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20111026 Hold Not Singapore Government to Ransom

Edition - 2011 10 27 hrs 1217 

Phillip Overmyer,  wants Singapore government to review foreigners policies, otherwise they are to pack up or scale back

The publication of this blog is emailed to SICC and related people, who may face demand for more, faster permits, housing, transport.....without comprehending the impact severe.

This article will address Mr Overmyer concerns in three levels:
1. Migrant policies is for foreign talent, what is foreign talent!
2. Chambermaid, Drivers, Engineers
3. Improve Foreign Talent contribution to our Development is the way SICC must strive persistently.
Phillip Overmyer is Chief Executive of Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) 

Migrant policies is for foreign talent

Phillip Overmyer's opinions is natural from any ordinary foreigner point of view. 
Profit i stay, no profit i go.

However, Singapore migrants policies is for foreign talent, not ordinary foreigners. 
We want them to stay with us, integrate as citizen, through thick and thin, not good weather friend, lesser exploiter of our weaknesses.

How to define foreign talent?

"It was Singapore's good fortune that he (Dr Albert Winsemius) took a deep and personal interest in Singapore's development. 

Singapore and I personally are indebted to him for the time, energy and development he gave to Singapore. 

I am proud to have known him and to have been his friend."
In a letter of condolences to his family, Lee Kuan Yew wrote:
Dr Winsemius died in the Netherlands on December 4, 1996.

All Singaporeans come into contact daily with many visitors from different nations, diverse culture, religious background.
We are open minded, we extend our handshake to them.

Throughout our journey, we see only one or two foreigners really contributed real, lasting, significant contribution - even Lords, Noble Men, lucrative opium farms contributed just like any average man while labor for their own power and profits, far cry from us like Oei Tiong Ham.....

Looking at those who contributed to LKY SPP, except Japanese Canon, i cannot recall any come from your chamber - you may prove me wrong, better, make loudly my assertion is wrong.

So i do not publish the photos of LKY SPP benefactors here.

Singaporeans are not just any metropolitan, they travel, many travel around the world, many educated in the top institutions in the world, some worked on advanced technology and most complex social issues.

Even fundamental errors on critical issues committed by MIT President led Energy Team were pointed out here crisply,  4 years after she declared Energy is her focus in her 2005 inauguration.
Reasons, Alternatives, better solutions also provided.
Bio-ethanol is not carbon neutral, even do not consider the immense energy used to cultivate, harvest, transport, process
half of carbon in sugar was emitted as CO2, only half turn into ethanol
2009 01 22

Singaporeans are not ideology or religious bounded.
We know what is good for us, what are feeble pursuits, what are harmful elements.
The best are not be in the cabinet.
The best are not contributing fully to their ability is costing the prosperity of Singapore, It is a domestic issue.

Even very brutal comments onslaught the then President of the Republic.
President Nathan said 
....They are well intended.

We know we are not arguing for baseless ideals, we are practical, pragmatic like our founders at their greatest moment.
No able Singaporean will allow any foreigners to hold Singapore government to ransom.

Mr Overmyer, 
You are seeing a group of educated, self-disciplined, constructive common people in the world, behind only Koreans, Japanese, some Swiss and German.

ask not our government to change policies to bring you more profit. 
ask are you the talent in our great founder Lee Kuan Yew definition?

i hope by now, you stop reading and am hopeful you go straightaway gather the best of brains, connections of SICC (International Chamber of Commerce not Island Country Club) to outshine Dr Albert Winsemius contribution.
Without such standing, can you have any ground of wisdom to advise our leaders, than a kid crying for more candy?

2. Chambermaids, Drivers, Engineers

Chambermaids, Drivers are not skilled workers. 

But they are your main concern, will be address next.

Here, let us see whether do we really imported too many foreign talent.

Photo taken on 2010 0903, months after Goldsand opens.

This would not have happened when our founders planned bigger, more complex project Changi Airport.

Every details of design is done carefully beforehand, precision to millimeter to match with each elements, not measuring tapes post built, adhoc.
The angles these people standing, showed that they do not know what they are looking at.

How many foreigners, how many Singaporeans are here, how many are actually working?
What is the skill set this man holding a tape Singapore do not have?
If Singaporeans are paid his pay, would there be shortage of applicants?

With our foreigner doing measuring work, do they actually ensure quality?
Pictures below taken two days earlier at Goldsand!
These seldom happen in our neighborhood coffee shops.

Have we progressed?
Are we worse off compared with late 1800s when earning rice for food, opium was our economy, colonizer our lord ?

Engineers is mentioned also.

Our education systems used to have machining lesson in secondary schools, engineers trained by the thousands, and at least 30 studying at all the top engineering schools around the world at any moment. 
When a doctor took charge ministry that need strong engineering skills - your concerned is well grounded.
Our government need to review this, where have our world class educated engineers gone?

At a moment when Canon, Samsung etc champion Japan, Korean Economy. 
Chinese Construction Companies' engineers all over the world?
Think, did foreign talent led Sony, Nissan any better direction ?

3. Improve Foreign Talent's Contribution

Singapore is a high density metropolis within a boundary clearly bounded by seashores, all infrastructure need to serve only high density usage within this clear, small boundary.

Therefore it has highest economy of scale for all infrastructure, institutions, business operations, this is Singapore unsurpassed competitive edge.

We feel sorry for Casinos to operate here.
but your short of manpower are most likely caused by Casinos and Casinos derived visitors.

Casinos really do not need excellent university graduates, skilled craftsman, exceptional efficiency for infrastructure.

Casinos need  immense cheap labors, though some training is needed to reach level of exceptional Dealers, Chambermaids, Drivers.
What Casino and gamers also desire is weak institutions - most lucrative income is from improper businesses operate without constraints.
Remember our Great Founder has to travel with his wheel chair bound Mrs Lee, wisest woman, to go to Las Vegas to study how to contain these vices.
Vices within the dens, not to the society at large.

This is a fact of wrong judgement, wrong choice for Casino operator.

I have shared with the Great Founder, that for Casinos to be driving our economy, our casinos need to be ten time larger than Macao - that will be largest in man's history.

I did not realize, then, that Macao do not need immense police forces to take care of almost daily unnatural death within their boundary, which you witness now in this once peaceful island.

Facts is now encased in ship ran on top of three glass blades, it cannot just sail away.
Especially, it is now the second largest source of profit for Goldsand.

Can we not forget before opening here, Goldsand was in financial trouble.
Who is benefiting who at what cost, whose costs?

May i therefore suggest we sit together, to see how to move this to be a sustainable, benevolent location where we bring the world best here learning with Singaporeans, to developed solutions,  solving crises we face today.

This is the only alternative use of these immensely beautiful buildings that is shameful to be made a city's landmark.

This can only be by improving integration among man, with machines, with immediate environment, with immense nature, and how market to integrate with the economy - "Post Industrialization Dynamos"

It is only this way, Singapore can afford more unskilled workers, while Singaporeans welcome you, respect you beyond Dr Winsemius.

May i wish you the most fulfilling moment of your life commence at this very moment, from here in Singapore !

2007 04 10 
Wall Street Journal a nest of talent for Wall Street, not Main Street
Yet they expressed their concern for our nation !
Do you Mr Overmyer?

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