Tuesday, April 24, 2012

20120423 MRT Bishan

 20120423 MRT Bishan

North Bound Track near Lamp Post 62 Consistent loud noise when train passing
Large Amplitude vertical oscillation of tracks was detected during train passing.
The ground is weakened.

Our railway are welded seamless, so failures are easier to detect when we hear what sound like a jointed rail (e.g. stretch of Malayan rail way south of Kempas, north of Kempas to Kuala Lumpur has been replaced by seamless welded rail. i hardly hear such noise). There is no reason why at speed lower than 100 km/hrs, noise is so loud.

At the heaviest load section, it is weakest, and worsen by sharp corner for stress concentration.
One example is on column CN002S1 Above is away from the street, while the one facing the street is cleaned up and adhesive applied.

This is all over the island for above ground. This was alerted to MOT before extension to JJoo Koon.
Same cracks is already appearing on this new stretch.

There are a few location the design will ensured definitely no crack.
For surface, for underground, we have to hear from the sound of train passing like the top.

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