Wednesday, April 25, 2012

20120426 Drainage - Debyshire Nicole Bishan

20120426 Drainage - Debyshire Nicole Bishan

These photos, explanation are given to respective Ministers
20120418 Derbyshire Road

20120423 North of Nicole Station

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

20120423 MRT Bishan

 20120423 MRT Bishan

North Bound Track near Lamp Post 62 Consistent loud noise when train passing
Large Amplitude vertical oscillation of tracks was detected during train passing.
The ground is weakened.

Our railway are welded seamless, so failures are easier to detect when we hear what sound like a jointed rail (e.g. stretch of Malayan rail way south of Kempas, north of Kempas to Kuala Lumpur has been replaced by seamless welded rail. i hardly hear such noise). There is no reason why at speed lower than 100 km/hrs, noise is so loud.

At the heaviest load section, it is weakest, and worsen by sharp corner for stress concentration.
One example is on column CN002S1 Above is away from the street, while the one facing the street is cleaned up and adhesive applied.

This is all over the island for above ground. This was alerted to MOT before extension to JJoo Koon.
Same cracks is already appearing on this new stretch.

There are a few location the design will ensured definitely no crack.
For surface, for underground, we have to hear from the sound of train passing like the top.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

20120417 SMRT Wheel - Photo by Allen & Glenhill

To my training, this wheel demonstrated not just excessive wear due to overdue maintenance,
also registered thermal wear due to excessive load on overheated wheel after stopping, this repeatedly happening.

This do not need foreign talents, experts.
Our laboratories, our Professors of Tribology and Material Sciences can do a conclusive study.

Prime Minister need to brief all officers, Temasek Holding need to brief all subsidiaries that take care of company assets must belike taking care of their own Ferrari.

Solvere Lim Swee Keng
Engineer, Inventor, Philosopher

CtS Cognoscere Tenuse Solvere
Cognize before Happening
Solving at Motivation Forces

Saturday, April 14, 2012

20120414 A Severe Warning To Prime Minister of Singapore

20120414 A Severe Warning To Prime Minister of Singapore

This warning is not issued by a person in the oppositions, nor the public, neither the main media nor the social media.
What Lim Swee Say saying about Economist Prof Lim Chong Yah is totally founded.

This article, this writer take full responsibility in face of less responsible, less responsive elected.
Any denial of what stated here, please substantiate with facts, evidence tested by history, this writer will readily learn and rectified.
No apology nor repent this writer will do, for these are at most decorative, therefore feeble.
Atonement this writer will.

This is the warning.

This warning is not issued randomly, it is after first year of his term, the only noticeable thing PM did is to review he and his peers salary.

This warning is not issued with solutions in sight, it is
  1. After we have abandoned our promise and subscribed to casinos, etc decadence industries as our savior, 
  2. Doubling population by average stocks as talents.
  3. Only other major initiative announced is to build more parks, universities.
It is issued from none other than his long serving colleague, now as Minister in the Prime Minister office - Lim Swee Say, also an unionist.

What Lim Swee Say saying about Economist Prof Lim Chong Yah is totally founded.

However, it is not Economists, but it is the government to make sure our nation, our people, our infrastructure are reliable, skilled, competitive.

It is Lim Swee Say who as a Minister, an unionist, a IT champion who failed.
Who failed to serve his union members, also failed to champion winning cause for Singapore IT industry.
Who failed to alarm the dark hole this less aware Prime Minister is pouring this nation, its wealth, infrastructure, to waste, feeding good money, good jobs to consultants, foreigners they must be.

As a unionist, occupying one of the highest value building in Singapore, at ONE Marina Boulevard, and
  1. Starting as NCB CEO in  1986, not only he did not create export oriented IT industries for Singapore, when comparing with  Samsung, TSMC, from non-English speaking Korean, Taiwan. 
  2. He did not complain about transportation, housing, living, education cost hike for the people of Singapore, working class people, supposedly all union members are working class, are worst hit.
  3. When this nation subscribed to decadence industries, such as Casinos, Crazy Horses, did he highlighted these are not jobs that will help Singaporeans (who are higher educated, higher skilled than Chambermaid, drivers...)
  4. When this nation allowed only foreign gamer to operates Casinos, did he as a technocrats highlighted that casino is a low tech operations where American Indians, Malaysians, Macau, Ah Beng in Geylang are able to operate and operate with good profitability! 
When pay rise adjusted upward drastically for the Ministers, MP before election, did he expressed caution?

After winning shakily the election, the less in touch Prime Minister set up as his first priority to review the politician pay, did he as an unionist highlighted to the Prime Minister a higher priority is to solve the lower income, unionized or otherwise, under-employed and unemployed?

We must thank Minister at the Prime Minister Office, also an Unionist to sound this severe warning.

This warning is more severe than

"Without high pay, our minister cannot communicate with people of greater wealth" from a doctor who supposedly will be sought after by the wealthier to cure their sickness.

"The Indian and Malay cannot speak proper English" during the MRT mishap.
If after three decades of abandoning mother tongues, investing in language laboratory and using only English to teach all subjects yet Indian and Malay cannot communicate better in English than Chinese. Can Chinese communicate with them in Malay, Tamil or Hindi.

This Prime Minister need hand holding to come out of the wood.

This Prime Minister is assisted by the equal or lesser of Lim Swee Say, also highly paid foreign talents.

So would this Prime Minister seek and respect wisdom, solutions provided by the better able, if they happen to be Singaporeans?

This i will wait for two weeks to see this Prime Minister understand the severity of this warning from his Minister right in his office, before step by step hand holding will be issued.

This is not intended as an insult to the less aware Prime Minister, but to save him from further, irrecoverable misadventure.
Misadventures have not just broken many families, but killed many lives, some gruesome deaths.

That we will be entangled, here AND in hell, climbing out of the grave is not a luxury, but an impossibility.