Thursday, October 27, 2011

20111007 Expert Panel S'pore Drains cannt cope with more rainfall

20111007 Expert Panel S'pore Drains cannt cope with more rainfall

Expert panel: S'pore drains can't cope with more rainfall
By Reico Wong
my paper
Friday, Oct 07, 2011

The current design and network system of canals and drains in Singapore are no longer adequate to
handle the higher rainfall levels here, said the Expert Panel on Enhancing Flood Protection yesterday.
So, more "robust" ways are needed to slow down the flow of storm water and increase its drainage,
said the panel's chairman, Professor Chan Eng Soon.

Possible ways include building porous roads to soak up storm water and adding greenery at the top of
buildings to help capture and retain rain.

Singapore's drainage infrastructure could also be enhanced, such that rainwater in a particular area is
drained out through a network of canals, instead of just one, Prof Chan said.

He revealed that those were some of the preli- minary suggestions raised at a meeting of the expert
panel at the end of last month. It is studying the feasibility of the suggestions.

The panel, comprising 12 Singapore and foreign experts, was set up in June by the Ministry of the
Environment and Water Resources, after repeated serious flooding incidents across the country in
the last two years.

The panel is expected to conclude its review of Singapore's flood-protection measures and submit a
final report in January.
At a press conference held at the National University of Singapore, Prof Chan noted that Singapore's
storm water-drainage system compares well to those of other metropolitan cities, adding that all
drainage systems have a finite capacity.

"Conventional design approach and standards are not sufficient to secure an adequate drainage
system for the future, especially given global climate changes," he said.

"PUB needs to consider a wider range of measures that mitigates the effects of urbanisation. I think it
could look at solutions in a more holistic way."

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