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20121219 How Temasek can become Key to Singapore Success

20121219 How Temasek can become Key to Singapore Success

When Engineers chase for Profit, without improving efficiency and capability, lose, great losses will be the outcome.
2000 when i informed a respected Engineer that this person will lead Temasek, it was with greater picture than profit making.
Profit making, GDP are easy to manipulate, Bankers just demonstrated to us through their inventions of derivatives.
We also recently raised the rent of $1(set by Colony Master) to $1,000,000(our people government)  for a Hospital run by Charity, (even though they need not pay $1,000,000 through subsidies).
This showed as government, presenting rosy picture is not difficult, even if the nation is bleeding.

I find it is my duty to inform the people of Singapore, especially the elected and the fourth Prime Minister of the Republic to stop our nation from multiplying,  accelerating, aggravating failures, and inflicting Sadness, Anger, Despise (SAD) on and through migrants and sending them carry SAD back to important corners of the world (China, India...)

Our future leaders will find themselves holding weak position in organizing an able & devoted team.
They will be weak in negotiating, if not unwelcome in nations, rejected by others from negotiation.
It is my duty to prevent these from happening.

Especially when Singapore Technologies Aerospace has set up bigger, higher value added plants in Penang.

Have Temasek wonder will one day Penang overtook Singapore as the base for higher technology center, after Penang produce higher values Electronics?
Will our universities graduate find themselves overqualified?
Will our service industries be impacted, when important exhibitions, conferences, etc will not be in Singapore?
Have Temasek wonder when Filipinos in Seagate said that Singapore Engineers are poor quality, after Singapore pride to be World Leader in Harddisk Manufacturing?

Have Temasek wonder 20121113 National Population and Talent Division stated that by 2030 150,000 foreigners may be needed, for the bulk of maids, health care, construction.  Are they really talent? Are they really producing export?
It is my duty to prevent these from happening.
Why me?

What i am sharing here, has been presented to the Prime Minister before these happened.
These things are so huge that anyone with concern would have seen it.

Yet a few months ago, i heard our top leader said the world talented make a lot of money.
I even heard him saying in India, we have to be more messy in order to grow.
I find this is an understanding that will lead this nation into even bigger failures.
I am not convinced that solutions for Singapore woes will be in him.

I find it totally astounding, as a nation, a government who suffered,  repeatedly suffering loss, immense losses at the hand of the talented, especially bankers.
I find we have been scrambling to fill key positions by foreigners after we fired many able.
Yet have we learnt?

We are a tiny nation depending on export to the world. So we must examine the bigger picture.
Have we not examined when the world top 10 companies are dominated by banks.
  1. This is the first time in history of fortune 100, that Banks not just entered top ten, but also dominated the list.
  2. They are top ten in terms of Revenue and Profit.
  3. Their return is 9% compare 4% of other industries. 
(Page 16, Post Industrialization Dynamos, Solvere, Autumn 2009, ISBN 9810 833558)

2008 11 19 shared with  DBS bank president Richard Stanley, at Old Parliament House
2009 05 08 shared with Ban k Negara Chief Zeti Akhtar Azis at MAS  in presence of Heng Swee Keat
  • that banks are conduit for liquidity flow between real supply and demand
  • they are not wealth creator
  • if they are, they are through distortion, exaggeration, fabrication
  • bankers must declare this, so that they live happier, respected

2009 01 Richard Stanely was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia
2009 04 11  he died

And indeed not only banks created negative interest rate, they indeed play a key role in creating "the most virulent crisis" as coined by Allan Greenspan 2009 03 11 & Ben Shalom Bernanke 2009 07 26

Even the Chief of Morgan told me that bankers are taking low profile now facing the reality.

Has our 3rd PM learnt: anticipated this when we invested big in UBS?
Which is taking our Command House to train Private Bankers?

UBS fined $1.5 billion in growing Libor scandal

I feel this is my duty to share with the people, especially the elected, that it was i who informed a respected Engineer at the turn of century, 2000, that:
  • Technological innovation came to stagnation, it no longer able to drive world economy.
  • Technology Era accumulated over abundance wealth, found no new investment opportunities.
  • Over abundance wealth will lead to negative interest rate.
  • Over abundance labor and brains will create wars. (a handwritten note was hand delivered to inform the next war will be in Central Asia, most likely in Afghan.) 
  • The only peaceful solution is to create new industries, bigger than electronics to keep the world larger labor and brains fully employed.

