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20111103 NUS New Law Dean Chesterman and Its Immense Impact

20111103 NUS New Law Dean Chesterman and Its Immense Impact

Professor Simon Chesterman has been named the new dean of the National University of Singapore (NUS) law school after more than 60 candidates were considered for the job. His appointment takes effect on Jan 1 next year.

The 39-year-old Australian, currently the law school's vice-dean of graduate studies, joined NUS in 2007 as director of the New York University (NYU) School of Law Singapore Programme.

At a press conference on Monday, he outlined what he wanted to achieve.
He said NUS needs to ensure that its graduates are not just good technical lawyers but are also creative thinkers and have the soft skills to work with people from different backgrounds

New NUS law dean has big plans for school by Amelia Tan, 2011 10 21

Key of Legal Training

What is more important to legal profession, education of law

CREATIVE thinking
Understanding the deeper MOTIVES of man, MOTIVATION behind principles of ALL laws ?

Creative Thinking Lawyer's Impact

What will be the Outcome if lawyers are Creative Thinkers?

CREATIVE thinking lawyers who are able to work with people from different background, who can pay them extremely well, what are the impact (both LKY and Shanmugam has shared in different decades to different audiences, about different aspect)

     a. to the judiciary system?
     b. to legal profession?
     c. to our society?

The difference between a common migrant and a native is native has the belonging and passion to the land, difficult for them to pack up and go, or threaten us he will pack up and when situation no longer rosy to their profit making.

Immediate Solutions to Hollowed-out Succession 

While Chesterman yet to assume the office

May i suggest inviting character tested, loyal retired lawyers like Yong Pang How, Jeyakumar, Tommy Koh to restart their journey of cultivating our legal professions, future deans, Law Minister, Foreign ministers, Home Affair Ministers, treaty negotiators, trade negotiators, judges, Attorney General, Solicitor General ......

Creative Thinking Lawyers?

Creative thinking lawyers already exist in abundance, trained by mediocre schools, even society against them doing it - in reality, many are self-trained.

Creative thinking lawyers must not be, shall never be trained by the main stream law school, especially all national, state universities.

Else the society will head into decadence, as our great founder worried about.

Chief Justice speech to Legal Profession

His speech to the legal profession, resonate in my heart:

he quoted 
I slept and dreams that life was joy
I awoke and saw that life was service
i acted and behold, service was joy
Rabindranath Tagore

He emphasized lawyers must keep their finger nails clean.

The question is if lawyers invented creative way of cleaning up nails, what is going to happen to our judicial systems? our society? our daily life?

Referring to Dean Chesterman's training lawyers to be creative thinkers and have the soft skills to work with people from different backgrounds
Solvere wrote on 20111103 

The worst decision is setting the harmful as the highest priority of doing
doing it with all might and glory !

For NUS and NTU Presidents

i hope you remember the painful, if not also embarrassing history of 
1. NTU Business School, throughout the tenure of Su Guan Ling, no dean till today. a dean came and left without giving a lecture worth my memory, his explanation - my children cannot adapt to Singapore.
     a. Business school Dean do not know Market (Singapore) situation ?
     b. do not know consumer (her children) preference?
2. NUS Engineering School Dean, who did you invited, what is the outcome?

GKS nourish a generation of great leaders.
Today, without him, is it not we must do so, committed to do so in doubling effort, faster speed?

You can, together we certainly can!

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