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20111031 Singapore - The First and Last Social Experiment of Mankind

20111031 Singapore - The First and Last Social Experiment of Mankind


This article is to point out the severity and encourage all not to point blame to any party, but unite to develop solutions - solutions is to find industries we can export.

This article consists of 7 section, read what is relevant.

  • Facts- American Indians face smaller, slower migrants. They did not put leadership, scholarships in migrants hand.
  • Divide NOT - Problem is very big. Unite, do not blame any one.
  • It is OUR duty - No one will do for us, also we know better our strength.
  • The Government - Identify one or two industries we can lead the world. We are export economy. Without own brand, own product, own leadership, we are held to ransom.
  • The Oppositions - Go beyond criticism, actively engage people for ideas, assist them in refining ideas into mature solutions.
  • The People - observe problems root causes, provide observations together with analysis and solutions.
  • Conclusion - we can overcome and be leader of one or two key export to the world.


No people, even the American Indians, has welcome size of own population migration, in less than a decade.

We know the outcome of American Indian.

But we are doing more and faster than them, with less land, with no food produce from our land, with no product produce from our own factories - foreigners already held us to ransom.

No schools, research institutions has accepted so high population of foreigners than ours, never mind about scholarships given to them, President scholarship to person who have not given up her nationality to join us. (MIT has only 10% foreigners)
No nations has place foreigners in charge of strategic interest like energy, policies,  think tanks, research institions.
We do.

This is the first such social experiment of in man-kind.
The outcome is obvious.
This experiment is unlikely to repeat by future generation.

It is OUR duty

A westerner whom i met many times, but still cannot be certain who is he.
His wisdom is beyond mine, every well polished sentence i wrote, he can point out the flaws and guide me through to make it so beautifully convey across.

He wrote this to discuss with me

"the ever flexible Singapore is over extending and over committing 
beyond its ability to respond to what lies ahead."

The heart is kind than wicked.
The tone is concern than jeering.
The purpose is helping than exploiting.

i will hear him,  but in the mean time i think this is our domestic affair, it is our joint responsibility and i have full confident we can overcome it, if we do it collectively, wisely, immediately.

Divide NOT

Writing this article is not to place blame on anyone, when the experiment went wrong, terribly wrong.

Our great founder has done great things for us.
There were many tough choices made, there are reasons we do not know, we will never know.
Blaming will only alienate, divide us.

A divided nation will not be able to recover such magnitude of mistake without tragedies, tragedies that may last over prolonged period.

The Government

The government should remember what the former President said about severe criticism leveled by the nation to him:

"They are ALL well intended!"

A diplomat, he chose his words so precisely.
A national security man, he knows the impact to our nation's security more than others.
A person forced by invaders to do things against his will, he knows what is right from wrong.

Looking at ourselves, we are so protected, so less experienced in handling the evils.

Looking at criticism, are they unfounded? 
Do they help us to clear up our vision, minds?

We really need to be humble, and therefore thankful for our citizen input.
We should not stop this one from talking, embargo that one from offering solutions.

But we should demand them not just pointing out problems, but provide analysis and solutions.
We should seek them out, help them organize problems analysis and developing solutions than block them out, worse embargo them.

There are four levels of governments:
1. Tax collector to pay for the enjoyment others, e.g. British colonizer
2. Tax collector for own needs and want.
3. Governor, make sure each cents is well invested, each expenditure needed, most efficient.
4. Leader, point out where we can compete and win and develop towards that direction.
5. World Leader, point out where we can serve the world better, provide solutions for the world, make Singapore the location where new game plan for better world is developed than gaming away everyone money.

We are an export oriented economy, facing all able, all cheaper competitors from China.
We have lost our manufacturing base, own brand name, while all the other three dragons has at least one world brand name that engaged high calibre own people, employ massive labors.

We can only survive by being World Leader, of even one small but important area.
What is this small area, i have already identified, but more are welcome.

The Oppositions

i believe our intent is good.
Do not take this to shoot at the leaders, but take it in solemn mood, take it as our joint responsibility, this is a moment that we can build a strong nation impossible to achieve in normal way. 
No formal colony gain this self pride, louder now than "Kallang Roar" without being brutalized by the colonizer, like the Koreans.

There is no first world parliament till now, we know the challenges Obama face.

We must step from criticizer to become conduits for gathering solutions, catalyst for cultivating stronger ability Singaporeans (in problem identification and solutions, not debate) . 
Even better be solutions providers.

Be a first world parliament, be one unprecedented in shouldering the nation's recovery equally, be a partner in developing next phase of our growth.

The People

Social media provided a good conduit for all.
May we step from presenting the fact, to presenting the cause of the facts, better, suggest solution to the problems.

When we took video about a flood, can we identify where and when the flood start, where is flow stagnated where is slow flowing, where is fast flowing - better how to accelerate the flow.

When we complain about heavy passenger loads, can we identify where and when they come from, where they go to, are there better alternative routing, better can we create jobs nearer - the creation of bazaar at Buangkok should be made before even Buangkok open.


We are the first and last social experiment man ever taken.

We either 

Change course now, and bring the pride, ability of Singaporeans to greater height, make each and every Singaporean stronger, with more valuable Singaporeans to the world, better Singapore is inevitable.


Be remembered as one worst failure in man history.
Few of us will be remembered as the culprit, worse as one who crucify those who come to the rescue.

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