It was stated that this Engineer will lead Temasek.
It was clearly recommended to:

1. Hold the pulse of world economy to be the first to detect emerging industries.
2. Four Industries will provide earlier pulses and objective indicator:
  • Banking and Finance
  • Telcos Services
  • Media
  • Retails.
Identified these industries, when the objective is set clear, after the threat is clearly stated.
It is my failure in understanding our leader was distracted by the huge profit banks can derive, without considering these earning are not real. 

Without big picture, we micro-managed the investment

1. setting on any banks(regional banks, wealth management UBS), than banks serving new,real industries. 
2. setting on any telcos (Thailand, Australia are not trend setter)

Without holding the purpose right, not only we did not make profit, we did not detect clear sign of dangers, and inflicted major set back on our investment.

I find it therefore, a time to reflect and go to the first principle:
1. Sovereign wealth funds is not one aimed to make biggest earnings.
2. Sovereign wealth funds is to protect the values of the assets.
3. At most, it can be used to hold stable companies that serve the world at large.

Once these three principles are religiously complied, the leader of Temasek, GIC will be having less hectic time.
They can sit back and think of greater picture for this nation :
1. Improving efficiency of Government Link enterprises - so that our housing, transport, telecommunications, etc are most economical, fastest, best in the world. (Hangzhou provide free wifi for the whole city)
2. Cultivating successors to lead this nation. (by sending our youth to go interacting, learning, competing with world leading corporations.)

Then, our brilliant engineer can go back and choose, cultivate, future leaders, than chasing earnings.
This is a more important job, if not the key, the only key for Singapore's survival.

On the other hand, without respecting the reality of today's world economy, earnings will keep evading from us.

Heavenly order is meticulous, if you do not observe it, all effort are in vain, if not self-inflicting, self-destructing.

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20121210 How Lui can be the FIRST successful Transport Minister

20121210 How Lui can be the FIRST successful Transport Minister

An important note to protect the Ministers & MPs, 

You commented on where to get money to pay bus drivers
did Law Minister advise you what you said may 
1. Affect the charges against the drivers 
2. You may then be called to witness
3. Drivers may have legitimate claims beyond the SMRT!


This discussed in the following:
1. We do not need bigger transport system
2. Money can easily come by 
3. To be Really Successful
4. Be World Model - our Next Export
5. For Minister of Finance (relevant to Hardware n new Software Ministers)


Most of the transport ministers stepped down, except Mah Pow Tan took up a bigger porfolio MND. 

Transport is a key for modern economy, therefore, transport success will enable economic success.

I believed many Singaporeans are able and committed to solve our problems, progress our nations. 
Many are humble so did not write it down.
Those who written are not foreign talented, so are not received and made known many.

First i thank M MOT Lui and several MP start to examine where money come from to fund the pay rise of bus drivers.
This is after my blog that was circulated to them on 2012 12 04.
i cannot claim the full credit, for you may not have read my blog.

20121204En Solvere public apology to the Chinese Drivers

20121204 康索向中国车长的公开道歉
Now money is the constraints identified, but money is not the root of our problem.
1. Our problem is where is the source of growth for Singapore - how money is generated !
2. How can transport be improved and how can improvement help our economy, our export !
3. Can we design a transport system that will become a model everyone want to model after - 
Then we can export city planner, engineers, consultants, builders.... even Ministers..

1. We do not need bigger transport system !

Let us put to rest what Ministers, MP are concerned.

1. Doubling Population within ten years is the root cause of the transport woes.
2. But if we examined our population doubled in less than 10 years (>10% increase a year) at a rate faster than the GDP growth (<1.5% a year). 
3. So it merely explained our foreigners are eating away our economy.
4. The policy did not grow our economy at all. We examine what are the top and bottom tier of migrants.
     4.1 Did Researchers at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policies,  contributed to our problem analysis, providing solutions, consulted for important policies (.e.g Minister Salary?)
     4.2 Did Rajaratnam school produce a future Foreign Minister, how old are our diplomats to foreign nations and at home?
     4.3 So many bus drivers, are they needed because of doubling the population by migrants, cheap labor migrants that was not what the rosy picture East Asian Institute Yang Mu claimed China Migrants are rich and contributing to wealth of our nations ?

