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20120311 Beyond Scholarships - Look at the BEST

20120311 Beyond Scholarships - Look at the BEST


Only 67% of foreigner scholars got at least second upper honors.

We need to think just two points:
1. Are ALL Singaporeans who score Second Upper or above awarded Scholarships?
2. Are ALL those Singaporeans who score less than Second Upper awarded Bursaries if not Scholarships? 

If they are not, then we need to know why!
If they need to be supported by public donation, we also need to know why?

Why we need to know why, because

Nourishing our children is the moral obligation of man kind 伦理

What is the outcome if we fail this moral obligation?

Wisdom from ancient time define this is the collapse of a nation !

Chinese common teaching (弟子规) told us not just about individual, but collectively as a nation, clearly stated responsibilities nations' leaders must shoulder.

子孙虽愚,经书不可不读。Even our children are stupid, we must educate them with books
废经废伦,治安败坏根由。Abandon teaching, abandon moral responsibility, root cause of social chaos
贪瞋痴慢,人心堕落原因,Greed, Hatre, Stupidity, Arrogance, root cause of decadence of people
欲致天下太平,须从根本着手。Want to have peaceful nation, we must solve at the root causes

误根本为枝末,认枝末为根本。Take trivial as core, take core as trivial
为求解决问题,反倒制造问题。Resolving not problems, but creating more problems
君子唯有务本,本务邦国自宁。Gentleman, you must manage only your root  - nation will be peaceful automatically.

The word is clear, clearly harsh.
Every word, description without fail registers exactly what Singapore is doing.
And it is only gentleman who must hold the responsibility to focused at the root again, then nation will be peaceful.

However the writer 李毓秀 (清朝康熙年间的秀才)never expect that a nation,a rich nation would invest money to nourish migrants, while abandoning his own children, so much so that they cannot afford the education.

Singapore is really doing  the first and last social experiment of man kind.
i read with my heart broken, when NUS and NTU write to me for donation.

Economics Professor Lee Soo Ann plead for donations for students' tuition.

Geraldin Cheng of Le Champ wrote to us, NTU alumni stating 

"it sadden us to know that thousands of undergraduates are financially stripped every year and are force to juggle between study and work.....

.... second year chemistry major Jeffery Tan who had to work 12 hour weekend shifts on top of his studies to supplement the $1,700 his father earned as a forklift driver"

Failing this moral duty as Nation's leaders, can the society not collapse like what ancient wisdom educated us?

However, if our society is peaceful, do our Home Affair need big budget to enlarged computer, manage migrants, solve murders, piece pieces of dead corpses and stitches them together......

It is very good our Great Founder take this as his, and repeatedly uttering it.
It is very much better than 

In response to his daughter's comments, Lee Kuan Yew has stated the following:
"This issue has been deliberated over a period of several months in Cabinet and decided by PM Goh and cabinet. The policy has been continued by PM Lee and his cabinet. We have made significant investments in time and resources. We have to get the most out of what we have put in."

All incumbents have the chance to agree and carry on down this road of clear outcome.
Or as Prime Minister and then Home Affair Minister declared their disagreement about setting up Casinos.
Even disagreement eventually proven is feeble, at least it is heard.
Even eventual failures is attributed to these leaders, at least we know among them who has good judgement.

History never register looser kindly.
History without fail exaggerate the failures, collateralize other damages and attributed to the looser.

I hope we will not hear "we need MORE NEW migrants.", again, no more.
We need Best Migrant that help our people to be stronger, better.


We cannot take all the migrants, scholars as benchmark. It is too complex for even the best government to take number, monitor outcome - and most likely the outcome consists of intangible, therefore inconclusives.

We take the best of all stocks, that represents the best we can get.
We are not talking about one off Temasek Holding's Goodyears.

But of international standing, of Nobel Prize winner, Kofi Annan.
The first Li Ka Shing Professor at LKY School of Public Policies.

On 2 September 2009, Annan was unveiled as the first Li Ka Shing Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy of the National University of Singapore (NUS). The announcement was made during the school's 5th anniversary celebrations.[41]

How long Mr Anan stayed with us, how much he contributed to our nation, our people?
or even what actually has he done?
Why he left so quickly, so quietly?

Since 2009, in only two years, as LKY SPP dean Kishore said in his introductions to many, if not countless Li Ka Shing Professor, "this is another Li Ka Shing Professor, the first was Mr Kofi Anan...."

This process get so frequent until i received the latest Li Ka Shing Professor, i seldom hear people mentioned about his significance, now will be chaired by Prof Charles Adam, not in the Auditorium but in a semina room....... not about how to lead the world, but only about smaller part of America's policies (compared to creating jobs as Obama commanded the best of American's BEST to do..)

Only two simple things (Scholarships and the BEST)  to ponder about, the outcome is the survival or destruction of a nation.....

A nation destructed, the people will be despised even back in their own home....
is this already manifesting, manifesting repeatedly ...........

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