Thursday, March 8, 2012

20120309 A Model for all to surpass - Vivian Balakrishnan

20120309 A Model for all to surpass - Vivian Balakrishnan

First i have not talked to Dr Bala in person as yet.
However, from the interaction with him, electronically, and observing the work he is doing, he can become a model for all to surpass.

He is a Medical Doctor from NUS, unlike previous Minister of Water Resource, a PhD in Civil Engineering from Stanford University.
When there is flood, he went down to the site, to listen, to understand - previous Minister saw him collecting Stockholm Water Prize in Sweden, but not at Orchard Road after flood.
When experienced hand in the PUB used the word ponding (my blogspot spelling check said "ponding" is a misspelled word) he confidently rejected this and said "A Flood is a Flood".
He is confident, because he has been to the ground and back.

When foreign drainage experts asked us to make road to be porous to let rain water seeped through to wet the foundation of the road, after some considerations, he did not mention this anymore.

Fewer Singaporeans remind Vivian of his mistakes, offensive words he used.
But gave him some leeway to improve, praise him when ever he did the right thing.

This states a clear fact, those who go down to the ground, observe and feel first hand, even a medical doctor from NUS can better perform than domain Professor from the best college of the world, while platoon of drainage experts from around the world may not know how road is weakened when water soften the foundation.

This states that merits is recognized and given to those who are committed, committed to solve, and seen to be striving their best in solving, not one with Scholarship here and there.

This states that governing a nation may not really need the most highly trained, but one who is willing to learn, committed to learn, committed words into action, and action must be for the good of the people, not partying away at glamorous palaces - "curiosity" in Goh Keng Swee brought about his great contribution.

This may be why, all the nations, except Singapore, do not need the top paying person to run a nation.
Worldly people know commitment bring about ability and performance.

This is merit in common sense, not in legalistic utterance.
In this case, this merit is something everyone can perform, perform by merely being committed, and commit words into learning and then act, and action is for the greater good of people....
Certainly, domain expert in Civil Engineering, educated in best Universities definitely can out perform Vivian once is committed.
Then a Medical Doctor need not waste his profession - which Singapore may earn a lot income from rich patients internationally, while curing all Singaporeans, rich and poor.

Vivian's merit certainly can be attained, surpassed by others, everyone.....
Not surpassing Vivian a person, but surpassing your accomplishments, surpassing your ideas, surpassing your abilities.....

Singaporeans, all Singaporeans worthy to be respected.
Then all our NRF, AStar, Universities, Ministries, will utilize, cherish, cultivate every Singaporeans, engineers, technician, artists....

If we hand out scholarships, fellowships to second class material - How can we not be abused, despised?
Appreciate, Cultivate Singaporeans, committed Singaporeans is key to our survival, prosperity!

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