Reason given by MTI (did Minister announced with chiefs of EDB, AStar, Springs, JTC ?) for massive foreigners are:

1. Construction - but with half of house built unsold and many house, factory, jurong land vacant, are we importing more people to to provide for needs of more constructions?
2. Elderly Care - are you saying these are drivers of our growth?
3. Where are new industries, jobs of real growth, credible export?
With systematic identification of real contributor of our economy, there are few, very few migrants we really need. 

With wise decision, the load on public transport will slow down, eventually reduced...

So, it is for the transport minister to secure the economic and population planning from the PMO and design the transport system to meet the need and published how he can or cannot cope with it, at what cost.

Rather than piece meal solution and expanding infliction of sadness, anger and despise internationally.

Raymond Lim really need not step down, if he has considered the paper i submitted to him the first few days into his office.
these articles was also sent to Lian He Zhao Bao, they did a two full page articles latter along the same line but lost the key points.

2. Money can easily come by 
(if you are a leader, skip this and go to  "3. to be really successful")

Our budgets are having surpluses
We must consider transport as the enable of all aspect of economy.
Providing cheap, fast, reliable, comfortable public transport is to help the rich have cheap, fast, reliable goods, attentive services with smiling faces. So they can have the ultimate of enjoyment.
This is not subsidizing the poor.

After above articles, the rich and powerful are still talking about how caring they are to the poor.
They missed the point, they are doing it for themselves too.
No man, rich or poor, are saint.
All man, rich and poor are sensible about their own interest.

So, i have to share it in greater details how money can easily come by.

One component is from Foreign Levies (if levies are used to provide skill upgrading, health care, better housing for foreigners, then we are closer to saint, we shall not touch it for our own benefits.)

Second component is from COEs, Road Taxes, ERP.

So indeed, DOUBLING foreigners are the root causes of heavy demand on public transport, resulting in DPM Teo's statement.

Since they are the causes, root causes, if not the only causes, then it is only foolish if the Transport Minister do not ask these income to be used to support public transport, even providing 
1. Fuel Tax Free, Road Tax Free, Insurance Free, Free Maintenance for Public Bus Operators. These are politically trivial compare to buying buses for the private operators who are making profits and paying handsome to top officers. (Saw told us her pay are decided not by stake holders - government & passengers, but in AGM among shareholders. We shall next discuss how suggestion in 2001 of who and how to lead Temasek to help Singapore to win.)
20130319 3 Keys Saw Pointed for Singapore Leaders to See Seriously

2. All the income from vehicles entering ERP gantry be given to to the buses passing passing through the same gantry. Otherwise, if no buses to bring workers, customers, residents, how can there be shops, banks, services, housing within the zones within the gantries! (There are only two gantries in Singapore that do not design for passage  - One of them the Nantah old gate where campus is replaced by housing -  purpose changed, the other Stainless steel in front of Istana - passing is impossible without sawing the mesh apart - no more aperture.)
3. All the voters shall take public transport for free, except taxi.
4. All the migrant shall pay more to take public transport, since without them we really have no such problem at such magnitudes.

However, if Lui still cannot be the most popular during voting within PAP, and general election, he must know the people is still sad, angry and despised, years after PM Lee's apology to his people.

Then he can even get more from the followings:

The school and misc fees payable by SPR and IS in 2012 and 2013 are as shown in the table from
School Fee (S$)Misc Fee* (S$)Total (S$)School Fee (S$)Misc Fee* (S$)Total (S$)
PrimarySingapore PR4011519013103
IS (Non-ASEAN)3451135650013513
IS (ASEAN)2351124635013363
SecondarySingapore PR55167112020140
IS (Non-ASEAN)4701648665020670
IS (ASEAN)3251634145020470
Junior College / Centralised InstituteSingapore PR802210216027187
IS (Non-ASEAN)750227721,000271,027
IS (ASEAN)5302255270027727

1. Education is about students, students produce a lot of traffic, including field trips, NDP, Youth Festivals....
2. No inflation in the world is more than 50% a year. 
3. However school fees for foreigners are increasing close to 100% a year. 
4. Therefore there is a lot of money from MOE can be transferred to MOT, unless 
   MOE stated that 
   a. they have lost budgetary control, or 
   b. this increase will make education better, every student will become Nobel Prize Winner.

