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20111029 Drop the Feeble Old Moral Education - Lively Effective way is here

20111029 Drop the Old Feeble Moral Education - Lively Effective way is here


Drop the boring Moral Education.
It has been tried by mothers and teachers, saints and emperors,  for thousands years, it did not succeed.

Often it devolves into teaching of courtesy 礼, which many knows most comprehensively prescribed by Confucius.

Courtesy 礼 is perceived by Lao Tze  (the originator of Tao, whom Confucius went to seek his teaching)  as the indication of thinning out of Loyalty and Trust, also courtesy is the heading into chaos.

 夫礼者, 忠信之薄,而乱之首。

Confucius' teachings therefore were severely criticized occasionally in Chinese history.

How can there be any valid reason moral education of old can succeed in today's very real, very materialistic world.
Material is about survival, about comfort, about enjoyment, they are more real than courtesy.

We cannot replace what is real by what is virtual, virtue, worse self-sacrifice.

We need practical solutions. 

Practical solutions must therefore face straight on something we shy from facing during the thousands years.

Practical solutions must therefore address human nature, must therefore address the insatiable nature of man, the nature that seek profits, self-profit, infinite profit.
Even painful, hurting profit, beyond needs and wants, some will sacrifice all to rush for it as long as the expected return is big enough, even most of the time they are met with nothing but disappointment, betrayals, hurts, devastations.

Yet, Moral education never cease to be part of our life, in good time, in broken time.

So Morality is very important if not critical, even people do not really know what morality is about!
Moral education is so very important, especially at this very moment.

Casinos already brought about many broken families, unnatural deaths, even leaking military secrets - we know Casinos is immoral.
Immoral acts cause great harm, to self, to family, to society.

Nations, even the most powerful nation facing corrupt and bankrupt, wide spread civil unrest and governments unsettling.....
The rising nations become rich nations, facing corruption, also sporadic civil unrest.
We know they sourced from immoral acts.

While for nations, natural disasters is hitting us harder and more frequently.

Biggest Manifestation of Morality

While for nations, natural disasters is hitting us harder and more frequently.

The manifestation of morality, kindness are shown to be critical to weather these destruction.
We also witness how quickly the victims organize and recover, clear and rebuild, stand up and prosper again.

Thailand, Flood, developing nation, mostly Thai people

Japan, Severe Tsunami, Highly developed, Mostly Japanese

Koreans and Japanese are some of the most homogeneous society.
They still can progress at breaking neck speed, because they never cease to interact and learn, strengthen and compete with others.

While maintaining the community tightly knitting within, there is progress in peace, there is security in trials and winning beyond.

However, society that put economics highest in priority, excessively embrace migrants for profit. 

Without patiently integrate, educate, cultivate and provide for all - native and migrants.
Even the richest, most powerful becomes feeble, bankrupt.

Most Powerful Developed Nation
A Nation, many Illegal Migrants, Scholars, Leaders worshiped

After decimating the natives
Migrants are the leaders, soon also the victims of their own acts

Economic grow at all cost
 Infrastructure, Housing, Health care, Education come latter
Leader play piano, Victims harmed by Nature, then again violated by Man

After victims severe sufferings 
Some higher than holy said they deserved to be punished by God !

Morality is talking about care for each other, about helping each other to overcome.

It is therefore easier among kins, fellow country man.
The expectation of this from others most likely returned with disappointment, hurt, if not betrayals, exploitation, destruction, destruction irrecoverable.

The words from the leader of foreigner's chamber demanding Singapore government....

Nobody is packing up just yet, but they are waiting and running the numbers.
If this continues, you would probably see some companies shrinking their Singapore operations over the next few years,
this would mean fewer jobs for Singaporeans.'
SICC chief Phillip Overmyer (above)

The primary concern of this man is numbers, not the people, not the host who provided them with land and labors, security and efficiency. 
Suffering, pain suffer by the host, government despised by her citizen, never cross his mind.
(despised was the last word of sequence of intensifying words used by George Yeo described how the citizen feel about the government

If morality is about care for each other, it is a show of dire lack of morality, but it is human nature manifest in true color.

