Friday, February 3, 2012

20120204 All 3 Sources of Trouble created by Ministers' Salary Review (MSR)

20120204 ALL 3 Sources of Trouble from Ministers' Salary Review MSR

The salary review committee made a great effort to review the salary of Singapore's President, Ministers, MP.

After its released for one months, diverse opinions were set.
3 key sources of big troubles this created are not pointed out.

A - Awareness 
The salary was reviewed drastically downward, after election.
But this happened immediately after a major increased just before the election.
This demonstrated a stark lack of awareness of the condition of the society these elected has been governing for decades.
Without awaress of the real situation of the nation, they think the society is great, they deserved rewards.
Without awareness of the reality, can they really govern?

L - Logic
The pay of President is now lower than the Prime Minister
This showed that before the election, the government did not aware who hold a higher responsibility.
Without logic, can actions not be wrong, dangerous, fatal.
Without awareness of reality, as reality is so complex, therefore it is excusable.
Without logic in even analyzing self, what can the outcome be?

L - Legality
The committee to review the salary is appointed by those who are to be reviewed.
If Singapore Airline Pilots appoint a committee to review their pay, and asked SIA to comply to the recommendation.
Can Court of Appeal throw their appeal out?
What will happen to SIA?
The leaders set a precedence that open a flood gate for everyone, especially trouble makers. to create trouble for all corporations, bosses.

This is a bigger danger than organizations not allowed for political activities are endorsing, supporting openly Presidential candidate.

All in all, without Awareness, Logic, Legality, it merely demonstrated the the ability of leaders.
Ministers' Salary Review (MSR) merely escalated miseries for nation, for people, for ministers' remainder life.

To save Ministers' remainder service life, the immediate solutions now are three.
1. To throw the recommendation out, otherwise, every employee, from Army General, Pilot to road sweeper, can duplicate this process.
2. To ask members to voluntarily lower their pay, to lower than the the committee recommended - otherwise, there is no credibility of their standing.
3. To review, internally, who propose this method, what did the Law Minister stand on this matter - otherwise, when this method start to be duplicated, no one can stop the fire from spreading.

This blog is published before seeking PM clearance, because this is an effort stopping Singapore from worsening, destruction.

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