5. Gaming taxes -  Buses and
MRT brings millions of anxious donors to the turf club,  supported by even bigger sum from the only new industry our PM successfully brought in,
6. Property Tax - without MRT, most properties do not worth so much.
    a. Revenue from Property Transaction, and 
    b. Income tax from property agents, conveyancing lawyers.
    c. Development tax from developer.
    d. GST from physical transaction, non-web-based transactions, which most likely involving physical movement of people from one place to another, 
With such income, not only voters get public transport for free,  they can be enjoying free wifi, cable TV on boards while being served drinks and beverages by beautiful trainees destined to SIA and world leading airlines.

With these there will be few, very few private cars, we do not need to build more roads, exhume countless graves.
Then MTI will not warn this nation we need to have more, hundred thousands more foreign talent in 
  1. construction houses, roads, tunnels.
  2. caring for the aged ( we just send aged to take bus to fill up massive empty seats during off peak hours after buying so many thousands buses, this also train our youth to be loving. )
Then not only there is no jam, the living are happy.
The died also be continuing their dying peacefully.

Mr Lui will become the most popular Public Transport Minister in both worlds. 

3. To be Really Successful

This apply to hardware, also software Ministers, Ministries (MOH, MOE, MCYS...)

In order to be successful, one must be constructive.
To be constructive, one must be serving, integrating with others that requires his services.

Singapore is a tiny island with dense population through out - infrastructure can be most expedient, efficient, therefore cheapest to compete in the world. 
A suggestion was delivered to Prime Minister earlier.
20070420 The Way Forward - Integration and Efficiency

In this suggestion,2007 04 20 Hrs 0237 it is recommended that three Ministries
  1. Ministry of National Development
  2. Ministry of Environment & Water Resource
  3. Ministry of Transport
be integrated and led by a person of potential to become the next Prime Minister.
So that he can improve the system integration - which is the key for Singapore to be effective, efficient, economical to compete in the world.

However, Higher thing happened.
Prime Minister Announced "High Power Green Growth Panel" setting up at Davos, reported 2008 01 25.

Not only this is not focusing on the strength, and to strengthen Singapore competitive edge.
Power and Green are two opposite aspect of describing any system. 
Powerful Machine will consume, pollute, damage Green environment faster.

It also instead of appointing one younger Minister, it appointed two oldest Ministers.
Can PM Lee blame others that he has to stay till 70 years as a Prime Minister?
Can an able person drop from sky, after a drought of decades of no able leaders trained ?

PM just announced the new, untested Generals, Heng Swee Kiat, Lawrence Wong as potential next successor, bypassing Khaw, Shanmugam, Lui, Vivian, Eng Han,  .......

Can Transport Minister not be the better one to push for integration?
Are not:
  1. All modern businesses, without planning for the transport, just cannot operate.
  2. All housing without designing jobs in the estate, will burden, break the neck of public transport.
  3. All drains are besides the road, and worse impact of our flood is to our roads, and later in written warning our subway infrastructure will be damaged by floods.

20110505 Alerted Raising Orchard Road Definitely Worsen Flood

Exactly one month after i sent to PM, DPMs,
Exactly on 2011 06 05, not a day early or late, heaven sent flood exactly as forewarned.
I do not know how PM Lee feel, but i feel shivering on how heaven is faithful in keeping us respectful, 

Soon, trains get stuck underground, the suggested evacuation exercise was not carried out, and real event really cannot be handled.

A year latter, after repeated failures of MRT. we decided our MRT power cables damaged by water and millions needs to be invested, even bigger effort has to be invested to do this damage control without disrupting train services.

So to succeed you need good ideas.
So to fail, you just ignore everyone and chase after the wrong thing.

Treating Problems as Solutions  (migrants, casinos) 
Treating Solutions as Problems (massive loyal and active, capable and disciplined, knowledgeable & wise Singaporeans) 

4. Be World Model - our Next Export

Singapore is a tiny high density population throughout a tiny island.
We have highly educated, sensible, now turning passionately loyal Singaporeans.
Heaven therefore is blessing us without natural disaters.

Therefore we can become a model module for future world cluster of cities that 100 million (0.1 giga) live within hour of high speed travel. (Dotted G). This has to have new initiatives to improve planning of jobs, housing, extended comfortable walking distance, high speed interconnect of higher speed means...