Only man need to use man kind, not that man is kind, but kind is isolated from man !
There is no other animal need to use kind next to it.
This also explain why there is no moral education in animal kingdom - they never ever need it.

Who you want to be leaders?
What you want school to teach?
Disasters now happen anywhere, anytime, more frequently, more intensely !

Effective way - provide Challenges

So the effective way is not to teach what is morally right.

The effective way is to assign tough challenges to all from toddlers to leaders.
This must continue especially to those richest and most powerful, especially when there is no natural disasters, yet with excessive wealth.

It is the great wisdom of Singapore government, to assign the regulator of Bankers to head Education Ministry.

With deepest understanding of Wall Street,  surely restarting moral education is his priority.

Characters of Ineffective Challenges

Challenges that individual on their own, has insufficient resources and strengths to accomplish. 

They have to work with others, cooperate with others is not merely a necessity, it is the absolute necessity. 

But they are inadequate, because they are ineffective.
Challenges must be not only about abstracts issues, ideology, policies.

Man has the crafts to break all institutions, no matter iron-fisted institutions, open democratic systems.
The bankers onslaught of world economy is not trivial, it is supported by almost all Nobel Prize winners' economic theories AND formulas.
The outcome is as Alan Greenspan (2009 0 3 11) and Bernanke (2009 11 26) put it.
They used the same word  "Virulent" to describe this crisis.
Virulent in plain word - deadly.
Bankers cooperatively give a deadly impact.

But we cannot forget Bankers positive contributions.

It is these group of people who were instrumental to fund high-tech boom, raised funds for factories, created the biggest middle class in human history, putting mobile phones into every hand, urban and rural, developed and trying to develop.

Yet, it is also this very group that caused tremendous hardship, even shame.

Man is man, depends on circumstances, they can be healing and constructing, harming and destructing.

When powerful people find no constructive path forward, they cause destruction, powerful destruction, powerful destruction rapidly.

Characters of Effective Challenges

Challenges must use sciences and technology - forces of nature.

Constructing real stuff, producing real stuff, consuming real stuff.

Even the most abstract work, poetry.
Challenges effective cannot be merely words that everyone can frivolously utter, but performing arts that involves team and audiences, timing and harmony, light and sound.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's "Our People, Our Music - 
全民共乐“ 2005 07 30 few remember, but we must now remember to re-enact it.
I will put up a proposal for this "Wings of Light" where we provide a platform for all to read, write, translate, compose, choreograph, dance......

Not only cooperating with team and audience one must, the result is very much depending on how we comprehend  the order of nature, listen to the beauty of harmony of different sounds.

Sound is determined by Nature.
Nature is the only one that is powerful enough to effectively check man insatiable nature, 

It is through such challenges, repeated challenges, setting challenges monotonically increase in intensity and precision that our understanding and appreciation of moral society really reach a useful level, only when it is useful it becomes profitable, only profitable can man's limited strength be contained to seek the insatiable desire.

The ultimate is concisely written by Khalil Gibran Khalil.

When we turn to one another for counsel 
we reduce the number of our enemies !

36 years before JFK famous inauguration speech, Gibran wrote 
Are you a politician asking what your country can do for you, 
a zealous one asking what you can do for your country?”

One another, include not just man, but social orderheavenly forces.

If we overcome

If we overcome thousands years of no progress in moral education.
If we realize infinite profits come from working with more others together to conctruct better life for more.

This will  provide a solution that  "Happiness Index", "Progress", Prosperity" can coexist, they actual are complementing each other.

Then we finally abandon the dead carcasses of hypocrisy, self-sacrifices in the pretense of morality.

Is this not enlightenment,  as:

Mankind's final coming of age
the emancipation of the human consciousness 
from an immature state of ignorance and error

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