Wednesday, October 5, 2011

20111006 Why Singapore Must Learn from China

20111006 Why Singapore Must Learn from China

While i am writing in Chinese, on Why China must lead the Post Industrialization Era, and how to go about it.
Writing must be published before 2011 10 10 at

i realized that Chinese has been able to work with arch rivals, even when they are weak, they are struggling, they are learning, they are building, they are powerful, they are mighty.
They work by observing, learning, cooperating if possible.

Singaporeans Lim Neo Chian go to Su Zhong want to teach them something, realizing he not only has nothing to teach, and lost everything.
He is a junior officer.

What is shocking is even help, wisdom, logically explained, time tested, is denied from even being mentioned.

With the exceptional silence till now, with my discern i am confident of what exactly going to happen.

Observe China on 2011 10 10 dawn 
Location wuchang

try other avenues
forget about helping Singapore in humble way.

We need great effort, big manifestation

this post is time stamped and sealed 

2011 10 06 Singapore time 1046

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