This was one of the key initiates for Singapore to presented to our great founder, on 2006 0 5 18 as 
"The World has Lost Direction, - Reasons and Solutions here in...."

I do not have the full grasped of what higher objective he wanted to achieve when latter he announced a "Global Dot Sg"
Certainly, it is an important initiative that one of most dynamic person, PPS of MM took charged.
Soon, it was taken over by former PUB Chief Khoo Teng Chye with Liu Thai Ker as Chair.
Lately, great diplomat Chan Heng Chee also participating in this,
How many more before we see Dot Sg really comes to fruition.

With good insight, commitment, leadership, certainly we can bring about a new pride Singapore has, a significant export we can rely....

a practical way of transforming our Integrated Resort from Casinos to one where leaders gather to discuss about how to improve our world.

5. For Minister of Finance

If the integration was led by Transport Minister, all our drainage are along our roads - do we need the expensive world flood experts to tell us we need to invest hundreds of millions to do our terrain survey again?

for a smaller sum (than the above survey) we sold PWD -  the centralized body for planning, executing, documenting land and built) .
Without PWD, even hundreds of millions invested in surveying, the information no one will be responsible to update, to verify, to maintain.

Please read the email to PM, it also suggested integration among sofrware ministries (MOE, MCYS, MOH...)

Hardware is faster to built, easily to quantified, yet we failed because lack of integration.

Now shall our PM learn from this, and know what will be the outcome of distributed the jobs of software, people building into many new ministries, younger, less experienced officers.

Do you want to invest our budget for more of these and be held accountable when they fail like the hardware teams?

A retired senior leader of People Association explain this in a way i cannot do better:

This new organizations separate tools from duties.
It is like having 
  1. rifles in one battalion
  2. bullets in another
  3. while solders in the third.
It cost more money, headcounts
yet it cannot function at all!
and at the end of the day, no Minister will be successful, and we cannot hold anyone accountable, like our three hardware Ministers.

Do you want to be held accountable for?

Do you want to entrust this operations to one Military General who tells our citizen go ahead to have babies, do not be troubled by whether you can have housing, education, health care for the children ?

Do you think any commander baptized by battle will send his soldiers to go to battle and tell these soldiers  you must fight, fighting very important, so important that you cannot worry about is there water, food, bullets !

Especially when there is no flood, no earth quake, no invader, no subversion...

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20121204En Solverel public apology to the Chinese Drivers

20121204En Solvere public apology to the Chinese Drivers

Solvere formally apologize to the 1.3 Billion Chinese for Solvere has recommended to his beloved Prime Minister about $1,000 income will be for Singapore mass for a nation without producing own food, own actors, own goods to compete in the world.

Reducing cost to improve our competitive edge is the recommendation.
However, it is not Solvere intention, expectation, imagination that increasing the low income is a solutions.

20110419 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology
Technology has been shared with Minister MND, Khaw Boon Wan. I am thankful he replied in his face book that MOS Lee Yi Shyan will act on it.
As i am not yet abandon my duty and emigrate, not yet a foreign talent, therefore, i am yet to hear from MOS Lee, a year has passed.

20110420 Save Singapore Housing - 4 Final Points
law include two points, i was confident many Singaporeans know, and i leave it for fellow citizens to elaborate:
1. Basic housing should be only between government and citizen, not open market. This opposition brought up recently.
2. With few or no children, 99 lease hold has not meaning. it should be life long, so that once we died, government can quickly provide for fellow citizens, and government get income to administer, to refurbish, to profit.

20121204 康索向中国车长的公开道歉

20121204 康索向中国车长的公开道歉

1. 在新加坡的中国公交车车长百人集体不上班,一些被控告,二十多人被遣送回国。

2. 这是新加坡政府大幅度提高$1,000元底薪工人的薪水但没有相应提高中国人的薪水。

3. 中国人不但觉得不公平,更觉得尊严受到伤害。而发生的, 没有动武,也没有 混乱。

4. 这提高$1,000也用在拥有公共组屋的最新考量。

5. 这都是在大选后提出来的。大选中,执政党受到人民的强力反对,怨声载道。一位部长指出, 人民悲伤,生气,唾弃。 (sad, angry, despise)

