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20130319 3 Keys Saw Pointed for Singapore Leaders to See Seriously

20130319 3 Keys Saw Pointed for Singapore Leaders to See Seriously 

We must hear stories from all side on matters affecting our competitive edge, which in turn impact our survival.

Governing a nation, a nation is an organic entity, succession is key.

1. 9 years as SMRT CEO, without cultivating a successor, even till today, without mentioning who are the able persons cultivated during her watch.

Is it so trivial for a CEO of key national infrastructure to resign?
For the governing party is party business.
But for a nation, succession is a matter of national survival, who fail to do it will be registered in history.

We must examine all our Ministries, our GLC, our key institutions. 

After Goh Keng Swee left, who are the great leaders we have cultivated? Who can we name? 

If Ministers of States and Permanent Secretaries, Deputies in Infrastructure, GIC, Temasek, Keppal, Sembcorp, Singapore Technologies are younger, cultivated to succeed, then Singapore has no worries. 
But how many of them are older, retired when successors are most needed?
Is the world at peace and prosperity? 
Or in depression, edging towards greater crises?

This has been stated  in my letter to Chairman Singapore Technologies on Dec 1, 1990, Why and how he must cultivate higher calibre successors for Singapore to compete in the world.

The invitation of foreign talent do not expand the pool of able, in fact not only lessor are also invited, how fewer Singaporeans are cultivated? 
How many able Singaporeans are rejected?

Which nation, which administration in history did to this extend hollowing herself out of vitality?
Which nation, which administration in history invested so much, expanded the population by this scale at this speed?
Even i tried my best to assist in mitigating these, it is like throwing stones into an abysses infinite.
Headed by foreigners, they do not even reply your emails, phone calls.
Are foreigners in position to say Singaporean's work is irrelevant? 

A primary school educated assembly line workers told me her high tech company was bought by Filipinos, she was retrenched, while Filipinos were taken in in big numbers.
I ask her, is she angry?
She said: "No, Filipinos must take care of Filipinos what?"
Is there some skills Filipinos, Indians, Chinese have, Singaporeans cannot be trained to have?

Is our Great Founder's policy of asking foreigners to take care our old age a good idea, a dream or a fantasy?
To a nation's leader, is there a great different between a dream and a fantasy?

Do we need to go farther down this path to show that historically proven rules can be wrong for our case, Singapore case?

Whose Interest Infrastructure Serve?

Saw Said
"Every year, the share holders get to vote.
They see my package in black and white in every annual report and they approve it.
So what can i say?"

This shows who made the decision!
This also show how much weight-age is given to the improvement of national infrastructure 
These showed the severe weakening 
of infrastructure by privatization.
These showed why most the roads, postal services are still run by nations, counties.

What was the greatest thing Margaret Thatcher did ?
What cause her downfall?
Did United Kingdom able to come back?

When we were in secondary schools, when Goh Keng Swee was in charge of key economic issues - "Efficient infrastructure is Singapore Competitive edge."
Did Singapore economy blossom?
Did Singaporeans become more capable, Singapore more efficient?

When reporter asks Tourism Board "What is Singapore competitive edge in running Casinos?"
i remember the answer was "Foreign Talent"
Correct me if i am wrong?
Correct our leader if this is wrong !

Everyone agree no planning is perfect, and planning alone is insufficient.
Everyone also agree for important thing, major project we need good planning, we cannot do without planning.

Of Course the trains are crowded..... i am not blind
I have added a thousand over trips on train per week so that i have more trains to take away the crowd....

To expand population from 3 million to 5 million in less than ten years is this a routine or a major initiatives?

Did we plan?
What did we plan?
What do we want to achieve?
How have we achieved?
How much have we achieved?

For immediate decision for our Prime Minister is not about how many new great parks we need to invest to construct.

It is how fast, how much more, on what basis we want to expand our population !

What is nice to have, what is critical to our very operation, competitiveness and therefore our survival - we must have the ability to differentiate.

Therefore, nation's leaders need to be cultivated, they cannot leave it to chance !

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