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20120125 Why and How you must support PM Lee

20120125 Why and How you must support PM Lee

The determination to arrest corruption at high offices especially agencies uniformed, agencies anti-narcotics, is a challenge to many governments, a challenge that many will avoid or handle it in low key.

Performing such an action when the government is facing severe criticism from the people, of its merit and commitment, needs even greater courage and determination.

I used to urged our PM, our Home Affair Minister to carry out tasks that i deemed important to our nation.
Now, i realize what i pursuit is relatively trivial.

This nation face more severe challenges.

Challenges not about hardware infrastructure - any able, committed bureaucracy can overcome.
Challenges about whether our bureaucracy is able and committed is a tougher challenge, very severe challenge.

This action done on the very Chinese New Year, a time for forgiving and celebration, underlined the determination and priority this Prime Minister set.
This cannot be without planning, this cannot be done by any lesser than a trusted Rear Admiral.

Therefore, i urge all, especially those elected, those in the high office of this bureaucracy to pause and think about the long, arduous debating for maintaining your pay, or how much you sacrifice to join this leadership for this nation.

It should not have needed a review committee, it should have been done voluntarily.
When you know, know very well the state of our hardware infrastructure, the hard life of our people.

What would you do
1. Set a committee, get the house to discuss your own pay as the first key issue of this parliament ?
2. Get yourself think hard, how is this nation going to compete
     a. after Crazy Horse died
     b. after Casino cannot drive economy
     c. after all hardware keep failing ?
     d. after officers after officers caught ?

We always like to model after America, to justify our policy to welcome migrants.
Let us look at two Americans, both of them migrants, one descendant of Catholic migrant, one Muslim migrant.

First the great orator JFK.
Second a Middle Eastern Poet Gibran Khalil Gibran, he wrote a few decade earlier than JFK

Are you a politician asking what your country can do for you 
a zealous one asking what you can do for your country?

If you are the first, then you are a parasite
if the second, then you are an oasis in a desert.

JFK indeed spoke without a focus audience, without defining what each classes of people are to the society.
Who has greater wisdom, who has chosen the right audience ?

It is natural that there are many unionist, soldiers and government link executives in the parliament.
It is comforting that no unionist express opinions about pay cut.

Unfortunately those who mentioned about how much they sacrifice to join the political services were from government link company and military service.

If our soldiers and GLC's executives actually fought and win real wars, international competitions, then i believe they will know the values of good public service.
Have they?

So may i encourage you, to pause and ponder and tell me your pay is not the issue of you joining the political office.
May i urge you to focus on how to improve the life of our people, education of our people as what Obama today spent most of his State of the Union focused on.

If we want to model after America, then know as President of America, there are many challenges they have to overcome.
Lowering pay is not an issue.
Elites of better stock did not sit behind Obama, watching over his speech, as Vice President, as Speaker of the house.
Similarly, linking to billionaires, bankers pay is not an option of any of their senator or congressman, whether wise or foolish.

Before anyone join the political office

Is it not first ask yourself what you can do for the nation
if you are in your second term, do you not ask what have you done for the nation ?

i will reserve the next blog if you still think that pay do matter at this moment of Singapore.

May i apologise to the Home Affair Minister for some of the issues i raised, is trivial compare to what we are really facing.

May the elected, nominated, senior civil servants, senior GLC executives pause and ponder act and acting.....with wisdom.

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