6. 这是大吹大擂开了赌场、方程式一跑车后,并没有提高新加坡人的技能、收入的必然施政的结果。

7. 大选前,康索指出了
     7.1 牺牲了我国开国元勋的承诺,元勋承诺赌场绝对不可能在他有生之年开。
     7.2 元勋晚年新的产业只有赌场和方程式一跑车。
     7.3 他们没有带来增长,更没有提升国人的技能,国家在国际上的·竞争能力。
     7.4 新加坡只有当承包商,低廉的劳工, $1,000是一个国际愿意还的价格。
     7.5 我们必要设计基本住房给 $1,000 元左右收入的老百姓。
     7.6 康索一贯指出问题,必然是在有处方之后。
     7.7 康索指出必要从科技和组屋房契上着手。
     7.8 如何把房屋建得更好,更经济,更舒服的科技在

20110419 Save Singapore Housing - 3 Technology

     7.9 康索也指出必要从组屋的房契,市场管理。他肯定不久他人必会提出这个看法。
            7.9.1 一年半后,新加坡一个政党提出了基本住房必要由政府和公民直接交易。不可让公开市场交易,房价就会保持在廉价劳工负担的起的水平上。
            7.9.2 到今天,还没有人提出,好多新加坡人,将无法养儿育女,房契99年没有意义。终身地契确保公民去世后,政府马上能转让给其他公民,减少不幸人士,增加经济效益。


康索愚笨,不知道公交公司已经需要政府拨巨款帮他们买公交车后, 还会不吭声提高新加坡,马来西亚公交车司机的薪水。




Singapore is an export economy
     Home Pricing Must be fixed at 
        Years of salary world willing to pay us
While Singaporeans are unemployed, has to sacrifice the chaste to do Casinos.
   when government employing foreigners without needed expertise?

With such stupidity, Singaporeans's salary may well fall below $1,000 to get a job world ready to pay us.
Expat forum said you need $1,500 to live in Singapore, without drinks, entertainments, children, education.....

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US Highway Drainage administration

A frequently quoted statement of this law is:
"... every landowner must bear the burden of receiving upon his land the surface
water naturally falling upon land above it and naturally flowing to it therefrom, and he
has the corresponding right to have the surface water naturally falling upon his land
or naturally coming upon it, flow freely therefrom upon the lower land adjoining, as it
would flow under natural conditions. From these rights and burdens, the principle
follows that he has a lawful right to complain of others, who, by interfering with natural
conditions, cause such surface water to be discharged in greater quantity or in a
different manner upon his land, than would occur under natural conditions....." (Heier
v. Krull. 160 Cal 441 (1911))
This rule is inherently strict, and as a result has been modified to some degree in many states.

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20121129 Raise Low Income to $1,000 why it fail?

20121129 Raise Low Income to $1,000 why it fail?


Recently, Foreign Talented Chinese SMRT drivers did not turn up for duty, en-mass.
They also expressed dissatisfaction with the lower pay increment compared to others in a massive pay exercise.
This is an exercise not limited to SMRT nor bus drivers alone.
This is an exercise of increasing the pay of those below or around $1,000.

$1,000 was also mentioned when public housing is concerned.

Why $1,000

i do not know if there is other reasons.

i can only based on my 12 years of direct input to the Prime Minister, on important issues affecting Singapore survival, while providing solutions to grow Singapore ( including what are solutions for world issues, and Singapore can champion it,so that that Integrated Resort for Gambling be transformed into Integrating World Resources for growth.)

20110418 i provided input to the Prime Minister about why we must design housing to be owned by the low income, i pegging this as $1,000.

$1,000 is set as the world willing to pay for labor in a nation without own enterprises like Samsung, etc.
(even though we invested much bigger, earlier in wireless communication than Samsung.)

Technology and Law are needed to support it. 

Technology was published and latter informed the new Minister MND.
In his facebook reply, he asked MOS Lee to look into it.
As expected, i am still awaiting.

While Law i am confident there are others will think along the same line, so i more participate in this nation building.
Opposition has recently published one of the points - low cost housing not for open market resale.
Second points i am awaiting others to publish.

Why $1,000 is not about increasing Pay

$1,000 is set as the world willing to pay for labor in a nation without own enterprises like Samsung, etc.
(even though we invested much bigger, earlier in wireless communication than Samsung.)

This is decided by this nation 
  1. could not produce own food, 
  2. do not have own enterprise that create jobs that win world competition, 
  3. do not have own sportsmen, entertainer like PSY to earn foreign income.
We have reduced to nothing more than a contractor, sub-contractor, sub-sub contractor.

