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08 September 2010
There have been floods at Shenton Way this morning. This is the umpteenth time this year flooding has happened in the city area and the outskirts as a result of heavy rain.
Clearly the Marina Barrage has not been effective at all in preventing flooding. If anything, flooding has actually increased dramatically after it was put in operation. calls for immediate ACCOUNTABILITY on the part of the PAP Government. We need an explanation why flooding is happening so frequently and what the authorities are going to do about it.
Since the first floods struck the Orchard Road area a few months back, the government has had ample time to prepare and make adjustments to their monitoring of the drainage system. Clearly, all their excuses and lame explanations have fallen flat. The problem is not with blocked culverts or debris, but with the ENTIRE drainage system itself, which has failed Singaporeans.
Accountability, please. NOW.

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