Monday, March 19, 2012

20111231 Escalator Screw Failed

20111231 Escalator Screw Failed

This is an OTIS escalator at Vivo city front lobby.
This happened just before Mid night of New Year Celebration.
The plant crew and OTIS crew, about 3 of them, spent about half an hour, cannot open the screw and never did for that night.

This engineer has documented other manufacturers' design - they manifest similar design failures, which the cover cannot be open with ease.
This will
  1. Delay repair
  2. Restrain manual operations during accident, e.g. to move forward, backward in controlled manner to extract victims belongings, body part.

This has been alerted to all major escalator manufacturers in January.
Solutions is ready.
Design is fundamentally unnecessarily weakened.

Another critical areas to improve is the sensors locator and sensor wirings. They are not attached with ease nor certitude.It may fail at untimely moment, especially in areas such as China, etc where pedestrian traffic is very high and for longer duration.

More photos will come.....

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