We do not need engineers, everyone knows that this is about reducing cost of food, housing, transport for the short sighted. We also need education, healthcare. 

Any responsible person do not need others to tell them this.

This therefore totally concurred with Leung Tze Hian.
Leong pointed out $1,000 is not even enough for basic living. 

Leong is an experienced, responsible thinker & speaker.
He has been providing help to many the needy.

He knows the real problem and he knows Singaporeans are responsible.
Singaporeans will not say i married first, have babies without considering housing, education, health care.

If there is leader of this nation that made decision less responsible than the citizen - this nation is doomed.

Can wrong make massive become correct

No one could expect that instead of holistically improving system efficiency, reducing cost, a generous increment was set for the low income group.

Our mainstream media is very sophisticated, they reported, at different timing without connecting them together.

  1. our inflation 4.5%.
  2. our growth, after sacrificing our principle of no casinos, is 1.5% 
while we know our population growing at about 10% (double in 10 years.)
(Please informed me if you have more accurate source and numbers.)

Our mass media despite repeatedly expressing negative opinions about mass migrants, showed understanding, sympathy to the Chinese SMRT drivers who did not turned up for work, en mass.

Both media reported the extra accommodation, despite spartan, poor condition, were the added benefit to migrant drivers.

Without good rest, can they serve safely, especially as MOM said - essential services.

I, stated clearly, the Prime Minister need to take every suggestion with full awareness of the immense responsibility this nation invested in him, solutions providers entrusted in him.

Assessing the situation, i have decided that the one Prime Minister that is going to lead Singapore out from repeated policy blunders, aggravating blunders. Blunder now spreading from infrastructure hardware to management of hardware, people - Overcoming requires basic commitment that we are yet to see.

This is when i stopped providing input in private, when this blog was started to keep the leader who is to hold the most important office, committed to the duty of the office, be best equipped to do so.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

20121112 PSSP - Why Success Evade Singapore Leaders

20121112 PSSP - Why Success Evade Singapore 2nd and 3rd Generations Leaders

DPM Teo admitted our infrastructure plans fells short of population growth.

He is admitting a fact long recognized by the people, by foreign investors.
Few years ago, one Reuter wanted to discuss with me how,
"the ever flexible Singaporean is over extending and over committing beyond its ability to respond to its ability to respond to what lies ahead."

This is a fact stated nothing clearer than recent statement the international chamber chief Overmyer made.
His remark was published as the headline of TODAY, on Nov 12 and it is so important that obvious TREmeritus also has it there.

He expressed that the policies changes so fast on issues that affect businesses, and business decision need a longer term views.
Even in developing nations, situation may be chaotic, yet investors can find some trend to base their decision on.
Whereas Singapore, pride to be stable, the key policies on key driver of economy (the only leaders in world history to say that without more foreigners, our economy will stagnate.) is flip flopping faster than the trend of stock markets.
This is the what the Reuter meant about "ever flexible".

So our government want the people to embrace foreigners.
It is not so easy.
By employing foreigners, paying them high in banks, research institutions, not only they did not solve our problems (which Ngiam Tong Dow recently wanted our scholars to participate in policy discussion, but look at LKY School of Public Policies did they contribute to our public policies? Who are in there? ), they demand more as we see in recent cases of outburst by foreigner banker about construction next door. His abuse against, foreigners construction workers, raise the uproar of our people.
So many highly paid foreigners are not solutions.

By employing massive cheap labors, to do constructions, are their working conditions, terms complying to the land of this law, are their safety maintained at some minimal standard.
Can we recall Indian laborers bitten by rats in his resting place and died. His resting place is among the newly  congested little India?
Can we not find Chinese Embassy has to set up a special office, and place the form at the guard room of the MAIN ENRANCE of the embassy on labor disputes?

So massive cheaply paid foreigners are not solutions.
They created more problems, burdening the infrastructure is just one of them, small part of the bigger problem.

So our Prime Minister and others with him now have to realize -  the first part of PSSP

They are taking problems as solutions, 
in fact they are importing, creating, intensifying problems - they are not the solutions

Looking at the points Singaporeans bringing up, most are not published at the main media which the government control.
The mass media, is open to all, and can be best utilized by  those who can employ writers, designers and holding the telecommunication network - the government.

Yet so many good points are raised by the people are now admitted, implemented by the leaders?
So our people is the solutions.
Yet they are published not in the main media, but in the mass media.
So the one who hold main media, who has edge in mass media did not capitalize the solutions, the edge the have.
Yet our leaders think we are the problems, worse, making our solutions into problems.

I am sure there are many good, excellent, superior input from other Singaporeans.
But I can only  point to my personal journey, which i know the best.

In 2011 04 18, before the last election, knowing housing is one of the key issues. Mr Mah will cause the party to lost a lot of support. So suggesting to the PM, the MND to design housing affordable by the $1,000 income.
These involve law - law many others can do it, recently opposition provided one of them.
These also demand deeper insight into city planning, architecture, engineering, some were given  in subsequent articles.
But today, not only we are not taking this seriously, we are shown a short cut by raising the lower pay to $1,000.
Soon, we find inflation hitting 4.5%, the main component in this rise is housing.
Without using solutions properly, not only problems are not solved, solutions becomes problems!

In 2007 04 20 looking at the intensifying social and infrastructure tensions, i wrote to the Prime Minister recommending to divide the problem into hardware and software, so that he can focus, he can manage, he can even devise best methods to export to the world, he can cultivate able successor.

For hardware, it is Ministries of National Development, Water, and Transport.
To engineers, it is obvious Transport Minister is the one to lead this integration.
Because he can tell where to build housing that road and rail can serve better, cheaper, faster, better.
Because drainage, power can run along side road, and rail.
2008 07 25 Prime Minister announced this integration effort in Davos.
He announced TWO ministers, MND, and Water to lead the iintegration.
Not only this integration we did not hear any more. Minister of Transport stepped down. recently he said "PAP Fallen Apart!"
An integration suggestion resulting in the party, the nation fallen apart.

This is making Solutions into Problems.
Hardware failures is due to software - management failures.

In 2007 04 20 suggestions, it is recommended that MOE, MCYS, MOH, MHA jointly work as a team, to promote the integration of our people.
Today, not only there is no integration among them, we created more ministries among them.
One veteran People Association Chief, when i seek his opinions.
This retired PA Chief said, "Ah Yo, the ministry hold the problems has not the tools, and the ministry holding the tools are not responsible to the problem."

Before last election, i wrote the following and informed our Great Founder he has to step down, and sought his permission to publish.

What we are seeing is leaders are really falling behind the people and has not been able to catch up.
Solutions for growth, for efficiency, for cultivating successors were mishandled.

I write these, is not to claim credit of providing good solutions - i believe many Singaporeans are able to provide, some have been providing.

I write this is to tell the people, the leaders, we can be successful by our people, by our methods, by our inventions - when we have self-respect, respect ourselves, our ideas, our solutions 

It is without self-respect, respecting not ourselves, our ideas, our solutions
Leaders are making solutions into ineffective solutions, into problems, into infinite problems.

We need a New PM to stop this problem, to solve the problem to make Singapore progressing, prospering.

Friday, November 9, 2012

20121110 Necessary Respect to Our Founder - Hon Sui Sen

20121110  Necessary Respect to Our Founder - Hon Sui Sen

Dear President of NUS, Prof Tan Chorh Chuan

Hon Sui Sen definitely deserve more than Heng Mui Keng, Kent, Prince George, Mocthar Ridy, Khoo Teck Puat, Ng Teng Fong ….all combined.

Hon Sui Sen is a good model, role model and technical model to educate our future leaders, especially those in management schools.

HSS library is now squatting low, hidden behind Mocthar Ridy Building in NUS Business School.
HSS Drive is a tiny walk path (no through road) leading to HSS Library, visitors has to walk under a bridge linking Ridy and Alumni House, a bridge few people use.

It is difficult to make Mocthar Ridy building shorter.
HSS did not drive us to the grave challenges we face today, he drove us on to a broadway.

Is it easier and more meaningful,  both for now and for guiding future generation to
1.    Name NUS business school as HSS Business School while
2.    Name main road embracing Business School be Hon Sui Sen Way

Hon Sui Sen definitely deserve more than Hon Sui Sen definitely deserve more than Heng Mui Keng, Kent, Prince George, Mocthar Ridy, Khoo Teck Puat, Ng Teng Fong ….combined